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Posted in: WHO chief warns against 'vaccine nationalism' See in context

Some people on this platform are downvoting FACTS. Ridiculous really! This goes to show how much some are influenced by fake news and disinformation. Saddening!

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Posted in: WHO chief warns against 'vaccine nationalism' See in context

"Again and again we have seen that taking the right actions quickly means the outbreak can be managed." Ridiculous to hear these words coming from Tedros and WHO. I wonder why he was praising China back in February knowing that the CCP was reprimanding doctors who spoke about the pandemic. He even flew over to China (photo of him smiling and shaking hands with Xi). He was also against travel restrictions from and to China. What an incompetent man! He is responsible for the deaths and suffering of millions of people. He SHOULD resign and there should be a serious reform within WHO.

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Posted in: UK says no to more EU trade talks See in context

Too bad for Britain. It seems the country wants to cherry -pick a deal on its own terms. Britain does not realise it is bargaining from a weaker position. The country voted for Brexit and as a result they must accept the consequences. This populist government led by Boris Johnson is taking the country to a major disaster.

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Posted in: Cyberattacks on coronavirus vaccine projects confirmed in Japan See in context

China and Russia already have vaccines... Really? Any scientific evidence or research data that has been peer reviewed? This is all PROPAGANDA ! China is a rogue state and should not be trusted. Russia was banned from the Olympics for cheating and covering up steroid test results. Both countries are now trying desperately to disrupt vaccine research and the Olympics. It makes perfect sense.

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Posted in: Taiwan says Chinese diplomats assaulted official in Fiji See in context

What an awful regime they have in China! Bullies, liars, and always in denial. China is a threat to world peace and security.

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Posted in: Ardern wins landslide victory in New Zealand See in context

@ Bjorn Tomention. What a pessimistic comment! Are you an renowned economist or a fortune teller with a crystal ball.? To me, she is one of the most inspiring leader in the world today and loved by her people.I wish her the best of luck.

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Posted in: Johnson says prepare for no-trade deal Brexit; cancels talks See in context

Yakyak. Your comment seems based on your opinions and NOT facts. You wrote about how bad a politician Macron is and how he is making France unliveable. What is the source of your information? Name one country in the world which has not suffered from no tourists due to Covid. Do you honestly think Boris Johnson is a better leader? You sound like a BrexItear with a lot of anger. Please get your facts right before you write in such an impulsive manner.

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Posted in: Brexit trade talks: both EU and UK dig in heels See in context

"Macron prattling petulance, mixed with his over-inflated ego will leave France fisheries lain to waste."

What about Boris Johnson's ego! This populist and incompetent leader is leading his country to disaster . His Brexit campaign was built on lies and misinformation. I would trust Macron anytime.

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Posted in: China to test all 9 million people in Qingdao for coronavirus See in context

How can anybody seriously trust the news coming from China? With very few daily infections reported on Worldometers every day, it seems they have found a miracle cure. All the news about Covid in China are manipulated by the CCP and it is never verified. Lies and lack of transparency. What a big joke! China can not fool the whole world.

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Posted in: Britain's coronavirus cases rise to record level See in context

Blame Bojo and his incompetent government for failing to control the deadly pandemic. Britain still has the highest death toll in Europe. With Brexit looming Britain is in deep trouble. A bankrupt country with high unemployment and poverty rate. It will become the poor man of Europe soon.

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Posted in: Millions of Chinese tourists heading for domestic destinations See in context

No new locally-tranmitted Coronavirus infections in China? The CCP is still lying to the whole world. No shame and no credibility. They are still in denial.

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Posted in: EU chief says UK cannot change EU-UK withdrawal agreement See in context

@Desert Tortoise. 'The short answer is it was a combination of racism and xenophobia mixed with a nostalgia for a more powerful Britain that is long past and will never be again.'

I fully agree. Not surprising it was the older generation to vote for Brexit who still believe in the British Empire. It was all about racism and xenophobia and no wonder hate crimes reported after Brexit soared to an all time high. The word 'foreigner' is still used as a negative connotation. British politicians should stop blaming the EU for their failed policies and grow up. Their colonial past was built on racism and slavery. Britain will have no role on the global stage and will become the poor man of Europe.

Brexitears..still proud?

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Posted in: Foreigners in Japan becoming target of discrimination due to virus See in context

'I got thrown out of a chain store chemist yesterday (London UK) by not wearing a mask (I genuinely forgot). I walked in (mask in bag) and was accosted by an aggressive clerk'

In Britain some people with Asian features were physically attacked. In Japan, it is only verbal abuse. The current political climate in Britain does not help. With Brexit people have become more racist and the word 'foreigner' is a pretext for hate crime or violence. I lived in Britain for a few years and experienced it firsthand. I now live in civilised continental Europe.

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Posted in: UK announces first major post-Brexit trade deal -- with Japan See in context

And still the remoaners continue their moaning!

You sound like a brainwashed brexiter. The whole Brexit campaign was built on lies ( remember the red bus and the disinformation?) . It has deeply divided the country and has caused a rise in nationalism and xenophobia . With Brexit deadline looming and the Covid pandemic, I am afraid Britain is NOT faring too well. Huge public debt and rising unemployment and poverty. Britain exporting cheese and Marmite!! Japan knows very well that the EU is a much bigger market and there are more advantages in getting a good trade deal with it rather than with Britain. I suppose Britain is still waiting for a trade deal with USA? Trump's policy is 'America first'.

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Posted in: First direct Israel-UAE flight lands in Abu Dhabi See in context

How can you honestly call this a peace deal without involving the Palestinians? And do you call this diplomacy? Israel will continue to grab Palestinian land and treat them like second hand citizens under military occupation. I am asking all readers to check how many UN resolutions were passed against Israel for their disregard for international law. Israel has been acting without impunity for several years. No peace WITHOUT justice.

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Posted in: Rule, Britannia! BBC ditches singalong lyrics amid colonial rethink See in context

A statement coming from Boris Johnson, the big clown. He is fuelling nationalism and populism. His Brexit campaign was built on lies and misinformation and yet many people believed him. His government currently has TWO big issues to deal with - Covid and Brexit.

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Posted in: Singing no more of a COVID-19 risk than talking but volume matters, UK study finds See in context

The World Health Organization? What a mess they have made during the pandemic. Initially Tedros was against travel restrictions, then he downplayed the risk of human to human transmission followed by useless statements . This organization needs a good reform starting from the top. They have FAILED to save thousands of human lives.

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Posted in: Domingo denies abusing power, seeks to clear name See in context

People that deserved to sing were singing,’’ he said..

That's NOT the point. The big question remains. Did he abuse any women in the past? Yes or No? Very simple.

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Posted in: Ex-wife or friend defecated in their bed, Depp tells court See in context

SimondB .I have zero interest in what Johnny Depp does, thinks....

Fully agree. What a bad example these hopeless celebrities set.! No wonder they end up talking drugs, drinking, etc... and suffering from depression.

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Posted in: Beijing reports 22 new virus cases as millions tested See in context

@Monty. Fully agree. Lies, and more lies as this data is not verified by an independent body. Solution? Close these FILTHY and UNHYGIENIC markets.

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Posted in: Bob Dylan releases first original album in almost a decade See in context

"Legendary"?? Who made this decision? Agree with Hawkeye...More cash during retirement and more money in your bank account. The trigger is always MONEY and GREED. Look at the state of the world today and you realize that these musicians and celebrities NEVER donate a single cent.

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Posted in: Beijing locks areas down as new virus outbreak gathers pace See in context

"At least China is TRYING to manage it, unlike other nations who...".. but how do you know? Do you honestly believe one single word that comes from the Chinese state-owned media? Has this been verified by an independent body? What happened in Wuhan is shrouded in mystery. Why are you defending China if you have no evidence?

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Posted in: U.S. lawmakers ask Zoom to clarify China ties after it suspends accounts See in context

I say boycott Zoom, Tik Tok, and all Chinese products. That’s the only way to beat this evil regime. China is a threat to global peace and security.

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Posted in: New Zealand says coronavirus eliminated and life can resume without restrictions See in context

WHO is the main arbiter of this virus?...No? My answer is ...Yes! The WHO will soon be sending confusing messages and changing its mind. " No risk of human to human transmission" " Flight restrictions are useless" "China did a great job by alerting the world about this DEADLY virus". There was an online petition for Mr Tedros to resign back in February. There were over over ONE MILLION signatures and yet this man does not have the dignity to resign. He is responsible (together with China) for the deaths and suffering of hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

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Posted in: Starbucks Japan to release summer rare cheesecake beverage See in context

Starbucks, Macdonalds, ... invading the world. While I was on holiday in Japan I avoided all these global brands. I had great coffee in small, independent coffee bars and amazing food in local restaurants. I really don't understand why tourists tend to flock to these places. My philosophy when travelling is try all things local.

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Posted in: China defends COVID-19 response in new report See in context

Another BIG lie by the Chinese authorities. Do they really think the world would believe them? The WHO ( a complicit ) finally claimed that there were many delays in obtaining data after 5 months. A joke! Mr Tedros flew to China to praise the way they handled the pandemic. Look at the figures today. Thousands have died and millions infected. Disgraceful!

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Posted in: Tiananmen anniversary marked by crackdown, HK vigil ban See in context

China, China, China. I think the whole world is FED UP with this country by now. The Coronavirus, Hong Kong, Taiwan, colonizing Africa, stealing technology and know-how from other countries. The WHO claimed that China did not share information about Covid but of course, China denied it. So frustrating having to deal with such a country.

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Posted in: Kylie Jenner, Forbes spar over story on billionaire status See in context

Sadly this is the Instagram generation where celebrities make quick and easy money with little hard work. The world is currently facing more serious problems (poverty, pandemics, climate change, wars and conficts, etc..). These celebrities seem so irrelevant in these uncertain times. Few people want to read their news.

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Posted in: Wuhan lab had three live bat coronaviruses: Chinese state media See in context

Lies, lies, and more lies by the Chinese communist party. If the virus did not originate in a wet market in Wuhan, there happens to be a virology research lab in the same city. Coincidence? Not saying it is man-made but it could that the virus escaped unintentionally and spread through the population. Why doesn't China allow an independent inquiry if they claim they are so transparent? China MUST not be trusted.

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Posted in: Scientists in China believe new drug can stop pandemic 'without vaccine' See in context

Here we go! Yet another state-sponsored propaganda by CCP. After all the lies and denials, China is trying to play the saviour of the human race. A country run by clowns.

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