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Posted in: Gold for Ohashi, Aussie swimmer Titmus; Ledecky easily wins 1,500 meters See in context

Go Japan! Top of the Olympic medals. Well done!

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Posted in: Israeli judo star perseveres after 2 opponents' withdrawals See in context

It is funny how Israel can get away with anything. Occupying Palestinian lands, disrepecting International law and U.N. resolutions, etc.. And if you criticise Israel, you are considered anti- semitic. As long as this country refuses any peace deal with the Palestinians, there will never be peace in that region and beyond.

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Posted in: Algerian judoka to be sent home after refusing potential bout with Israeli See in context

"Sad there is so much hate for Israel on a human level. It’s beyond geo-politics." What about Israeli hate for the Palestinians who are treated like second hand citizens and live under a state of occupation? Please read the historical facts before you jump to conclusions.

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Posted in: China's Yang wins 1st gold of Tokyo Olympics in air rifle See in context

@shogun36. Bach is obviuosly enjoying his VIP treatment and having 'sleepless nights ' about how much money $$$$ is going into his bank account. Tedros is another clown for allowing the Olympics to go ahead. He is also enjoying all the privilges of a VIP.

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Posted in: Suga kicks off Olympics diplomacy See in context

Tedros promoting the Olympics. He is the man who is partly complicit in this global pandemic which has cost the lives of millions of people. He is obviously enjoying the VIP treatment. What a clown!

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Posted in: Police find missing Ugandan weightlifter in Mie Prefecture See in context

He is an illegal immigrant and he should NOT have escaped from the Olympic village and put other people's lives at risk. Reckless behaviour.

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Posted in: WHO leader says virus risk inevitable at Tokyo Olympics See in context

What a joke! Tedros waking up late and making useless comments about the Olympic circus. He is controlled by China and the pandemic was caused by the WHO. This man is incompetent and shameless. Please have the decency to resign.

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Posted in: UK health chief tests positive for virus as Britain tightens restrictions on France travel See in context

@ us reamer. Fully agree.This incompetent businessman turned health secretary is obviously not using a mask in parliament (see photo) and probably during meetings. Yet another clown in Boris's government.

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Posted in: Bach, in Hiroshima, says his visit reaffirms 'peace mission in Olympic movement' See in context

Here is the man himself politicizing the Olympic games. What an unpleasant man. I am glad a few people managed to demonstrate. He is obviuosly enjoying his VIP treatment paid by Japanese tax payers. Shameless!

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Posted in: Missing Ugandan athlete leaves note saying he wants to work in Japan See in context

Did a runner?

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Posted in: England soccerplayer abused by racists slams social media giants See in context

@Japantime. Fully agree. They call it systemic racism. Immigrants are always a scapegoat, whether you are black, Indian, Pakistani, etc... It's deeply rooted. A postcolonial mindset, I guess.

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Posted in: 4 Olympic workers from U.S., Britain arrested over alleged cocaine use See in context

If they are found guilty, then these morons should be sent to prison. Shame on Britain after watching the shocking scenes during Euro 2020 finals in London. What a terrible image of a country that wants to host the World cup.

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Posted in: Pakistani man reaches out to those living on margins in Japan See in context

@ Mark. "Muslims are suppose to donate 2.5% of their wealth and give it to the needy" .. but this never happens in their own countries. People live in extreme poverty in Muslim countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc... how come? This is not about Islam, it is about humanity that you find in all religions (Buddhism., Christianity, Hebraism, Hinduism,..)

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Posted in: Civic group calls for cancellation of IOC chief's visit to Hiroshima See in context

What insensitive and reckless people - Bach and Coates. They should have the courage to apologise to all Japnese citizens and the world for staging such an international event in the midst of a pandemic. Shameless!

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Posted in: Italy beats England in penalty shootout to win Euro 2020 See in context

Congratulations Italy!! This is a good lesson for English pride!

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Posted in: Kane ready for England to deliver in Euro 2020 final See in context

Some English football fans are a disgrace to their country. Getting drunk and taking the liberty to harass and attack others without a real motive. Violent hooliganism started in Britain and society and the authorities seem to accept it.

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Posted in: Unending grief of COVID-19 deaths causing problems for some See in context

Heart-breaking story. I wish them well.

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Posted in: Leaders of North Korea, China vow to strengthen ties See in context

Winnie the Pooh openly supports authoritarian regimes and dictatorships. China will always be on the wrong side of history. Will the CCP be sending food to starving North Koreans? Or is it just communist propaganda?

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Posted in: At Cannes under COVID-19, glamour gets unmasked See in context

What a bunch of losers! These celebs have a lot insecurities in their lives and this is why they love publicity.

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Posted in: G20 ministers take up plan to deter cross-border tax dodging See in context

Here come the clowns of the world! Their stupid statements will not change anything.

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Posted in: Indonesia short on oxygen, seeks help as virus cases soar See in context

What a disaster! Did they use Chinese-made vaccines? If so, how many were inoculated?

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Posted in: IOC chief Bach arrives in Japan for Tokyo Olympics See in context

This man and his corrupt elite should not be welcomed to a country in the midst of a pandemic. He must be counting the $$$$$ . GREED and INCOMPETENCE.

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Posted in: Serbian Olympic athlete tests positive for COVID-19 See in context

It goes to prove that even if you are vaccinated, you can still get infected and infect others. I bet the IOC is trying to downplay these issues. This elitist and corrupt committee should never set foot in any country including Bach. We should call them the 'untouchables ' - they will never be held to account.

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Posted in: Doves and fighter jets: China's Communists mark their centenary See in context

@noriaho. Fully agree. The higher the rise the bigger the fall. Brainwashed idiots. I wonder why so many Chinese keep immigrating to richer countries/continents like Australia, Europe, Canada, and the U.S if the CCP tells them they are getting richer. China is a threat to world peace and freedom.

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Posted in: Science under scrutiny: COVID crisis throws spotlight on scientific research See in context

'Under-fire Lancet admits conflict of interest on lab-leak letter. After criticism that it failed to declare Peter Daszak’s work with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, journal has also ‘recused’ zoologist from its coronavirus origins taskforce' One of the most trusted and prestigious medical journals has lost credibility. This is one of the reasons why ordinary folk do not trust scientists.

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Posted in: Hashimoto says Olympic organizers have to tighten anti-virus measures See in context

What a big circus run by clowns! I hope the IOC elite will get the full blame if anything serious happens.

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Posted in: Elton John adds dates to final tour, including stadium shows See in context

@ Richard Gallagher . Fully agree. The trigger is always MONEY. He has enough money to retire and slow down. Sadly, this is the world we live in today - celebrity culture, fame and greed.

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Posted in: IOC president Bach to arrive in Japan on July 9 See in context

This guy is not welcome to a country going through a global pandemic. Of course, he will be treated like a VIP and driven to a luxury hotel. What is the purpose of his visit anyway. Publicity? More money on his bank account? The IOC is a circus run by clowns like Bach, Coates, and other elites.

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Posted in: WHO to discuss Olympics COVID risks with Japan, IOC See in context

WHO , an organisation run by incompetent and useless people. Why should we believe a word they say. Please watch this press conference with the Chairman of Japan Doctors' union calling for the cancellation of the Olympics..


Mike Ryan - RESIGN!

Tedros - RESIGN!

Maria van kerkhove - RESIGN!

Bruce Aylward - RESIGN!


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Posted in: Ugandan Olympic team member tests positive for coronavirus upon arrival in Japan See in context

I bet that the corrupt and incompetent IOC will blame the Japanese government for any kind of scenario. The IOC$$$$$ does not want to lose face. Holding the Olympics amid a pandemic is terribly wrong - even a child knows it.

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