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Posted in: U.S. Speaker Boehner touts bills to repeal Obamacare, build Keystone oil pipeline See in context

Sometimes arithmetic is not as straightforward as it seems to be. Helping 12 million undocumented people find jobs will help add up to 24 million ethnic votes, while could also anger and alienate 48 million job seeking local supporters. Executive vetoes, unilateral actions will earn acclaim from some, but could also, under current circumstances, disgust the majority and hurt the next presidential election.

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Posted in: U.S. Speaker Boehner touts bills to repeal Obamacare, build Keystone oil pipeline See in context

Congratulations on the beginning of a great American rejuvenation !

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Posted in: Hashimoto's plan to integrate Osaka prefectural, city governments voted down See in context

dictator Hashimoto could turn Japan counterclockwise several hundred years back to Tokugawa shogun regime.

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Posted in: Insults against Israel PM 'disgraceful, damaging': Kerry See in context

Gaman, gaman, till someone else come.

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Posted in: Recovering crown princess attends 1st imperial banquet in 11 years See in context

War declaration. Being criticized fro being seiyou kabure, not traditional enough, etc by nobility as well as palace officials, she is genki only when mingling with sensible people. So what.

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Posted in: Biker assaulted by iron bar-wielding Nara innkeeper See in context

''Why do people love vigilante justice?''

Nobody love vigilante justice. People hate it, and won't do it, except when the authority fails to redress law violator, bousouzoku, criminal issues.

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Posted in: Japan’s weapons-makers now open for business See in context

When it comes to military movements, China is the teacher, whose Suntze Art of War teaches you how to conquer your enemy without actually fighting, whose philosophy says be sure you attain three objectives by one single move. In that Japan is a good student, by going militarization you stop China from taking a chance, thus peace is maitained without firing a bullet; by relaxing weapon sales you earn a lot of money, that's one objective, you lower Jieitai's procurement cost through mass production, that two objective, by supplying weapons to peace loving middle east nations you help them stop the onslaught of sisi, that's three objective. Wonderful move.

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Posted in: Biker assaulted by iron bar-wielding Nara innkeeper See in context

‘’ Why those dinks escape the Rule of Harmony is beyond me. Any ideas?’’

Unlike in other Asian countries where motorcycles are for transportation, here in Japan these are toys for spoilt brats--high tech, high rev, kakko ii, expensive, bousouzoku stirs up the fashion that help boost sales for the maker--members of Japan Inc where police is not an outsider.

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Posted in: Japan's soccer coach denies team lacks passion See in context

‘’Hide SuzukiOct. 14, 2014 - 01:15PM JST @jerseyboy "All the "determination" and "ganbatte" in the world is not going to close the large physical skill level difference " So what's your suggestion then, genius ?’’

First remove celebrity seeking mentality from the game, or better yet, sink the Kurobune and turn the whole thing into a purely internal affair where all fans are fashion idols and all golden haired players ever triumphant heroes.

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Posted in: Biker assaulted by iron bar-wielding Nara innkeeper See in context

''Speak softly, and carry an iron bar...or, so they say...''

Or a piano wire, painted flat black, whose one end secured on one post on one side of the road, as the roar approaches, another end was tied to another post on the other side of the road, the harvest was not one knee of one rider, but the whole herd, actually happened in another country, police there declared unable, or more precisely unwilling to solve the case, that stopped the plague forever---badly injured riders said nobody saw the wire coming, not a single one of them.

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Posted in: Should Japan have its own nuclear weapons as a deterrent against security threats or should it rely on the U.S. nuclear umbrella? See in context

What mentality or philosophy or lunacy is behind the theory that when China owns thousands and thousands of nuclear weapons aiming at Japan and its retired general openly declared that turning Japan into a nuclear sea of fire is their national dream, Japan must not have any of its own? Rely on USA? Are you sure?

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Posted in: Hibiya subway line in Tokyo to get new station at Toranomon Hills See in context

To make Olympics an absolute success, they make sure no single stone is left unturned. That’s Japan way. How to go to Olympic? Go to any station--look for big guide board telling you how to get to station XXX--exit XXX--follow the crowd.

Reminds me of my non-American American taxi driver ! (! )# 「! 」? : @! ~ _! & % # USA for a good 30 minutes during the ride.

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Posted in: Malala, Satyarthi win Nobel Peace Prize See in context

So refreshing to see a young girl so honest, so sincere, so purposeful, so un-iikoburi, so un-kawaikoburi - -

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Posted in: Jihadists behead British aid worker; battle for Kurdish town See in context

StrangerlandOct. 04, 2014 - 12:39PM JST

''What bothers me is that when these pieces of scum are caught, they will get all the "human rights" available, will be tried and kept in a nice warm prison and fed regularly. As much as I dislike violence, exceptions are possible''

''''So you think we should sink down to their level? And how will the world ever get better if we were to take that route? If no one is willing to 'be the bigger man', then we will get stuck in a rut, and never improve as a race.''''

Anybody tell us the difference between the following and the post shown above:

When these pieces of scum are caught, get all the ‘’human rights’’ available, tried and kept in a nice warm prison and fed regularly, others should not complain, should not try to correct it, or do it otherwise. Why? Because these pieces of scum, with their level, are entitled to the monopoly of cutting off people’s heads, slashing their throats, in public, or private, anyway and anyhow they want; while others, who are of higher levels and therefore should aim at improving themselves as a race, should not violate the monopoly of these pieces of scum.

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Posted in: Wedding send-off See in context

@harvey pekar

The Emperor is Japanese people’s ‘’our very own’’, which turns Mr. Abe a mere servant of the people, not a chance for him to turn himself, or anyone else for that matter, into a dictator.

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Posted in: Wedding send-off See in context

harvey pekarOct. 03, 2014 - 08:50AM JST ‘’I really really dislike this royal family and question it's the purpose. They don't do anything. They don't support anything or condemn anything or stand up for anything. There are no charities they champion or are passionate about any cause, they don't do anything except raise robotic offspring.’’

Without the emperor sitting there as head of the nation, Kakuei Tanaka would have been a Ieyasu Tokugawa II, Yukio Hatoyama formed a military alliance with China. Which would have suited you better?

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Posted in: Could Islamic State reach Japan? See in context

What will happen to Japan if most of its power is down, factories, transportation means stopped, fighter planes, war ships, other military facilities ceased to function, people's jobs disappeared? Then Japan is a sitting duck. What happens if situation lasted for a year? Then Japan a dead duck. Same thing will happen to Korea, China, and most western countries.

To make it happen, al-Qaida and Islamic State must control all Middle Eastern oil wells, and do an oil embargo. And the reason they have not done it, is because most Middle Eastern oil producing countries cooperate with oil importing countries, adapting a rational, balanced supplying policy, let alone an oil embargo.

So the conflict, really, is an internal one: Middle eastern against Middle Eastern. In that, Tokyo is not a target--long term yes, but not now.

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Posted in: 'Gone With the Wind' at 75: Celebration, censure See in context

In the early stages of Pacific War, in the Japanese occupied territory Singapore some Japanese army officers had the chance to watch the film "Gone With The Wind" seized from British Army. They had the shock of their lives after watching: "There is no way we could defeat a country that can make a movie like this". ---「風とともに去りぬ」余話

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Posted in: Japanese violinist aims to bring British classical music closer to Japan See in context

I never knew anybody called Bach, Beethoven, Brahms' music German Classical Music.

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Posted in: India's spacecraft beams back first Mars photos See in context

''i bet if you and your family are the ones who are hungry & without access to a sanitized toilet, then you would think otherwise. which would have a higher likelihood of causing immediate risks to their health - malnutrition & disease or being conquered by your enemy?''

India has no immediate ganger of being trampled by its enemy and it's people enslaved because it has nuclear weapons as mighty and as sharp as it's enemy's. In case it does not own these weapons, whether it has immediate risks of being conquered by its enemy and its people enslaved is to be decided by its enemy, not by you, or me, or India.

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Posted in: India's spacecraft beams back first Mars photos See in context

''Critics of the program say a country that struggles to feed its people adequately and where roughly half have no toilets should not be splurging on space travel.''

Hitting Mars right on means better defense against your aggressive neighbor. Being hungry or without a toilet is much better than being a slave of your cruel enemy.

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Posted in: Murder suspect seen walking behind girl in camera footage See in context

Hope our Keiji San are a bit more imaginative than our postars here. How do we know those bags are not used ones? Say when trying to empty the original content in a hurry some items accidentally left inside is not absolutely unnatural or impossible.

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Posted in: 47-year-old man arrested after body parts of missing 6-year-old Kobe girl found See in context

''Suggest somebody invent this: A choker or necklace with a cellphone attached as pendant. Chain breakable when strongly pulled. Cellphone rests on the body in a way it and the body point to the same direction. Functions: a) Camera. b) GPS. c) Transmits pictures, videos, GPS data (and voice mail) to family's’ cellphone by lightly pulling the cellphone (pendant) downward to turn on cellphone, or, with larger batteries cellphone left on all the time. A small sound indicates the phone is on. In isolated areas look back often, turn on the phone and turn around to face the person approaching. Main purpose is to let the person aware that his (and his car’s) data and the location data are spread and recorded. legal matters should be considered of course.''

Posted in: Man reportedly tries to get 9-year-old girl into his car in Chiba''

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Posted in: 26-year-old woman killed in 5-vehicle pile-up on Chuo Expressway in Yamanashi See in context

Could happen in the rain on Freeway SLIGHTLY CURVED area where people feel safe maitaining higher speed when hydroplaning jacks up tires slightly off the road surfaces and vehicle instead of curves with the road it glides traight ahead to hit the guardrail, especially when tire treads are well worn.

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Posted in: Cameron promises new powers to all parts of UK after Scots reject independence 55% to 45% See in context

In voting, there is a so called come down on the right side of the fence phenomenon --early morning prediction dictates which side you vote for.

So how about this early morning poll result, or just in case, early morning wishful thinking, on TV screen:

No 52% Yes 58%

(Correct one is No 52%; Yes 48%)

Since I am a fence-sitter, were I an elector I would have helped tearing good old Scotland from good old England.

Nice try CNN.

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Posted in: China's envoy to Iceland arrested for spying for Japan See in context

The information he gave to Japan was a fake, pulling him out and execute the couple--either true or fake--and intentionally leaking the true or fake news through a true or fake newspaper, is to convince Japanese government that the information they got was true, not fake. A la Midway cipher battle.

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Posted in: Asia arms up to counter growing Chinese might See in context

toshikoSep. 16, 2014 - 08:49PM JST

''@tmtmsnbSEP. 16, 2014 - 01:12AM JST ''Japan had horrible experience to start WW II in Asia. Whichever countries create WW III, Japan will be criticized anyway.'' --- toshiko Sep. 15, 2014 - 09:34PM JST Check and surprise yourself to find where SOME of modern Japanese are from. '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' When N Korea began missile testing, there were report that Japan has anti missile system that crushes N Korean missile. I don;t care we Japanese were mixture of Chinese and Koreans in ancient eras. That is no excuse to be attacked by China and doing nothing. China could be trying to instigage Japan begins WW III. There are people like tmtmsr with half baked knowledge of Japanese history to tell us we Japanese should obey Chinese attack .''

Historically, there were rather few 'Chinese-Japanese mixture' in Japan. Most Toraijin were of Chinese origin, of Hu-Han mixture--胡-漢混血. 胡, barbaric tribes of north and northeast China, whose characteristics, according to Britannica: -- 'Riaiding other tribes to capture cattle, women, and prisoners was a recognized method of property accumulation'. In short, a certified predator. When these barbarians mixed with the blood of civilized, intelligent 漢民族, they became a very skillful, efficient predator. When hundreds of thousands of these arrived in Japan, they immediately victimized Japanese Jomonjin--a peaceful, hardworking, intelligent people--, turned them into farm slaves, grabed military powers, rendered Japanese ruler powerless. They intermarriaged among themselves to keep their predatory capacity intact. They have ruled Japan for hundreds of years, till Meiji Ishin, before military took over; till Shinzo Abe, a Japan ruled by Japanese. If ever there will be WWIII, it won't be instigated by this government.

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Posted in: World War II film idol Shirley Yamaguchi dies at 94 See in context

If you are frustrated with modern singers' rendition of Japanese classic ''Kojo no Tsuki'', try her's in her 1950 movie, YouTube ''Kojo no Tsuki, Yoshiko Yamaguchi'', 247, 095 views.

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Posted in: Asia arms up to counter growing Chinese might See in context

''Japan had horrible experience to start WW II in Asia. Whichever countries create WW III, Japan will be criticized anyway.'' --- toshiko Sep. 15, 2014 - 09:34PM JST

Check and surprise yourself to find where SOME of modern Japanese are from.

''During Yayoi and Tumulus periods, Japanese population all of a sudden swelled, earthenware changed, bronze and iron appeared, rice plantation technique established, temples and huge tombs built---the results of a great influx of immigrants from China and Korea. For it was Waring States and Spring-Autumn period in China, the defeated Hu-Han hybrids escaped to Japan, as many as a million according to some, bringing with them those goodies, plus their acumen in politics, in palace intrigue, in Suntzu Art of War, in how to live off the Hyakushyos, thus very soon they and their descendants gained power and became Shoguns, Daimyos, Daihoneis, kanryous, politicians, all those you hate, all are powerless now because of a new Abe era.''

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Posted in: Asia arms up to counter growing Chinese might See in context

Even with Mariana, Iwo jima, Okinawa and others all gone, Japanese military authorities still vowed to fight till the last man, not because they loved their Emperor --whose continued nobility and dignity were readily guaranteed by the Allied---, but because they forsaw their own excecution, in the hands of the enemy. They deliriously hope that swarms and swarms of women and small kids with sharp pointed broom-sticks in hands marching towad the GIs would force American parents to force their government to give up landing on Japan mainland, has peace treaty, thus save their necks.

Let's say there is a system which constantly bombards into the ears of Hsi jinping, his genserals, politburos etc with the messages that goes like Sir, we can see you just alighted from your car--you're entering the building--Oh, Oh what a gorgeous party, have a good time--Night, night, sleep tight--etc, etc, then peace will be guaranteed. Mainly because China knows there are scores of US Verginia-class submarines quetly sleeping, or rather pretending to be asleep, at the bottom of the ocean just outside its east coast, whose tomahawak warhead each packs with a power greater than the combined explosives used in WWI and WWII, and whose proximity let it reach whatever targets in China in minutes, when Chinese inter-continentals are still trying to climb into the skys of the Pacific Ocean, where multi layers of anti missle missles are waiting.

And China also knows, regrettably, that they do not have any such subs sleeping outside US coasts, yet.

When industrial, commercial, political centers of China are thus gone, what's left of China? So why claim this and claim that and claim verything to offend everybody around yourself, to risk accidentally awaking up those sleeping subs?

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