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As horrible and tragic it was... the world will not forget: unlike Japan forgot about Unit 731, the numerous times it invaded Korea, Comfort women, the atrocities and slaughter of the Okinawan peoples. Always remember when you F&$k with a bull sometimes you catch the horns. To the victims of both bombings. WE WILL NOT FORGET YOU. Peace on earth and good will to all men.

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Whatever happened to the (2) masks per household? Just asking.

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Japan sooooo wanted this games and now they got more than they bargained for. It was a disaster from the start, the logo problem then the cost of the stadium, then locations of events such as moving maraton to Hokkaido, the ever spiraling cost, and finally the virus.... The last straw that broke the camel's back?

There were several other problems too. The problem is they are far too reactive to problems instead of proactive. They wait until the last minute for everything. Like the virus for example. Now it’s getting out of control.

There is absolutely a clause about who pays in event of natural disaster, man made disaster or act of god. The government should have immediately taken action and raised this concern in the beginning but they were trying to be greedy and keep the Olympics going. Now it’s too late.

Its all about money. It always has been. The government taxes the hell out of the people and keeps their pockets fat. Change is coming. The people need to start voicing their thoughts and asking why and holding officials accountable and not bow their heads and ignore what’s going on around them. It only empowers those who are taking advantage of their positions of power.

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@ilovecoffee - I agree with you. There has been a sales tax hike (10%) where is that money? You are taxed when you buy things for you business then taxed again because you own the things you bought then taxed again if you sell or dispose of what you owned. Also the income tax rate is outrageous. I’m taxed 38%! Where is the tax money going?!

Let the people keep their money by reducing the taxes.

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Sure they will develop a plan to pay out ¥100,000 to everyone, but it will either come in the form of a post COVID-19 travel voucher, some other ridiculous form or they will make it so difficult to get with numerous requirements and stipulations it’s not even worth it. Even better, everyone will have to cram in together at their local city office and attend some 2-4 hour corona virus awareness class to receive it.

Either way, the banks here aren’t setup for every citizen to receive an electronic payment. The postal service is great but Japan doesn’t do checks. I’m guessing everyone will have to get their cash from a local post office: giving each citizen great potential for contracting this virus.

I don’t to sound pessimistic but the government response to this crisis has been quite disturbing and lack luster.

Stay healthy and safe everyone.

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Derek - It is not profiteering. No company or entity is taking complete advantage of a terrible crisis and situation. This is a place where common sense and mental agility prevail... This is New Orleans....umm... I mean Japan.

But seriously they could do much better than this for the people of Japan. It’s time for a change.

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Does anyone know anything about the firm which is making these, and the owner's links to Abe? This absolutely stinks.

Hey! No questions allowed. There’s nothing to see here. Pay no mind to the man behind the curtain.

... of course there are links between the manufacturing company and someone in the government.

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@Austin Rogers @Fiddlers.

It is the best the government can come up with and it is definitely not a waste of money. You forget this is New Orleans.... I mean Japan. Enjoy the ride my friends and stay safe.

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