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Posted in: Bosses uptight over newbies' ignorance of phone protocol See in context

The system is inherently wrong! Something in this country has to change. Unfortunately no-one is willing to try, due to the myopic personality of most Japanese and the incesent beuracracy. They wonder why the economy has been suffering for over twenty years. This is a perfect example.

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Posted in: Osim, Troussier to assist Japan in bid for World Cup See in context

Japan have about as much chance of getting it as they do in getting the 2016 olympics...oh they failed! well here's to more bad news! P.S. Japan had it eight years ago, its not like they're being greedy! I guess they like bad news or are proud of coming 4th 5th or lower.

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Posted in: 16 security cameras installed on Akihabara streets See in context

Congratulations, As usual japanese quick respone time. Only 1 and a half years later! What its japan! You have to have 3 meetings do the paperwork, another few meetings alittle more paperwork and then "tabun" maybe.

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Posted in: Women's sock thief busted in Nara See in context

What it's winter, the guy was obviously cold.

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Posted in: Man arrested after killing wife, 2 children in Osaka See in context

Just another normal day in Japan. I would love to know the % of abnormal, unstable and just plain mentally screwed up individuals there are in this country.

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