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Todd Topolski comments

Posted in: Democrat Jones wins U.S. Senate seat in Alabama in blow to Trump See in context

amusing, a blow to trump would have been this clown winning by a land slide based on policy or opposition to trump. the reality is the Democrat party Politburo spent a few hundred million on a propaganda campaign which succeeded in at best being a blow to the scum political class

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Posted in: Bitcoin charges through $14,000 as investors pile in See in context

Tulips anyone? just look at history to the first market crash from moronic investment in belief . it happened a few centuries ago and involved Tulips.

Bitcoin wants to be currency, well currency doesn't have intrinsic value, currency temporarily stores value of something else. so the fact it's arbitrarily rising, means it's being invested in like a metal or a tulip. neither if which are currencies.

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Posted in: Arabs, Europe, U.N. reject Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital See in context

looks like we have proof Arabs, the UN and, Europe are full of intolerance and are anti Semitic racists. who the he'll cares what those morons think?

worse, still is the reaction of the so called UN and Europe means effectively, the more violent, psychotic and intolerant you are, the more legitimacy you have. The USA is recognizing the capital of a nation as they choose it and the, USA is not letting violent Arabic psychos dictate foreign policy.

if the UN had any legitimacy, they would have long ago disbarred most former Ottoman empire nations for being violent psychos against other nations. not to mention their subjugation of women, having no human rights, committing genocides and running open labor and rape slave auctions. it us amazing how Europe and the UN can ignore atrocities like that, tolerate a terror army invading Europe and pretend none of that is happening, yet will back this same group if violent countries over the Capitol city choice of a nation.

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Posted in: Sweeping aside Russia probe, Trump says 'we're unbeatable' See in context

Collusion requires an actual crime to collude doing. there is nothing, the next wing can't even fabricate a plausible crime. For example, real collusion is Hillary, Obama, podesta, and others colluding with Russia to sell Russia control if American uranium. Hillary taking bribes to facilitate the uranium sale, this is also a crime.

trump so far, some people after he was elected talked to some Russians for 5 minutes. , ooooh.

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Posted in: Rise of the machines: Philippine outsourcing industry braces for AI See in context

I work in AI specifically on support and call center automation and the Philippines has nothing to worry about. Artificial intelligence merely gets the artificial part right. the intelligence for doing BPO isn't there. as the article says, combing through millions if rows of data to predict outcomes is not actually working because human intelligence doesn't work that way. the error rate doing it this is too high. language, a joke. at best the AI will help make humans more efficient and possibly 'shift left' the easiest tasks and even these are likely to need human oversight to error correct. so called virtual engineers are little better than trained parrots and 40% of the humans these things support will demand a real human at some point. it's all snake oil. even IBM Watson, playing chess or jeopardy isn't a sign of intelligence, merely having a finite world where all input and output is predictable because there are know unknowns. bpo, operations are full of unknowns and no AI has ever succeeded in handling unknowns. if the philippine companies want to stay relevant they should adopt the tech specifically to increace human efficiency

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Posted in: Democrats win bitter Virginia governor's race in setback for Trump See in context

sorry to deflate the left wing fantasy about a trump backlash. Virginia was already run by a Democrat and replaced by a Democrat. that's hardly evidence of, some sort of backlash. new Jersey is a Marxist Democrat blue state. Chris Christie was an outlier, new Jersey going back to their Marxist left wing is normal not evidence of anything against trump. so dems have one extra governorship of the small minority they had, not a factor. there is no story here at all, except the left wing trying to convince itself they we're too stupid to beat trump last year.

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Posted in: 3 million Americans carry a handgun daily: study See in context

And so what, 1 to 3% of people and all of them likely law abiding because the millions of criminals are not likely in a poll. The 20% of the world wide Muslim population are terrorists or want to be. That’s 0ver 200 million psycho jihadists also carrying guns and other weapons all of whom ready and willing to kill. Talk about a pointless study

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Posted in: Trump tells Paris, Berlin to 'keep making money' via trade with Tehran See in context

Trump likely realizes the deal is pointless as is the EU. It takes significant ignorance to pretend arms restrictions agreements have no value, as the League of Nations discovered with hitler, Italy and Japan all ignoring the non proliferation of war and the battleship restriction treaties. The only countries who would honor treaties like that, are ones you wouldn’t have to make the treaty with. The deal itself is ridiculous, it just lets Iran build anyway only with the help of the left wingers and a nice infusion of Obama’s cash taken from taxpayers

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Posted in: How hate speech can harm your brain See in context

too bad the author didn't actually comment in the real perpetrators of hate speech. it is the, Left wing, the Democrat party side of America which is filled with hate, derision and vitriol with the occasional riot filled with property damage and assault when their hate speech is too deep

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Posted in: Trump hits back at late night shows critical of Republicans See in context

the problem is there is nothing funny about Democrats, so equal time won't matter. they are socialists, their actions for, 8 years under Obama, have Iran nukes, set loose a terror army, caused the great recession, set the world on the brink of world, war and restarted female slave industries in north Africa. Democrats follow the socialist ideology which has caused destitution, misery and death around the world for a century, there is, simply nothing to make jokes about the left. equal time sure but how depressing it would, be.

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Posted in: Trump's plan to slash U.S. global health funding would be huge setback See in context

how about the US tax payer is not responsible for the health of every other person on earth. the statement this money "helps" other governments do it on their own is ridiculous. if they are taking us taxpayer money they are not doing it on their own. here is a new plan. all these other countries could evolve to the, 21St century, get rid of their centuries old nonsense traditions, which let's chieftains or other old families rule, as tyrants, adopt s modern economy with dome modern economic laws, try a bit of liberty and then perhaps these other countries would not be 3rd world and could, pay for their own problems.

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Posted in: Trump insists on 'America First.' Who will follow? See in context

trump actually said each country should put itself first while respecting the right of every other country to do the same. this will work as long as politicians are honest. this doesn't work normally because the entire political class in every nation is colluding to use international trade and diplomacy as, a means, to get money and power. fun by how that works, the world would be at peace and prospering if the politicians just stopped being the greedy parasites they are.

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Posted in: Trump’s silence on climate change, human rights and Russia speaks volumes See in context

the author of the, article is clearly confused. trumps speech was about real international issues primarily around the, UN itself and the left wing wannabe world government. he's right, nations cooperating will achieve peace, not a socialist UN world government. he did mention human rights, the fact the UN council on human rights, the thing made to protect rights is filled with a variety of countries from the middle east, north Africa and central Asia who to this day, openly have slave industries and commit horrors, against women yet are on this council of human rights hypocrisy. there is nothing to mention about Russia. red Putin took Crimea, arguably Russian, yes he is interfering in Ukraine. because Putin knows the, UN is potent, trump knows there is not much you can do with a country holding 10000 nukes. China also, may be an antagonist but is not with mentioning, when the real problems, are socialism and and islamic government and groups. Russia imaginary meddling in a us election is just leftvwing nonsense, why mention that. so called climate change is a financial scam, sorry author but there is no science there to deny, and certainly no reason yo mention it. what is truly irritating authors like this one and the rest of the left wing is, trump called out the scam their UN really is and explicitly described left wingets vaunted socialism for the destructive failure it really is. the left wing ideology of socialist tyranny was exposed with reality, something the left never thought would happen and this is truly what is upsetting the left wing and the entire government class.

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Posted in: California suing to block Trump border wall See in context

lol, it is always amusing watching the moron left wing socialists running California make their pathetic attempts at nothing to seem like they, are doing something and do it based on their deluded interpretation of reality. the constitution does in fact state federal law supersedes state law. and the left wings own guy Bill Clinton already signed the law to build the, wall way back in the 1990s and both Clinton and Bush built some of that wall already. so as usual the left wing is making noise to pretend to do something, when in fact they are doing nothing. meanwhile those,same California Democrats are raking in billions for themselves off that high speed train to and from nowhere..

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Posted in: Trump's North Korea threats leave Asia puzzled See in context

what is confusing? there is a psychopath tyrant threatening to invade, south Korea, sink Japan and burn America to the ground. threats backed up by lobbying missiles over the islands of Japan, a country the US has, stated has full protection. trump made it clear, north Korea, will be, wiped out should it try to make good on it's own threats. not only is that generally the policy for decades, China recently stated if North Korea does in fact attack the, US or it's, allies, China, will stand aside for the inevitable response, which is, wiping out north Korea. the only confused people, are left, singers with their doublethink goggles on who think north Korean threats are peaceful and, reasonable and the response should be to placate in the hope he doesn't nuke anyone

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Posted in: Trump criticizes U.N. for bloated bureaucracy, mismanagement See in context

the best part of the speech was trump specifically declaring socialism/communism is an proven failure and always brings devastation wherever it's tried.

and the UN being finally put on notice for being the useless bureaucracy it really is. the UN is following the same insane diplomatic ideologies of the league of nations,which resulted in ww2 and 80 mlion dead to resolve. the idea violent tyrants and groups can run around raping, enslaving and mass murdering with the UN offering legitimacy and protection to these animals. Notice, every group or country committing violence and still exists is protected by the UN. notice, everywhere so called UN peacekeeping occurs results in perpetual states of war, refugee camps and well over half the worlds countries running open UN tacitly protected slave industries. it is the UN which allows some tyrant to take actions like a coordinate a terror act or lobbying missiles over Japan. there is no value to a UN which can't mitigate countries and groups doing hitler level atrocities but instead says they are legitimate .

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Posted in: World leaders face crises in N Korea and Myanmar at U.N. See in context

the North Korea situation will have one outcome, it will be wiped out. The only questions are will the left leaning UN and world governments sacrifice people in Japan, South Korea or other places waiting for an attack, or wipe them out before they kill people.

mysnmar is interesting because we have a former totalitarian regime, which moderately changed saying Muslim militants killedpeople and refugees invading countries. Considering nearly every other war, terrorist activities and militants killing people are also Muslim militants , it's difficult to believe the refugees in this story.

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Posted in: Will China turn off North Korea's oil? See in context

considering China is basically giving the oil away, there is no way the NORKs could pay for it, there is one factor not considered in the, article.

once the oil is cut off or any other, equally damaging action happens, the NORKs could decide Beijing is a nuclear test ground. China certainly knows it would win any war with the puny country but why would China want to smack a nuclear wasp nest and feel the nuclear sting in their capital. so I don't blame them for hesitating. what should be done was formerly called the bush doctrine, pre-emptive strike. regardless of Saddam having weapons or not, Kim hung un does have them, he's making blatant threats of destruction and lobbying test missiles. just wipe the cretin country out. if China was smart, they would do the wiping if they want to keep the US military from going active a few hundred miles from Beijing.

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Posted in: Philippines' Duterte says dictator Marcos is a 'hero' See in context

democracy is not the, actual form of government of the most politically free, it is, representative republics which offer the best option to protect freedom, so far. Democracy is a tyranny by the mob of people, where 50.01% can dictate slavery on the, 49.99.%. generally democracy, rule by purely unchecked popular vote is how many socialist tyrannies take power without outright violence.

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Posted in: 15 states, DC sue Trump administration over ending DACA See in context

these lawsuits prove the complainers are just playing politics. the program is still in place for 6 months, so a legitimate lawsuit would be one to force Congress to pass a real law. the fact they are not forcing Congress but instead are suing trump means their complaint has no legitimacy.

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Posted in: Britain says it cannot be blackmailed by EU over exit bill See in context

The EU parasites still dont get why Brexit happened. They are parasites proven by the fact that money and paying off the overlord is a central issue to the brussels leeches. Britian could just as easily demand money for what was lost due to the incompetence of Brussels.

In the end the UK will fare well, getting back to real trade without an extra unnecessary bureaucracy in the way. The EU, will slowly crumble under the weight of its own incompetence and greed. The bottom line is europe did not need an overlord government of freeloading politicians and the sooner it is shut down the better it will be for everyone.

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Posted in: N Korea warns Japan of 'imminent self-destruction' See in context

I guess the NORKS want yo be colonized by China. Beijing might not like the US or Japan but Beijing has even less interest in losing half their economy which will happen if Japan or the US are hit and China probably doesn't want the US or Japan roaming around north Korea with active militaries. so the question should be is the UN going to negotiate with China to unify Korea or will the, UN allow China to increase it's territory.

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Posted in: North Korea's missile launch: Why Japan? See in context

north Korea is not playing g in reality but from their insane perspective, Japan appears to be an easy target to threaten for the, appearance of slapping at America. the flaw in their misguided I sanity is America will absolutely protect Japan, Kim and his followers probably think the USA will hesitate and they mistakes believe Japanese pacifism means they won't defend themselves. Japan has proven it's ability to wage war. but none of this will happen. China does not want an active american or Japanese army on it's northeast border within striking distance of Beijing and China doesn't want to watch half it's GNP disappear because of some clown in Pyongyang.

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Posted in: Is North Korea winning deterrence war with U.S.? See in context

nice try but this speculation is nonsense. north Korea will not survive a war. apparently the author forgot Saddam Hussein, another who authors like this speculated the massive army, so called Republican guard and unlimited oil money would easily withstand the US military and Saddam's military lasted 5 minutes. the only reason the US has not wiped out these clowns yet is China and Russia. as well as our allies there, Japan, south Korea, Taiwan and Philippines are all far more likely targets or accidental hits and it would be wrong of the US to provoke this kind of danger to them. the other fact the author fails to include is China and Russia are note likely to wipe out north Korea before it escalates. neither country wants an active US military right there, especially China, so near it's capital. plus if China allows north Korea to hit any city, their own, Japan, south Korea or the US, China loses about half their economy as trade would be disrupted , China is just not going to let this pointless country eliminate half their gnp. north Korea will not survive a war and even their posturing is enough to provoke China, this nonsense, will end soon with north Korea put down.

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Posted in: Right-wing gathering in San Francisco fizzles out amid crackdown See in context

why would the legitimate right wing do anything in San Francisco ? it is so violently left wing in that area they practically have posters of chairman Mao and Vladimir Lenin hanging off buildings. plus after left wingers had that violent riot against Republican voters last year, where they assaulted people including that scene where some men held a female trump supporter against a hotel glass wall, beat her and the hotel would not let her in or help, why would anyone not a left wing Marxist go anywhere near that area.

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Posted in: Civil war lessons often depend on where the classroom is See in context

the issue for the south was slavery, all of the, states, who published causes of secession stated it. however, this article is guilty of a bit of revision. it never states the south was in fact the Democrat party going to war to keep slaves, something left out in history books, this article also links today's conservatives to the Confederacy, by stating Davis mentions small government implying today's conservative is racist and supported Davis. a complete fabrication. so if you write an article pointing out how education is teaching misinformation, don't spread your own misinformation.

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Posted in: Here's what to do with reviled statues See in context

there is nothing wring with removing monuments and statues it's the method which needs to be considered. if the elected government chooses to remove and it's done with a typical project and crew great, in America, Europe, Japan and other places this is civilized. it's when mobs of angry fools have itched battles about it, protests, use ropes to rip it down, this is unacceptable. in the Charlottesville case, even more so because the violent fascists who want to keep it, sneak for no one and the equally violent Communist anti fascists also speak for no one and their desires are not relevant in any society. the reasons could be what the London politician suggests, why keep monuments in prominent places when no one even knows them. but the reason for removing Confederate statues is valid too because these statues represent a false narrative. these statues are generating a seriously flawed country. and the men in it are not men to be venerated. General Lee was not a great man, in the, end he chose to support slavery, miss placed "honor" for his, state rather than honor the unalienable right to liberty of slaves. you can't claim to be against slavery then lead a, war to keep it and be venerated as a great man. this is, a false history and, should be removed. still people do have, a right to form a city and erect statues of their choosing. replacing old ones of long dead, and forgotten is OK as is keeping statues of a, false history. that, way other people know who it is living in an area. thanks to this, article I now know Italy is not worth visiting if they are too stupid to remove the fascist monuments and chose to pretend they are Roman. I'm not visiting, areas of the southern US where they believe the confederation should be lauded. so let them keep the, statues so the, rest if us know, where to avoid going. at the, same time if people, want to change out their monuments, they should be able too. we can only hope they won't generate, some other false history when they erect new monuments.

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Posted in: Van plows into crowd in Barcelona, killing 13, injuring over 100; another bomb plot foiled See in context

and still the left wing socialists running the, UN and EU want everyone to think these terrorists are somehow victims of western civilization and if we just stopped being Westerners, they would stop trying to exterminate everyone

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Posted in: Citizens of many U.S. allies trust Putin more than Trump See in context

lol NATO countries, those citizens are allowing their own politicians to let a terror army roam around Europe killing people while letting their economies, collapse and restricting freedom more and more, clearly those people, are not reliable thinkers, considering Putin invaded Ukraine and threatens to cut Europe off from gas and oil supplies. to bad the, article doesn't explain what trump did to them. of course the Europeans also gave Obama a peace prize preemptively even though Obama started 8 Arab spring wars. Japan and south Korea, I've been to both, even speak Japanese and I seriously doubt they said, anything, being polite people I seriously doubt they would voice opinions like this. especially Japan considering Russia is occupying 4 Japanese islands.

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Posted in: For electric cars to take off, they'll need place to charge See in context

this article is correct. I have had my plug in hybrid for over a year and only one time twice was I able to use, a charger. once, St the, airport where I was paying for parking. the, second a charge station where the price per hour was more than gasoline where I'm at in California, assuming the full charge range in miles compared to the gallons needed to do the, same range. I've seen charging stations but they are almost always in inconvenient areas. wither behind paid parking at a mall or some out of, the, way back lot making walking in 100 degree, weather more than too much when it is, 100 yard in heat or rain. the few stations in convenient locations in areas you don't have to pay to park, are almost always in use because there are too few. but I think having changeable batteries would, be better. gas stations could, expand to battery service centers where you pay to have your dead battery pulled and a fully charged installed, much like propane tanks for grills happens. only the cars would have to be engineered for facilitating a service man changing batteries.

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