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Posted in: Japan’s Mister Donut reveals spooky lineup of Halloween character doughnuts for fall See in context

Absolutely ridiculous. I wish that retailers would stop turning Holidays into business only.

It is the beginning of September. These should not be out until at least the beginning of October.

Will they be putting out Christmas items next week?

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Posted in: Tokyo police post tweet to put people’s minds at ease, but creep them out with weird illustration See in context

Don't ever give them your name, where you are from, how many of you are staying there or any other information. They use this information against you if necessary.

The make you feel like you have to give this. You don't have to cooperate at all. They don't have the right to intrude on you like this.

There were once in my building complex and even demanded my neighbor's foreign registration card. I was passing by and told her not to tell him anything and not to give him anything. I then angrily demanded that he leave the complex. He did.

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Posted in: Biden to make 1st visit to Japan as president in late May for Quad meeting See in context

These Government Officials especially this Brain Dead Puppet order people don't travel unless it is absolutely essential. What is wrong with this puppet using Zoom? The money saved could be used for problems in the US and nobody is going to understand this senile puppet anyways. Americans usually can't understand what he is saying.


Will he quarantine as is required of everybody that comes to Japan? Will he quarantine when he goes back?


He has made enough problems in the US and Europe. Now he wants to bring his problems here. Japan doesn’t need this right now. He is going to piss off China and Korea with this trip. Whatever he has to say, get on Zoom and say it.

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Posted in: Ex-nursery school head indicted over 5-year-old boy's death in bus See in context

They should be sentenced but knowing that this was unintentional.

In this country, you see Mothers kill their children and get only 6 years.

These Mothers deserve life in prison.

Can you just imagine the guilt and pain that these two are feeling? That is

a sentence in itself. There is no amount of apologies that is going to make

it better for the families.

Sentence yes but take a very close look at how it happened.

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Posted in: U.S. pays $2 mil a month to protect Pompeo, aide from Iran threat See in context

Why don't they give us a dollar by dollar breakdown of exactly how it is $2 million / month. Seems quite extreme to me.

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Posted in: Biden's visit to Japan eyed in latter half of May: source See in context

Why is it necessary for these people to fly throughout the world when they lock down and mandate the citizens. They speak about Global Warming and yet fly their jets. Why is it that they can't use Skype or Zoom like they expect the rest of us to.

Also, when he comes, what about quarantine time? These politicians fly the world and never quarantine.

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Posted in: Mother gets 8 years in prison for leaving 3-year-old daughter alone at home for week to die See in context

Only 8 years? That is absolutely ridiculous. This is the second time that this girl abandoned her daughter Noa like this. The Judge should be jailed as well. And what about her boyfriend, did he even know that she had a daughter?

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Posted in: U.S. rights monitor warns over athletes' safety at Beijing Olympics See in context

There is too much with athletes trying to voice their opinions at the Olympics and trying to promote their own political agenda. Basically, I don't care to hear their opinions and wish that when it came to voicing themselves, they would just shut up. They go to the Olympics to run, box, jump, swim, etc. Their opinions are meaningless, just upsetting. If we want opinions, we can look at the internet at anytime of the day and get millions of them.

Freedom of Speech??? Yeah right. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. China has given their warning. The US has no right to talk about Freedom of Speech when they themselves are shutting down anybody who doesn't go along with what they want to hear. Athletes will go to China, speak their mind, cry about human rights and freedom of speech all while they sit there in jail. I will be sitting here thinking good for them, they got what they deserve. When I go to Singapore, I don't chew Bubble Gum and when I go to Iran, I don't bring drugs.

The Olympics was first made to separate politics and sports. Even the worse enemies would join and leave all ill feelings aside during this time. Combining the two is just looking for trouble.

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Posted in: New U.S. envoy to Japan vows support amid regional tensions See in context

Did Rahm Emanuel quarantine strictly like every one else? Seems a bit of a short time for him to be out mingling and with no mask at that.

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Posted in: Justice minister orders probe of Vietnamese intern abuse case See in context

Japanese Government has known that a lot of this has been going on for many years in many industries where foreigners come and work in Japan but they turn a blind eye to it.

Slave wages instead of local wages, harassment, discrimination, having to work overtime with no pay, passports being taken away, threats of cancelling their jobs and Visas, etc.

If this video was not shown throughout the world, the Justice Minister, even though he knows what is going on, would have never done anything about it. However, if the public and the media do not stay on top of this, the Justice Minister will once again let it go. Instead of instructing, why doesn’t he get on top of this himself personally?

And yet there are foreigners complaining and waiting to come to Japan to work. They have no idea of what they are getting themselves into with this country.

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Posted in: Thailand to introduce $9 visitor fee from April See in context

$9 is not much. However, they are taking advantage. They should be happy that tourists come back instead of trying to charge them to come back. Just the point of it, everybody should write and say that we will come back when they don't discriminate tourists.

When I am there, even if a Tuk tuk tries to charge me more because I am visiting, I won't barter with him, I will tell him that he is discriminating and no matter the price will not use him. I will go to another driver who will be happy to have the business.

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Posted in: Mizuho online business banking services suffer another glitch See in context

Because of the Government coming down on Mizuho, Mizuho is becoming very discriminative towards foreigners.

I have been using Mizuho Bank along with many other accounts for many years. Tokyo Mitsubishi has been the longest, 35 years with them.

Anyways, in November, because of Mizuho problems with their ATMs and the Government, they sent me a letter asking me questions that included my country, my visa type, foreigner’s registration card number, etc. I replied but not happily. They then sent me another letter requiring a copy of the front and back of my foreigner’s registration card by today or my account would be closed.

I called them to ask if they are sending these demands to Japanese Citizens as well. She told me that they will eventually be sending to everybody but right now a little at a time. I asked what a Japanese citizen needs to send and she said a government picture ID and 1 more ID. I asked her why I have asked so many of my Japanese friends and none of them have received this. She told me again because they are sending out little by little. I pushed, “but absolutely none of my Japanese friends, why?” She couldn’t explain. I then told her fine, I would send a copy of my Japanese Drivers License and Insurance. She told me that foreigner must send their foreign card.

She explained that the government is getting strict on them and I told her that was not the fault of foreigners banking with them. That was their own fault for bad IT and why are they bringing foreigners into it.

She couldn’t answer except to tell me that we must send it or have our bank account closed.

This is one of many things that this country discriminates upon. For the near future, I will bet that you do not see these demands send to the Japanese customers of Mizuho.

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Posted in: Japan to administer COVID vaccine soon to children aged under 12 See in context

This is for profits only. You know what is good for kids immune systems? Playing outside in the dirt.

Show me where kids under 12 have been hurt by Covid anymore than they have been hurt by the flu.

I am 57 years old. If mRNA has side effects in the long run, so be it.

But why are you testing this out on kids and soon you will want to mandate it. Kids have now made it 2 years in without problems. Leave the testing of them alone.

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Posted in: Nearly all Japan's school boards scrap gender field on applications See in context

I really don't care what a person wants to identify themselves as. They can identify as a snake, a rat or a pig for all I care. What I don't like is this word "understanding" from them when I don't accept it. Instead, they want to "force" their way or identification on others.

If you want to identify that way, fine. But don't expect us to identify with what you are not. I will be "offended"

As for Bathrooms, when I first came to Japan 34 years ago, most bathrooms, either could use. Many times, you would especially see girls using the boys room when boys were only using the urinals anyways. But I feel that there is more crime and freaks out there today and I am happy that they have separated for young girls sake.

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Posted in: Gov't to pay damages over bureaucrat's suicide linked to Abe scandal See in context

The government agreed to a settlement??? How nice. In other words, the public and their taxes will pay this money. Why not make Abe san, his crew and anybody else that was involved pay out of their pockets?

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Posted in: Japan to begin trials of COVID-19 vaccination proof at eateries See in context

Absolutely ridiculous. These governments are making up more and more excuses to take freedoms away. First, stop saying "fully vaccinated" when two shots is not "fully". They will be mandating booster shots soon. That of course shows you that it's not "fully".

Next, proof of vaccination means absolutely nothing when you have been vaccinated 6 months ago. By then your Spike Protein Antigens are back to normal and not doing much to protect you. While those who were not vaccinated still have their Natural Spike Protein Antigens. The world needs to be testing for antibodies, not making or checking useless vaccination passports.

And let's not forget that the Vaccination was great with the original virus but with the variants, you can still receive, carry and transfer the Variants.

The only difference between those who are vaccinated and those who are not is that those that are, won't get nearly as sick, and less chance of dying.

I know many people that have been vaccinated twice and got still got Delta and were so sick that they thought that they were dying.

Do you want to check how this works out? Pick 100 restaurants. Put them in lots of 10 or so. Put the restrictions on 1/2 the lots and no restrictions on the other 1/2. DO NOT let the government overlook this test, have a third neutral party look over.

These governments are taking the freedom from the public while they still go out to all hours of the night partying. They tell us don't travel and yet they travel. They say don't go out unless it's essential yet you still see them out and about. Now, they are even discussing opening the borders to tourists and promoting GoEat again.

Vaccinated or not, people need to stick up for the freedoms that they have worked so hard to earn for so many years when the truth is known.

For those who believe in the "mRNA" vaccine, what are you so afraid of if you are so sure that the vaccine protects you? Maybe you should speak to the original "inventor" of mRNA and get his prospective.

They say listen to the experts. There are no experts and the government sure doesn't listen to them. Or should I say they listen but still do as they planned and wanted to do anyways. If there were truly experts, this virus would have been gone 2 years ago.

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Posted in: The LDP is itself very much lagging behind in promoting gender equality in the party, and the kind of women who are in more leadership positions tend to be, of course, very conservative also. See in context

Whatever happened to the best person for the job? Instead, it seems that media pushes politicians based upon gender and race these days. But yet in their next story, they will talk about sexism and racism.

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Posted in: Suga suggests optimism for lifting state of emergency See in context

State of Emergency?? What State of Emergency?

Nobody has been paying attention to this since the second one.

They tell everybody to stay home and only go out for essentials however Suga still travels the world.

His Cabinet still goes out and Wine & Dine with other companies into the late hours.

They allow their friends to come and go to Japan with no quarantine and they even party with them.

The only reason for the uptick in viruses was the Olympics. Over 850 from the Olympics brought it here and were allowed to roam Japan as they pleased.

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Posted in: Japan ruling party shelves submitting LGBT bill to Diet session See in context

Post Greater Awareness??? Look, if people want to be like this, that is fine with me. But don't bring to my side of tracks and don't try to talk me into accepting it.

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Posted in: Commercial facilities in Tokyo to reopen under extended emergency See in context

This whole State of Emergency is nothing more than a Joke!!!!

Have you seen this 3rd State of Emergency? If you go out and take a look around,

you would never know that it's a State of Emergency if somebody didn't tell you that.

Everybody is out and about. After 8:00pm, many restaurants and bars are still open

with shoulder to shoulder customers. Nothing has changed.

The only thing that this government worries about is their precious Olympics.

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