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Posted in: Roundabouts have been installed at 87 locations in 31 prefectures since the revised Road Traffic Law took effect in September 2014. Do you think roundabouts reduce the number of traffic accidents? See in context

It had been my understanding that roundabouts don't limit the number of accidents, but the severity of those accidents ie. more scraping less smashing...

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Posted in: Cold ramen? Yes, it’s possible, as this Tokyo restaurant proves See in context

Cold ramen is easily bought at convenience stores.

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Posted in: Olympic torch relay to pass through disaster-hit areas, world heritage sites See in context

It would be pretty hard not to run through a world heritage site in Japan!

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Posted in: ‘Jisa Biz’ campaign to ease overcrowding on Tokyo trains starts Monday See in context

200% overcapacity was for that one guy.

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Posted in: English map of sake breweries in western Japan available See in context

You can find the PDF links here:


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Posted in: Markets bet Abe will 'pull stimulus from a hat' if Tokyo election stings See in context

Buoy the government by buying the people!

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Posted in: Karate kid: From childhood fight to entrepreneur See in context

If I remember correctly, I was there in the stadium when he broke his leg. Terrible sound, snapped from own kick. Nice to see him "back on his feet."

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Posted in: Gov't to ease strict dancing laws for clubs, other establishments See in context

Dancing is a gateway drug to happiness.

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Posted in: 80% of Japanese women report being hit on by strangers See in context

And once again, I apologize to all those ladies.

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Posted in: Michelin-starred Japanese chef fears loss of simple, traditional food See in context

Of the 10,000 years or so of existence they claim, the Japanese common person has only eaten rice for about 100 years. Perhaps one of the reasons they don't learn history is so that they are able to twist the story whatever the way whenever it suits the situation. I pray that archaeologists will find the original hamburger here, in Japan, so we can throw the blame back...

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Posted in: Tokyo woman haggles mugger down to Y1,000 See in context

All Japanese people never haggle with with other Japanese people. This story must be wrong, or perhaps involves a foreign-looking person or ex-Yakuza member.

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Posted in: 7-year-old girl seriously injured by school goalpost collapse See in context

Handball goals are 3x2 meters, but they are usually portable: I doubt they were installed. 160kg seems more of the weight of a soccer goal. Usually people like to swing on these things, not realizing that they can fall over. However I doubt a 7-year old carries enough weight to move it on her own. This seems more like an episode of kids engaging in dangerous play with onlookers afraid to tell them to stop.

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Posted in: White rice linked to Type 2 diabetes, say researchers See in context

"So why do you have Type 2 diabetes, Taro?" "Because I am Japanese."

People all over the world have known that white rice lacks any nutritional value, other than fast-burning carbs, for years. However, the Rice Boards here keep pushing people to eat more and more. In fact, I believe there was a campaign to eat a few more mouthfuls of rice per day, just to increase consumption resulting in enough production for rice self-sufficiency. White rice basically fills out the required calories per meal here, kind of like MSG fills out the flavour in Chinese take-out in North America.

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Posted in: Man steals Y8 mil from Toyama post office See in context

Doesn't everybody wear long rubber boots in Toyama?

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Posted in: Hosono says all of Japan should help with Fukushima's contaminated debris See in context

I hope there was some mistake in translation with Mr. Hosono's comments.

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Posted in: TEPCO says it has lost contact with 143 nuclear plant workers See in context

Bravo TEPCO, Bravo! Just when you thought what they've already done couldn't be any more incompetent and brainless... they outdo themselves again. Kind of like Bubka breaking all those world records week by week, but not...

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Posted in: British skinny dipper released into friend's custody See in context

There was nothing "skinny" about that dipper.

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