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Posted in: Any Korean war could quickly escalate to catastrophe See in context

there won't be a Korean war. Kim is about as ridiculous as Saddam Hussein and the result of Kim's mother of all wars would be the Sam as Saddam, about 15 minutes and done. but it won't get that far. China is not going to allow this cretin in north Korea to wipe out a third of the Chinese economy, which would happen as commerce is interrupted. and if that isn't incentive enough neither China nor Russia want the US military parked on their border, fully active and occupying. there won't be a war and even if it happened it wont be we2 level destruction.

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Posted in: Leaked Trump transcripts the latest risk to U.S. diplomacy See in context

so no crime or any evidence of wrongdoing on trumps part just the typical government employee with zero ethics and committing a felony. either incarcerate the leaker or let Chelsea the wannabe girl Manning out of prison. He leaked diplomatic communication and went to prison so should these asinine government employees who believe they, are justified in committing crimes because their Marxist leader Hillary didn't get in.

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Posted in: Fox News hit with new charges to its credibility See in context

lmao. it is quite amusing reading a left winger create paragraphs of nonsense to complain about fake news at fox news, knowing the left wing is only fake news, CNN, new your times, the guardian... and all others but set that amusement aside for this, article. paragraphs off mention of every left wing nonsense story rolled into one on a claim about fox news pushing fake news and not one piece of evidence. I'm not saying it isn't true but is it really that hard to investigate fox news websites, articles, videos and copies to show if the clowns claim is true? do the lack of anyone posting the offending material cost of says it's all nonsense. it's fox news, their stuff is published. so if you ate not showing it, it must not exist.

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Posted in: Creators behind 'Game of Thrones' stir race controversy with 'Confederate' See in context

it will flop like other history rewrites, like nazis winning. the, reason it will flop is hinted at in this article. America is not still grappling with the after effects of slavery. that is a total fantasy. any problems today are the effects of liberalism and left wing policies, starting with left wing segregation and still occurring with left, wing welfare, which keeps many African Americans poor. Yet, this new, show will attempt to claim today's America is, what would have happened. they will also rewrite the villains. the, real Gillian's, the Democratic party and it's, slave. holders, who moved to segregation and socialism will be written in as would be heroes, if they won, today's would would not be bad. and the heroes of the civil war, Republicans who actually formed to end, slavery, will be rewritten as the slave owners who won in this, fantasy world. this is not fantasy or entertainment, which is, why it will flop. I could be wrong but other attempts to speculate if the bad guys won, always try to make the real left wing villians into the fantasy heroes , nazis, are socialists, just another left, wing group but are portrayed, as right wingers in history rewrites and the show fails. maybe they will do a real story, start with real the Democrats won and then speculate but I doubt that is the plan

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Posted in: It's time for liberals to fight back around the world See in context

it's time for liberals to give up on their failed Marxist ideology. the socialism liberals love so much has killed at least 200 million people has made destitute a few billion more people and has resulted in the creation of numerous failed countries and even a few dystopian societies. and this is just the last 100 years. Add in the feudalism of which socialism evolved from and the misery extends back centuries. the, world is, tired of liberal elites constantly oppressing people to sate the greed of a parasite class.

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Posted in: Trump's son-in-law says he met Russians 4 times, but denies collusion See in context

let's try to help the simpleton left wingers. when you make fake accusations and fake stories there had to be at least a plausible faked crime. Colluded to do What? being on the same planet as Russians and talking to a few is not an actual crime. there has to be a what, like Hillary colluding with a number of people and Russians to facilitate the sale of American uranium companies to Russia as a service provided for "donations" to the Clinton foundation. so until someone fabricates an actual crime, there is no story, not even a fake story.

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Posted in: Trump unlikely to avoid blame for health care loss See in context

trump isn't avoiding blame, there is no blame for him to avoid. the Republicans are the incompetents in this one. Trump merely has to wait them out because trump already killed obummercare. he used the powers in obamacre to stop funding insurance, stop the IRS from collecting on the mandate and eased all of the rules involved. obamacre itself is collapsing on it's own because it was never more than a massive Democrat financial scam. when it collapses all that will happen is people who lost insurance under obamacare will regain that insurance offsetting others who will lose, again with the net result of 10% of population didn't have insurance before obamacare, 10% still don't have it under obamacate and 10% still won't have it after obamacare. Republicans look like morons because they are not following through their harping hmfir 8 years but the, reason they are, failing is, they want to get a piece of the obsmacare scam for themselves and cantvagree on how, to screw everyone. trump again holds the, cards as their scamming is, so obvious, he just needs to wait them out. there is no blame for trump to avoid, it isn't him.

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Posted in: Maduro foes: Over 7 million vote in Venezuelan referendum See in context

Left wing socialism@work destroying yet another country and adding more deaths to the 200 million already dead from socialism in the last 100 years. pay attention because most if the world governments, especially the Democratic party in the US, the UN itself, most of the European countries, most Asian, African and south American countries are all on the socialist path. the world, wide political class wants to establish socialism, just like Venezuela and we can expect a similar result.

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Posted in: As G-20 splits on key issues, Japan faces delicate balancing act See in context

amusing how the article bashes America first when it's the job of every world leader to put their respective country first. if they are not, they should be voted out. Japan has no balancing act, north Korea is a real problem, Paris accords meant to help propagate the global warming financial scam are irrelevant.

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Posted in: G-20 shut Trump out on climate, strike deal on trade See in context

left wing media can be amusing. I'll try to keep it simple. you can't be "shut out" from a scam. being a victim of the global warming financial scam is not actually a goal. so the tools who are going along with this, scam are either imbeciles or they are in on the scam, considering how much power and money can result from the scam, it's likely they are in on it.

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Posted in: Violence-marred G-20 summit heads into final day See in context

anti capitalist? anti freedom is a better phrase but call these violent parasites what they are. left wing socialists, Marxist wannabes doing what socialists always do which is resort to violence when Free people refuse to be pillaged by these parasites.

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Posted in: EU, Japan officials seal trade agreement See in context

actually merkel and the rest of the left wing, it is your ridiculous socialist policies which pick winners and losers. Free trade doesn't actually require elaborate trade deals. what elaborate trade deals, are for is do politicians can ensure they control trade, suck money off of it and ensure their own citizens are restricted from pool participating directly in the globalized economy. trump is for regular people being in the economy, merkel is for globalization which is a political class concept designed to screw the people of the world for the financial benefit of the political class.

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Posted in: Republican health plan in peril as 22 mil set to lose coverage See in context

and got real news. Obamacare caused more than 22 million to lose their insurance, not that the media, will admit it, So even if this happens, the net result us 30 million who lost it under Obamacare, will get their insurance back, for a net gain. Bottom line though is, 22, 30 million this is less than 10% of the population and this 10% never had insurance. they didn't, before or, after obamacare and they still won't have it. on the plus, side, 90% of the population who saw, deductibles triple, premiums, go up, will actually see these drop again. only total moron socialists think taxing 300 million people in the name of, 22 million to get 20 times more than they need to line government pockets is, a good idea, that is obamacare, may even be, Republican care, proving all of it should be junked.

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Posted in: The democracy deficit See in context

tthere is no democracy deficit, America is not a democracy. the founders, of America we're against rule by mob of people. Pure democracy is, as much a tyranny as socialism, aristocracy, theocracy and most other tyrannical type governments. if anything trump getting elected and Brexit have proven real normal people still do have some power to curtail and smack down the political class elites. this, author is confusing the, rejection of the progressive, agenda of the political class as a failure of democracy.

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Posted in: France's Macron hits out at Russian media; Putin denies hacking See in context

tthe moron left wing socialists in Europe and America might want to reconsider constantly attempting to blame Russia for everything they don't like happening.

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Posted in: Trump's son-in-law had undisclosed contacts with Russian envoy: 7 sources See in context

iis there any real news? nothing in this, article is real. they can't even get the correct, t names down for Russian colluders, since it was Obama with the, reset button. who collided to let Russia invade, a couple of nations and it was Hillary and her people colluding with Russia to make money of off allowing Russia to buy American uranium companies

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Posted in: Daiwa considers moving some UK staff to Frankfurt ahead of Brexit See in context

iin the end they won't move. London is and has been one of the financial capitals for 1000 years and the business of being the gateway between the world and the euro won't change. plus anyone in finance has to realize if they land their money in the, EU, the negative interest, transaction taxes and regulations will cost far more than dealing with brexit results.

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Posted in: Trump arrives in Saudi Arabia as troubles mount at home See in context

aafter 8 years of Obama backing Iran, funding Isis into existing and helping basically tyrants and, enemies, while, damaging relationships, with allies and at least not enemies like, Saudi, it's good trump is getting some of these, alliances back to useful. the "troubles at home" is, all fabricated news, yellow journalism. other than perhaps trump not delivering wow, factor results, quickly, there is no other issue. the faked Russian ties nonsense, is fake, it, was Hillary who had Russian ties. comet is a buffoon, proven by his buffoonery starting in Feb 2016 when announcing a Hillary investigation, letting her off the hook for her felonies, then again just before the election with reopening the case, yet again, when he magically went through 600k emails to let her off the hook again and since a series of statements and claims only a buffoon would make. so his testifying is irrelevant, unless you want entertainment.

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Posted in: Trump facing a crisis he can't manage with tweet or taunt See in context

Crisis which cant be managed? Lol wow the left wing and the media especially are completely living in a fantasy. There are no trump ties to russia. There is no scandal or controversy. Appointing a special prosecute on Nothing will result in nothing. What is amazing is how much fire the left wing is willing to play with. As they accuse trump of nefarious crimes with russia based on the fact his people were on the same landmass as russians and made some phone calls, the left has forgotten the very real criminal activity with hillary and her people with Russia. Specifically, the sale of an american uranium processing company to Russia, where the clinton foundation received a "donation" to purchase secretary of state hillary's approval and how Hillary's guy John Podesta had stock on the company, made money and then attempted to hide this investment by signing the stock over to his daughter. This is russian ties and the left is risking someone investigating this because at the end of the trump investigation, a couple of phone calls from trumps team is not a crime and leads to no crime, so the procecutor will need to hang someone and the best criminal russian ties to get a conviction from are Hillary's ties.

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Posted in: Is free speech fading at U.S. colleges? Some defenders think so See in context

Absolutely. The american democratic party has fully embraced a marxist progressive ideology, which requires restrictions on thought to be successfully implemented. Listed specifically in the communist manifesto as something to place under complete government control to ensure indoctrination. Additionally communication is also listed as requiring government control to ensure only approved thought occurs. The democat party did in fact achieve both goals. Education is 100% controlled by government. It is either owned directly or for private colleges, so heavily regulated the are all under the control of government, especially the curriculum and 90% of all education industry employees are democrats or follow the progressive ideology.

What is insidious though is the government has not created a law restricting free speech. What the democrats and their media have done is caused people to do the restriction. The left wing democrat followers show up at speaking events and violently assault innocent people, riot and do property damage and terrorize everyone to the point other people just stay away, with the effect of censorship being achieved without a government law. The only action to take is to reject the education industry, just stop using it and put all students into the very few places where this kind of tyranny by mob rule isnt happening. The government has failed though. The primary directive for the government is found in the declaration of independence. All rights are self evident, including the right to free speech and it is the duty of government to secure the rights of the individual. Protesters who assault and riot to prevent speech should be fined and jailed for infringing on the rights of others. Because there is one other action occurring on campuses, which is Forcing people to have to listen to the speech of the left wing democrats. It is one thing to assault someone for their speaking, it is even worse to riot, assault and restrict peoples freedoms because they wont listen to your crazy nonsense. Colleges are in fact forcing people to listen to the speech they promote, while at the same time blocking speech they dont approve of and the enforcers are other people, not government agents.

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Posted in: Japan may become 4.5 C hotter if no anti-global warming steps taken See in context

eeasily fixed, since this fabricated rise in temperature is only happening in the rigged computer models, just change the code or variables to match the real world and the models will be fixed.

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Posted in: Acting FBI head undercuts White House claims on Comey, probe See in context

Is there any relevant news? A fool bureaucrat was fired because he proved himself incompetent multiple times in 2016 and oh yeah, presidents do in fact fire people, it happens.

Since there, are no "trump ties" to Russia, there is no story there, you can't cover up something which didn't happen.

he,said this, he said that group of adjectives to describe subjective feelings about what is significant, non story.

Here is one, where is the FBI investigation inti the, DNC selling political appointments for donations ? How, about the ties to hillarys people, since her guy john podesta had, stock in the uranium company Hillary facilitated the, sale of and took bribe money into the Clinton foundation for it? Any FBI look into the 100s of billions Obama sent yo Iran to fund their nukes? Also purchased from Russia.

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Posted in: Outcry over Netflix films prompts Cannes to change rules See in context

France doesn't allow streaming for 3 years? And apparently a good movie is defined by the form of distribution as opposed to content, plot, acting or directing. Good by Cannes, if you can't move into the 21St century, then expect to become part of the history of the 20th century

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Posted in: Europe dodges a bullet, but far right dangers remain See in context

EEurope dodged a bullet? What a joke. Europe just stepped in front of that bullet and the EU is over. Each of those countries will collapse under thecweaight of debt, parasites from Brussels and invading fake refugees committing crimes. The UK will be fine because of brexit, the non euro countries will survive and Germany will make it out. France is going to be Greece on steroids.

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Posted in: Music labels explore new business in age of streaming See in context

HHow about this business opportunity, sell Japanese published music to the 300 million plus population of America. All that takes is opening up the music to the American online stores like iTunes or Amazon and while CDs still sell, start selling. Considering how babymetal charted high on the American billboard, it's clear Americans, will buy. Imagine that , music publishers just not being fools would, rake in millions in sales, all lost because executives can't get it together.

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Posted in: Norway races Australia to fulfil Japan's hydrogen society dream See in context

Interesting how hydrogen is called a clean fuel when it isnt. It must be produced and it takes massive amounts of chemicals or other energy to make it, which means hydrogen isn't clean, just maybe less dirty. Even the use of wind or damns requires massive amounts of equipment and material to make it work and the production of the, equipment isn't clean.

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Posted in: Elon Musk on mission to link human brains with computers in 4 years See in context

Certainly linking tech to biology is inevitable and likely good. Though musk seems to have some incorrect information. A single human brain is 1000s of times faster than the power of every computer combined. Whoever Musk is talking too seems to forget the human brain is simultaneously doing millions of computations to not only do the, slow interface of speech but also keep that human body, alive, balanced, keeping the 5 senses processing thousands of bits of information a millisecond, while contemplating and speaking. Also, just as with anything, two humans an learn to interact so completely, it takes a mere glance to conver complex thoughts and humans can learn so much about another, they don't have to communication as one, would know the others thoughts based on stimulus. Another not quite right fact is this magical godlike machine learning. That will never be true as long as computers remain based on binary math. Machine learning doesn't learn, it merely looks, for repetition. On it's own it could not beat a field mouse in learning something new. Artificial intelligence is still only artificial. Algorithms around already known information and rules is not the, same as a human being able to construct the information with minimal inp

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Posted in: Studies question autism link to antidepressants in pregnancy See in context

This is why "studies " are not science, they are nonsense. I know personally this is not in anyway true. I know at least 3 dozen mother's of autistic children some close relatives and not one was ever on an anti depressant at any age, nor the father's. Maybe anti depressants cause problems but it isn't autism.

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Posted in: Global finance officials argue benefits of free trade See in context

The fact these clowns think it's a debate means they are not for free, trade. Read any so called free trade deal and the only free part is how freely the politicians use these, agreements to siphon money for themselves and, establish controls and restrictions to ensure governments get loads of money and power, by extension friends of government. Note they claim to be for "those left behind" only they are not left behind, the so called free trade agreements always totally block an individual trading his labor. A, regular guy can't just go to a country and work, labor is blocked from free trade followed by the same regular guy who might have a, small business can't participate either in the global economy because again the so called free trade blocks or is so expensive it may as well block the, small business. The only people to blame for the little guy left behind, would be the very parasite officials, debating g what to do about it. Free trade is, easy, both countries allow, any trade, no restrictions and this includes the individual being able to work in the other country, trading his labor. Anything less than this, is, not free trade, it is just the government class scamming to feed it's own greed.

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Posted in: Japanese heavy metal band denied U.S. entry; club cites Trump policy See in context

Well definitely some kind of fake news. Trumps polices have not been enacted and none of them affected Japan. Plus, Japanese citizens do not need to apply for a visa, Japan is one of the Visa Waiver Program countries. So sorry this is fake news for the entry. These guys could come to the US anytime, As to working on an entertainment visa, same thing. There is simply no policy by Trump which has an effect on Visas from Japan. Someone is reading to many left wing fake news media. What probably has happened is the club involved wants to bail, has a contract they dont want to pay up on and is trying to use trump as an excuse to get out of paying for the contract.

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