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Posted in: Chinese city reports coronavirus found on ice cream See in context

China trying to deflect the blame for the Wuhan virus. The truth is KNOWN : it originated in China and has killed millions of people. What about food hygiene in China? Look at their markets. The factory must have been operating in a filthy environment.

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Posted in: WHO team arrives in Wuhan to search for pandemic origins See in context

The CCP will have erased and hidden all the evidence. This investigative team will just waste their time. China will never be a transparent or trustworthy country. Mr Tedros had the courage to criticise China for the unnecessary delays regarding visas. This is all a big circus!

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Posted in: KFC Japan’s Creamy Croquette Chicken Filet Sandwich wants to comfort you this winter See in context

It doesn't look very healthy. I would rather stick to a nutritious Japanese meal which is definitely more comforting in winter months. Starbucks, McDonald's, KFC, etc.. no thanks!

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Posted in: Japan-UK post-Brexit trade deal takes effect See in context

Great day for the UK!?.. A bad day for populist and bigotted governments like the UK. Only time will tell what the real benefits of Brexit are for the UK. Many promises and nationalistic rhetoric made by Johnson and a policy of divisions. He was waiting for a great trade deal with Trump, remember ? His government is obviously desperate. Long live the EU!

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Posted in: UK braces for holiday COVID-19 surge, tighter restrictions See in context

The UK has the highest deaths with Covid-19 on the death certificate in Europe and NOT the second according to the UK government website ( . The real number is 76,287 as of Friday 18 December. The government changed its counting criteria months ago and only people who died within 28 days of a positive test are counted. Separate figures by UK's statistics agencies suggest there has now been 81,000 deaths involving Covid-19.

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Posted in: Never too old: Five aging action heroes See in context

They should retire and donate more money to charities. In most cases the trigger is MONEY. Greed is one of the most dishonourable values in today's consumer society.

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Posted in: China looks forward on anniversary of 1937 Nanjing massacre See in context

@awomde . Fully agree. Just look at history when under Mao Zedong 1958 to 1962, his Great Leap Forward in China his policy led to the deaths of up to 45 million people – making it the biggest episode of mass murder ever recorded. He was probably the biggest mass murderer in history. This is a historical fact.

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Posted in: Man in 50s with mild COVID-19 found dead in quarantine hotel room in Kanagawa See in context

@Bjorn. Fully agree. China should pay billions of dollars of damages to the whole world for the loss of so many innocent human lives. Callous regime with a total disregard for human life.

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Posted in: China slaps more taxes on Australian wine amid tension See in context

China is a big bully and it will learn a hard lesson one day. It is a threat to world peace and democracy. Well done Australia for standing up against this monster!

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Posted in: London, New York, Tokyo, Paris and Singapore world's most comprehensively attractive cities: report See in context

This list is subjective. London has a very high crime rate compared to other European cities and it is a very expensive city to live in ( rent, public transport , food and drink, pollution,etc...). I would much rather live in smaller cities like Copenhagen, Stockholm, Milan, Munich, Porto, etc... The criteria used in compiling the list is confusing and not necessarily true.

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Posted in: Gulf monarchies rising from ashes of Arab Spring See in context

All these Gulf monarchies such as S. Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, etc... are utterly corrupt countries with no democracy and with awful human rights record . Sadly they have a great financial influence on the whole region and the Middle East.

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Posted in: China prepares large-scale rollout of COVID-19 vaccines See in context

A Chinese vaccine?? Over my dead body! They have over a billion guinea pigs they can use in their country .

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Posted in: Japan eyes limited resumption of inbound tourism from spring: report See in context

@fighto. Fully agree with your opinion. Sadly we live in a world where economy comes before human lives. Money talks, as they say. China has the money so it can dictate to others and bully others. BOYCOTT Chinese products.

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Posted in: Chinese official says Australian PM overreacted to tweet See in context

Bullying by Xi the Pooh and his corrupt regime. The CCP has probably forgotten about the Wuhan virus which has caused the death of over 1.5 million people so far. This is much worse than what Australian soldiers did in Afghanistan. China poses a serious threat to world peace and democracy.

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Posted in: In '76 Days,' a documentary portrait of lockdown in Wuhan See in context

@ Numan. The whole world knows that the Chinese communist party lied and underreported the real figures. I am surprised that Wu was allowed to film without having the right contacts with local officials and politicians. If so, then it is political.

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Posted in: Pandemic or not, people must stay active: WHO See in context

"Being physically active is critical for health and well-being -- it can help to add years to life, and life to years," WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in ..

The man himself who is behind this global pandemic that has cost the lives of more than 1 MILLION people.. There was an online petition calling for him to resign with over a million signatures ( This man is shameless! He should resign and get another job perhaps.

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Posted in: UK appoints vaccines minister to oversee COVID inoculations See in context

The clown himself who contracted Covid and now trying desperately to put on another show. He did not even have the courage to apologise for the unnecessary loss of thousands of lives and his government's handling of the pandemic ( the worst hit in Europe) . Macron had the decency to apologise to his citizens. Not to mention how he defended Cummings, Priti Patel and his cronies.

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Posted in: Once Australia's COVID-19 hotspot, Victoria goes 28 days without an infection See in context

Simian Lane 'I prefer the US approach. Sure a ton of people died, but no one was locked down and imprisoned'

You seem to compare Covid deaths as numbers and not as human lives. Every single death is a tragedy which touches all their loved ones and causes grief and sadness. These people die ALONE in hospitals with no one by their side and buried without a proper funeral. Just look at the number of Covid deaths in the US. Lockdowns save lives. Follow the science and not fake news.

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Posted in: Curtailed Christmas could be safest bet: WHO See in context

Sh1mon. I fully agree with your analysis. WHO should stop lecturing countries about the Covid pandemic and how to deal with it. It downplayed the role of asymptomatic spread in the pandemic and later claimed it was a 'misunderstanding'. Then a delayed update about the use of face masks despite the scientific evidence. A complicit of the CCP and an inept organization.

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Posted in: G-20 summit ends with support for COVID-19 vaccines for all See in context

"Saudi Arabia presided over the G-20 this year and was host of the virtual summit, .. " What a joke! This meeting should have boycotted S Arabia for its poor human rights record, no freedom of speech and no democracy. It should NOT allow authoritarian and undemocratic regimes to join like China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, etc.. Talk, talk, talk, .. it is all about money and power.

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Posted in: Vietnamese woman arrested for abandoning bodies of newborn twins See in context

@william77. Of course I would blame the woman for getting pregnant. This is nothing to do with human dignity or xenophobia. This is about COMMON SENSE.

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Posted in: Japan aims to expand regional free trade pact as UK, China eye membership See in context

I agree with most comments. Japanese politicians can be so naiive towards China. I wonder how much intellectual property and technological know-how was stolen by the Chinese communist party from Japanese products manufactured in China. BOYCOTT China.

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Posted in: Japanese businesses expect RCEP deal to boost Asia trade, investment See in context

Michael Hooper. I fully agree. This deal will only benefit China. It will flood the Asian markets with cheap products manufactured in China. Smaller Asian countries can not simply compete with the giant. I have been boycotting all Chinese products for years. I am surprised the Japanese government can be so naiive towards China's selfish intentions.

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Posted in: 15 Asia-Pacific countries form world's largest free trade bloc in boost for China See in context

Fully agree with some comments. China is an authoritarian regime and a bully which NO country should trust. This deal will only benefit the CCP and its corrupt officials and law makers. China should pay damages caused by the virus to every single country in the world. Callous regime.

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Posted in: Japan, China, Germany, Slovakia, Uganda win U.N. court seats See in context

China and Uganda? Two countries among the worst judicial systems in the world! What a BIG joke.

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Posted in: What next for Trump? Golf, Twitter and maybe another run? See in context

Trump goes to play golf while the pandemic is taking its toll (over 1000 people are dying in America daily). This man's utter lack of empathy and compassion! I cannot think of one single positive aspect to his personality. I think he should charter a plane and move to Russia and spend his retirement with his good friend Putin. He must be one of the most hated presidents America has ever had.

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Posted in: Oakwood opens 12th property in Japan See in context

BigYen. You do not mention the price. It must be luxury accommodation.

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Posted in: WHO chief in quarantine after contact tests positive for COVID-19 See in context

I do not belong to a single political party nor am I distracting attention from how my leader handled the situation in my country. What warning did we get from China while they were reprimanding and threatening doctors and health workers who spoke about the pandemic?

By the way, the petition for Tedros to resign on was signed by over 1 MILLION PEOPLE. This man did not resign.

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Posted in: WHO chief in quarantine after contact tests positive for COVID-19 See in context

OssanAmerica. Fully agree. 'WHO leaders urged countries not to restrict travel or trade to China' and WHO even dismissed human to human transmission. What a blunder! They could have saved millionsof human lives. Please check the petition for Tedros to resign on This man and his team are utterly incompetent.

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Posted in: Japan to lift entry ban on travelers from 9 countries, regions; exempt returning residents from quarantine See in context

You actually believe China's figures?

The figures were manipulated by the CCP. The whole world knows this. They can't fool anyone anymore. Callous regime with total disregard for human lives.

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