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Posted in: Putin tries dog diplomacy before Japan talks over islands See in context

Why would Yume the dog need 'male companionship'? Has Vladimir expressed an interest in getting into the dog-breeding business? Hasn't Yume been spayed?

A dog is a clever diplomatic gift. It's hard to just politely say thanks and put it in the back of a dark cupboard. It's constantly a reminder. Putin couldn't accept the male dog, assuming Yume is not spayed. If they bred and had puppies then that is a entire family line of furry little bundles of symbolism reminding two entire nations of not very good friends that they do actually have some kind of relationship. Not something that would appeal to Putin. I guess that parading Yume for the press is a pacifier to the Japanese side as well as being a macho-moment for Putin.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd unveils new high-speed ship against Japanese whalers See in context

Hiro UedaOCT. 03, 2016 - 09:44AM JST ...quite amenable of the efforts of these guys but sure does seem to concentrated in their efforts obit on the Japanese...there are other European countries and ethnic groups that hunt whales and they get a free pass?...sounds pretty racist to me.

Other nations most certainly do not get a free pass. Check Google and you will find that whether or not you agree with their methods, SS is currently involved in active campaigns all over the globe, notably in the Faroe Islands, Canada and the Caribbean in defense of, amongst other things, Bluefin Tuna, Dolphins, Reefs, Sea Lions, Seals, Sharks and turtles as well as whales. Japan may be the highest profile campaign in the Japanese press, but to suggest SS only targets Japan, well that sounds pretty Nationalist to me

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Posted in: Japan eyes anti-doping law for Tokyo 2020 Olympics See in context

Most countries don't. For example Lance Armstrong didn't get prosecuted for being a mega cheat. He broke the rules of the sport, not the rules of the land. Same in Japan.

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Posted in: Ozawa shows his disloyalty to Kan See in context

This is the first piece from JT where the author seems to have really done his homework...Well written and very informative.

Agreed. My jaw was dropping when I read this, surely it wasn't a translate from Kyodo...Aah it is written by a Journalist working for White and Leejay out of Philadelphia. I doubt a piece that says what people actually think like this one does would ever be published in the Japanese press.

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Posted in: Snow white See in context

As has been mentioned, the white balance is a little off...

Unless of course muted colours are what Ametanisan was after :-) Personally I think the blue cast works well with this image. Just my taste, I guess.

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Posted in: Blue Fuji See in context

Lovely pic, Damien!

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Posted in: Bright and early See in context

HDR really adds a painterly feel to pictures when it's done well, and this is done very well.

Nice shot Mr Powell.

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Posted in: APEC patrol See in context

@Northlondon - I do live around there, and I have been stopped and checked numerous times, on foot and in a car. Buses are being spot checked. It is wall to wall police.

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Posted in: Nikon D3100 See in context

I dont like Nikons. Nikons are dangerous though this one looks eco navi! I feel comfortable with canon!

If you through a Canon hard enough it can be quite dangerous.

Teachmeteachyou is right, as far as I an see. No touch screen advertised on any of the websites I saw.

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Posted in: Sunset See in context

Yep, it sure does. Just have a look at the plethora of wanna-be surfers sitting in the water with NO waves. You can learn a lot about surfing in Japan from that image.

Do you think some of them might be, maybe, swimming? Or just enjoying being in the water?

Nice picture, I lived a stones throw from the beach until we needed to move closer to schools. Beautiful place.

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Posted in: Day of the dolphin See in context

That would be hear, hear :-)

Fully support this effort, but why to the US Embassy. The US isn't killing Japanese dolphins. Wouldn't it be better publicity to be photographed trying, and probably failing, to deliver the petition to the government? That would point the spotlight firmly at those failing to take action.

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Posted in: Little big man See in context

@okapake Thanks for the backstory. No chance to see the game here so a bit of context is very welcome.

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Posted in: Little big man See in context

I wonder what is so interesting over to the right that everyone including the official is watching that instead of Ryota's moment of glory.

Well done to Tokyo and good luck in the final. What an amazing experience this must be for Little Leaguers.

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Posted in: What are some of your favorite examples of the way English is misused in products, advertising and pop culture in Japan? See in context

The word "dish" is misused pretty often. "I want to eat delicious dishes.

Nothing wrong with that! Dish is a valid noun for an element in a meal (in GB English at any rate.)As indeed "Illuminations" is a valid noun for decorative lights. Blackpool would be horrified to hear they have had it wrong all these years :-)

Add me to the list of cringers at any sentence starting with "Let's" or ending with "Get"

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Posted in: Election goal See in context

Wow ! Okada's smiling ...


Japan did way better than anyone really expected and Honda has turned out to be one of the players of the tournament so far (why wasn't he invited t the photo op?)

Well done, Blue Samurai, they deserve to feel victorious.

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Posted in: Amuro rocks See in context

Best Asian Artist.......:s Do they have Best African, European, Australian???


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Posted in: Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay opens Kiddy Sweet concept rooms See in context

@Fishy - Thanks for the link. I wouldn't mind staying in one of those:-)


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Posted in: Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay opens Kiddy Sweet concept rooms See in context

Of course, my comment about "kid safe" is based on pictures that are too d@@m small to see. JT - can't you make article pictures clickable?

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Posted in: Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay opens Kiddy Sweet concept rooms See in context

stupid but....... good place to drop your pet (J kid) off. Works in Japan for slacker J Moms.

Not stupid at all. Hotels are not kid friendly places. Lots of desks at head height, "stylish" glass topped tables, no running around space in the room etc etc. If hotels want to attract families then having a choice of rooms designed to be kid safe rather than businessman friendly is a very good idea.

BTW - where does it say anything about dropping the kids off? It would seem to say that Mom is in the room relaxing?

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Posted in: Keihin Tohoku Line to get women-only cars as anti-groping measure See in context

Car 3? That's the car I ride. Bugger. Why not car number 4, the weak aircon car. That thing is too hot for men to ride in anyway.

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Posted in: March is worst month for suicides of salaried workers See in context

My managers actually gives a disapproving look when the young/new staffs tries to leave the office on time.

I actually think this is something that it will take at least one and maybe two generations to change, if it can be changed at all.

I had a very interesting conversation with one of my Japanese staff which puts a bit of light on this kind of thing. I was told that staff member, who is a mid-level, mid-career manager, feels stress when the junior staff leave early.

The reason? The mid-career people, and the late-career people who manage them are from a generation where it was considered appropriate to leave when the task was finished, and not before. As a result, the mid-levels feel pressure when they see the juniors leave early. The impression they perceive is being passed up the tree is that the juniors have finished their tasks early (not true, obviously) and left, whilst the mids are still at it. Ergo, the mids are inefficient and lazy, the juniors full of energy and fast workers.

That's insidious, and a very difficult paradigm to get out of. I asked if corporate instruction on a maximum working day, or even legislation, would make life easier. The answer I got back was "We would have to work faster to finish a task and so make mistakes which would cause stress."

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Posted in: Shibuya has proud geek culture See in context

"otaku” researcher at Meiji University’s Department of International Japanese Studies.

Tell me my taxes don't pay for that.

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Posted in: Don't forget to vote See in context

It does kind of look like the message here is "Vote for me or I'll break your head."

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Posted in: Crows nest See in context

We don't let the little doggy out on the balcony anymore, unless one of us is out there as well. Even then the crows line up with a hungry look in their eyes.

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Posted in: U.S. airman spots aircraft fuel leak at 35,000 feet on Narita-bound flight See in context

Good job!

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Posted in: Edo era firearms See in context

Nandakandamanda - Thanks for the info, I hadn't realized that kind of re-enactment was popular here. I will pay more attention to the paper...

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Posted in: Edo era firearms See in context

I can't believe guys in Japan used to dress like this.

What do you mean "used to?"

Are these guys part of a recreation group that works elsewhere, or only at this festival, which I always manage to miss.

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Posted in: Undersea tunnel See in context

Nice picture. How do we get to be visitors?

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