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Posted in: Australian tourist arrested over graffiti around Kamogawa River in Kyoto See in context

Tagging is not art. In fact, his tags look similar to many of the other tags you see in the US and throughout Europe. Not art, not original, just vandalism. It should be stopped everywhere.

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Posted in: Madonna perfects her off-key Eurovision act online See in context

At least she didn't lean on auto-tune like so many acts do now - live and in studio.

Which handicap will she leverage next as a fashion statement?

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Posted in: 'Spinal Tap' creators, Vivendi to mediate $400 mil U.S. fraud lawsuit See in context

Authorities said ... best leave it ... unsolved, really.

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Posted in: Carp take 3-0 CL Climax Series final stage lead with comeback win over Giants See in context

Let's go Carp!

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Posted in: 'Final Fantasy' XIV building-projection in Yokohama will make your jaw drop See in context

My jaw didn't drop. Is something wrong with me?

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Posted in: Aerosmith's nearing 50 years but plans to keep going See in context

Aerosmith formed in 1970. Still ways from "nearing".

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Posted in: Do you think that U.S. President Donald Trump can unify his country, in view of the massive protests against him and his disputes with mainstream media? See in context

No mention that the divide widen during the Obama administration.

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Posted in: Too quiet on the set; filming accidents often go untold See in context

It seems they forgot this one:

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Posted in: Neil Young relents on streaming See in context

What? Nearly all of his catalog was available on Rhapsody for years. Amazon has had his stuff available for some time as well. It sounds more like a money issue and Spotify wouldn't pay him waht he wanted.

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Posted in: She's a lady See in context

Madonna 2.0

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Posted in: This Ultraman temple block will help you cast off all worldly desires See in context that your last worldly desire will be an Ultraman temple block?

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Posted in: 'Naked Gun' star George Kennedy dead at 91 See in context

He had a great role in The Eiger Sanction as well.

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Posted in: Broncos tame Bengals in overtime to clinch playoff berth See in context

lostrune2 - Well done! That made me laugh this morning. Talk about long odds.

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Posted in: Teaser gives us our first peek at Japan’s upcoming Godzilla movie See in context

That is the worst trailer for a film I have ever seen.

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Posted in: Afternoon splendor See in context

Very pleasant and well-composed shot!

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Posted in: A holiday roast doesn't need to be beef or bird. Try salmon See in context

I suggest replacing the prunes with dates.

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Posted in: Japan rugby coach relishing World Cup clash against Springboks See in context

Congrats Japan on a wonderful upset victory!

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Posted in: Keith Richards belittles rap, metal See in context

"Now all you kids - Get off my lawn!!" Mr. Richards leaves a great musical legacy. Unfortunately, whatever he has produced since the rise of rap and metal has been relatively insignificant in comparison to the merits of those he denegrates.

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Posted in: Little League champs See in context

Fantastic win after a staggering 1st inning.

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Posted in: Japan's 70-year struggle against Hollywood film stereotypes See in context

While I have not taken the time to read all the comments, I will add these:

Rising Sun most certainly had the perpetrators as Japanese. And while American of Japanese ancestry, James Shigeta (The Yakuza, Die Hard, Brother) had a long career and was well-respected.

The trouble with finding breakout Japanese stars in US film is that US film makes 50-90% of its revenue in the US. Unless the story requires someone explicitly Asian or, more specifically, Japanese then there is no motivation to cast a foreigner in a lead or co-starring role.

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Posted in: Jump in my car See in context

harvey pekar - many consumers are aspirational in that they want to emulate their heroes as best they can. If driving a car or buying a biscuit that their hero endorses can do that - many will do that. If a millionaire is associated with something that is inexpensive, then it gives the impression that it is a greater value than the price may tell.

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Posted in: HandMade in Japan Fes 2015 See in context

Hipsters! Is there a word for that in Japan yet?

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Posted in: Blue Note club to expand to China See in context

The least appealing thing about the original Blue Note is the food. Not that it is bad, but it is not great - and they charge an excessive price for it as well.

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Posted in: Good grooming See in context

It appears to be yawning.

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Posted in: Fans vote for Rino Sashihara as new leader of AKB48 See in context

It is odd that the detractors have such a passion. You would think they would just ignore them entirely instead they are moths to a flame. Interesting and odd.

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Posted in: Fans vote for Rino Sashihara as new leader of AKB48 See in context

It is nice to see fans of AKB commenting here. I wonder what attracts the detractors.

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Posted in: Mega Dream Summer Matsuri See in context

I wish everyone to enjoy their summer.

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Posted in: 'We were awful,' says Pink Floyd's Waters on band's early days See in context

I'm thankful that they stuck with it in spite of their early lack of...talent? Regardless, there are merits to all phases of the career of Pink Floyd. I'm glad to have had their music in my life.

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Posted in: Coffee chain Blue Bottle brews long lines in Tokyo See in context

While I am not a fan of Starbucks, I am a fan of what tastes good. I don't require a brand to reinforce what tastes good to me. That being said, the proposal that by some magic brewing technique that instant coffee can taste as good as non-instant coffee is preposterous. To state otherwise is just trolling the coffee aficionados. And those with common sense.

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Posted in: Art attack See in context


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