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Posted in: 'Shoot them dead' - Philippine leader says he won't tolerate lockdown violators See in context

The authoritarian governments are in their element.

Cheered on by mindless minions.

This is how democracy ends.

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Posted in: Residents snitch on businesses, neighbors amid shutdowns See in context

Inform on your neighbors.

Be a good citizen.

The State demands it.

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Posted in: UK coronavirus deaths rise by 27% See in context

Maybe a few replays of Boris Johnson bragging about shaking hands with people infected? Look what his leadership has done.

On top of a decade of Tory austerity and cuts.

The NHS has to be a priority. Not just now but after all this has finished.

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Posted in: Ex-nurse acquitted of 2003 murder after 12 years in prison See in context

12 years taken from her.

And just imagine if the death penalty cult had a say in the original case.

She deserves a massive payout. Not that money will ever compensate for this travesty of justice.

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Posted in: U.S. death toll eclipses China's as reinforcements head to New York See in context

America can come back and do what it has always done best, making money.

For some, money and ratings comes first. They sadly won't learn any lessons from this crisis.

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Posted in: 92 from Chicago let in at Narita airport without being asked to self-isolate See in context

When a govt or anyone in a govt screws up they should be held accountable to the people

Agreed but how often do we see governments and leaders being held accountable?

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Posted in: Telework, stockpiling spread in Tokyo after Koike's press conference See in context

It's all kicking off now.

We don't want people panic buying but knowing that they are ... Well, maybe we should buy more, just in case. Because there's a chance that the local shop could be bare.

And the more articles and news reports we ingest, the more we get anxious.

How are the possibilities for remote working in your companies, or your partners' companies?

Personally, it's not an option. I wished I had the kind of 9-5 gig that I could do that.

Who knows where we'll find ourselves next week? Stay safe and sound, folks.

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Posted in: In Japan, hotels lose out on Olympic delay and coronavirus See in context

Small business need government support and long term loans.

Absolutely. It's frightening to think of all those people losing their livelihoods.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for attempted murder of 25-year-old son See in context

Who can say just what kind of tensions were occurring in the home.

I hope she's gets a lenient sentence if the son was in fact, abusing her.

We just don't know.

There both need mediation, That's for sure.

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Posted in: New Zealand PM Ardern declares state of national emergency to tackle coronavirus See in context

NZ doing the right thing again.

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Posted in: Britain's Prince Charles tests positive for new coronavirus See in context

The 71-year-old is showing mild symptoms of COVID-19 and is self-isolating at a royal estate in Scotland

I imagine it's nothing like the estates I used to knock around in.

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Posted in: Taylor Swift's publicist takes aim at Kim Kardashian in feud See in context

Swift who is a product of white privilege, a liberal and a Trump hater and Kayne who is black, some struggles but supports Trump.


You call one artist a Trump hater but the other one is more a supporter.

Should the latter not be a Trump lover, given the logic here?

I listen to both artist, by the way.

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Posted in: Koike urges Tokyo residents to stay at home at weekend See in context

I don't particularly want a lockdown as it will cripple me financially.

But. I don't want to see a crisis like the scenarios in Italy, Iran, US etc.

So I'll prepare for the worst and hopefully be pleasantly surprised when all this is over.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics in 2021 will be beacon of hope, says IOC See in context

It's time to get the whole of Japan back to work and school and go get the populace working on preparing for Tokyo 2020 in 2021

Is this your professional advice?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics in 2021 will be beacon of hope, says IOC See in context

Here's hoping we are all in a better place next year. Keep listening to the experts, ignore the majority of politicians and quackery.

Absolutely no reason to increase testing. In fact, if I were the government, I would tighten testing criteria up. No need to test. 

Thanks but no thanks.

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Posted in: Daughter of former SMAP star Takuya Kimura becomes a model in Japan See in context

meh, shes no stunner that's for sure.

For some people, ugliness is not just confined to surface level.

I wish her well. She's up against a lot of jealousy. And misogyny.

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Posted in: 2 police officers turn 'koban' into their own little love hotel See in context

have you ever seen an attractive female Japanese police officer?

Yes. Does it have any bearing on how to do the job?

Most likely she was just a little hussy looking for a good time and found a lonely co co-worker willing to have her. Happens all the time


The reek of misogyny and absolute hatred of Japanese women from this post is stomach churning.

Sora titillating stories aside, what is it about a particular angry male psyche that sets them off to denigrate?

(Obvious, not all males! There's plenty of balanced men out there.)

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Posted in: Japan, IOC agree to postpone Tokyo Olympics for one year See in context

A shame but it's for the best. These are unprecedented times we find ourselves in, we don't know what happens next.

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Posted in: Pop group Arashi's album world's top seller in 2019 See in context

And I'm Too Sexy for the latest Fad of The Week anyway.


I think you might enjoy listening to BBC 6 Music. A healthy mix of classic tunes and contemporary. Iggy Pop and Huey Morgan have shows at the weekend.

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Posted in: Pop group Arashi's album world's top seller in 2019 See in context

Who the hell even wants to remember the garbage like Spice Girls, Britney Spears, N'SYNC, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Creed, Aqua, Macarena, neo-'swing', etc. yet the 90s are remembered best by albums by U2, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Oasis, REM, etc.

All disposable pop.

And all have their own merits.

Some people try too hard with their rock credentials.

I'll happily listen to Britney and Beefheart. Dion and Dio. And so on.

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Posted in: More Americans think U.S.-Japan relations improved under Trump: poll See in context

Online, it's a different kettle of fish but in the real world, most Americans I've met can't stand the man and most Japanese laugh when they see him on the telly.

Sure, we been laughing at the fellah since back in the 80s.

Over here, I can count on one hand the amount of people who have anything good to say about him.

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Posted in: 11-month-old boy dies after being bitten by two dogs See in context

Very sad.

Can't imagine what the grandfather is feeling now.

Some 50 year old geezer cannot control two Great Danes.

Why on earth not?

50 isn't old, unless someone subscribes to carrousel...

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Posted in: 2 men sought over 3 bag-snatching incidents in one morning See in context

The next time you see a purse snatching in progress just slug the perpetrator and they will run away because they are afraid to fight

I'll be sure and send you my hospital bills, Inspector Callahan.

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Posted in: Pop group Arashi's album world's top seller in 2019 See in context

This is the state of music today. What went wrong...


There's always been disposable popular music.

All bands want to shift units. And all bands attract a multitude of adoring fans and music snobs.

Same as it ever was.

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Posted in: California governor issues sweeping statewide 'stay at home' order over coronavirus See in context

Thanks for nothing china.

I can't post the Picard meme/gif.

But we can stand together against bigotry.

Make it so.

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Posted in: Moving day See in context

The concept of monarchies is looking very much out of date right now.

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Posted in: Mask diplomacy: China tries to rewrite virus narrative See in context

But they ran with it and beat it. And now they are helping other countries with the problem.

That's bad?

Certainly not. The authorities have a lot to answer for with the initial disgraceful response, though.

Now is the time to pool resources and take help from wherever it emanates from.

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Posted in: Netflix sued by former prosecutor over portrayal in 'Central Park Five' miniseries See in context

The police acted disgracefully in this dreadful case.

And still there are those who want the defendants to be guilty.

Same vibes went down in the UK after the Birmingham 6 and Guilford 4 and Maguire 7.

Solidarity to all the victims of miscarriages of justice.

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Posted in: 'The Plot Against America' goes for daring Trump parallel See in context

Biggest racism gigs today are anti-White brown supremacism and Christophobia in support of Islamic terrorism. Both flourished under Obama. 

Reads to me as Qanon filth.

And an excuse for all the excess of the far right. Shame to see this get another outing here.

Unfortunately, with more and more people online become of social isolating, this kid of putridity will be more and more common.

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Posted in: Mask diplomacy: China tries to rewrite virus narrative See in context

It's covid 19. And whilst it may have originated in China, the ordinary people of the country are not responsible.

Let's tackle the spread of bigotry as well.

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