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Posted in: Video showing convenience store workers being forced to kowtow to thugs leads to one arrest See in context

@ noypi, the guy is 39 and the other 2 were mother and daughter team according to the article, no kids as far as I can tell

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Posted in: U.S. Army retires general for not properly investigating sex assault in Japan See in context

To me it does not make a difference any more, a 2 star (or a 4 star) General in the US army, then a politician in France or Brazil or a leader in China , the Vatican, Japan, Russia or Germany the corruption is everywhere and we need to make a stand. The net seems to help but with all the regulations that are being proposed for the net , that may not last long either!

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Posted in: Lamborghini Murcielago goes up in flames on Tokyo expressway See in context

Well at least the doors worked!

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Posted in: Grapes fetch record Y550,000 a bunch See in context

I am quazaillionare!!!!! I have 40 grape vines that produce 160 bunches a year x what 30 grapes per bunch? 30 x 160 bunches = 4800 grapes @ $180 a grape??? hmmm BUYERS leave an e-mail (LOL) (4 different high quality varieties as well)

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Posted in: Judo winners See in context

Glad for the Dutchman, 43 -44 years ago the Dutch were one of the first Nations to win World Judo Championship ( Geesink if I am correct?. He was revered.

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Posted in: Over 10,000 dementia sufferers went missing in 2013 See in context

As a western person I have always been under the impression that the elderly were revered in Asia, has that changed so much in the last generation? ( It seems to be happening all over the world btw not only in Asia)

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Posted in: Hokkaido experiences highest temperatures in 90 years See in context

But by how much, ??? like 10 degrees or just 0.5?

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Posted in: Scientists meet in Japan to discuss climate change See in context

As for the people that think we are an influence on the weather re CO2 your are kidding right less then 2000 years ago there was a warm period (during the Roman empire) then there was a cold period before the industrial revolution. The whole thing is a cycle and we puny humans no matter how powerfull we think we are have very little influence!

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Posted in: Venezuelan president wants to talk to Toyota exec See in context

I am not saying it is par for the course for Central and South America but it is going to take years to fix their problems if ever Seeing that the western nations are now subject to same internal destruction those countries suffered for generations. It was not always so. Argentina, Brazil Chile and others were way better off in the 30's 40's and 50's until the communists destroyed them.!

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Posted in: NHK governor praises rightist's suicide in 1993 as glorifying emperor See in context

Are some of you awake???? Bush, Cheney etc., left the WH 6 years ago ... oh I get it, you are still working for Acorn and OB. and someone forgot to tell you your hero has been in the WH for that length of time , but as goody two shoes liberals you are still blaming them.

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Posted in: Winning leap See in context

@ seren, I might try it on a bed though or maybe into a swimming pool!!! (LOL) but probably would not work there either but at least a soft landing!

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Posted in: Anniversary stamps See in context

Blow me over with a feather I though the tall guy on the right was Naruhito! (guess I need new glasses)

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Posted in: Bluefin tuna price plunges 95% at year's first auction See in context

So the price is now 5% of last year, I wonder if that will show up on the Menu?

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