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Posted in: Male nurse arrested for taking kids swimming without parents' permission See in context

Sounds like the kids were using the man to go swimming, maybe they conned him or thought they were getting away with something. Kids can be cunning and devious, and adults are just as stupid. I smell a TV drama or a sitcom in the making.

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Posted in: U.S. conducting late-night Osprey drills despite agreement not to do so See in context

Well we dont want to ruin anyones dinner, especially those after 10 pm (bertiwahwah). Hello Children, wake up and smell the chowmein, the marines can only get good at what they do if they train day and night. if okinawa wanted to be independent then they should of sued for independence in 1972, instead all they did was side with the previous occupiers (satsuma). If you want to know what Okinawans should do now, is to look to the past and see how the Shoei, Ryukyu Kingdom, treated the Chinese and Japanese and Koreans. With indifference. They were independent and loyal to none, only taking what was beneficial to the people of Okinawa. A Japanese yoke is the same as an American one, and lighter then a Chinese one, a Okinawan one has yet to be made. Peace

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Posted in: 2 bodies found in freezer at dried seafood store in Shizuoka See in context

Stabbings are usually committed by family members, its up close and personal.

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Posted in: Crime, Ospreys add to Okinawan anger over U.S. bases See in context

I think the US Government and the Marines would be Happy to leave Okinawa and Japan entirely, if the Government of Japan would buy some of our nuclear weapons. To even the playing field with north Korea and communist china, the Government of Japan would need some serious weaponry to make up for the US leaving Japan. Time will only know if having the US here is a stabilizing or destabilizing factor in Japan security. No amount of gomensai will make up for WWII and what Japan did to its neighbors, they will never be satisfied. I know my grandfather never forgave them for Bataan and never owned a Japanese car, ever. thank you.

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