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Posted in: Confirmed new coronavirus infections in Japan now 1,528, including cruise ship cases See in context

It's too soon to determine the true mortality rate world wide. If you look at Italy right now, the numbers are just horrible (24,747 confirmed and 1,809 deaths)... that's 7.3%!!!

Then take a look at South Korea who opened the floodgates on testing... 8,162 confirmed and only 75 deaths... All in all, that LESS than 1%

Of course, there's no cure. But, if anything it shows that medical attention to at least treat the symptoms gives the body a better fighting chance!

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Posted in: Abe says no need yet for emergency declaration; Tokyo Olympics still on See in context

Japan continues its downward trend. Good Job! That what gives,

@Caliboy I'm not able to tell if you are really serious, but it's called "lack of testing". Korea is testing at 10K tests a day, while Japan has only conducted about 12K testing in the past two months! It's a very simple equation, if Japan opens up the floodgates as other countries have done and tests the population.

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Posted in: Trump first foreign leader to call for postponing Tokyo Olympics See in context

Postponing the olympics is definitely a good call. Japan needs the world to come and spend the money to make up for the total expenditures that as of Dec 31 were estimated at ¥1.35 trillion ($12.7 Billion). That figure is divided between Tokyo (¥597 billion), the Japanese organizing committee (¥603 billion), and the Central Gov't (¥150 billion) --

These numbers are 10 times the original budget! (and they don't account for all the businesses that paid an estimated ¥384 billion in sponsorships through 2019).

On the heals of some super unfortunate expenses for Japan (such as Typhoon Hagibis) and a stupid tax hike that ended up dampening consumer spending so much that the GDP for Q4 fell negative -- and now the 1st Quarter is most definitely going to end up negative...

The only move that makes any sense would be a postponement. Anything else would be tripping over dollars to pickup pennies (or maybe it should be "tripping over yen to pick up yennies"?) :grin:

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Posted in: Abe requests event cancellations for 10 more days See in context

Testing is not a solution to virus containment

@noriahojanen -- Taken at face-value your comment would be correct, however Testing leads to awareness, and awareness leads to containment. The guy who tested positive and went bar-hopping right after -- perfect case of the stupidity that occurs when the general populous considers it "not that big of a deal"

Right now, the vast majority of the country still thinks this is just a Hokkaido issue, or that it's about to "blow over". Largely due to the fact that our case numbers are being kept artificially low. If they open the testing floodgates and the country quickly realizes just how severe things are -- That will be the road to containment.

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Posted in: Abe requests event cancellations for 10 more days See in context


Unfortunately, you should be using actual statistics that the Ministry of Health has released as opposed to these random domains that have loosely-verifiable connections.

You'll note that the spreadsheet and nothing else on the site provides any justification to the 9600 figure.

The link I provided above is coming straight from the proverbial "horse's mouth" in terms of the current state of Japan's data... Hard to believe that the Ministry of Health would be less aware than a site where the domain was secured less than 30 days ago (2/14/2020 - via "namecheap" - lol)

Admittedly, these "trackers" are lovely for the folks here that don't speak/read Japanese (this one is certainly drawing traffic/marketing value to the kid (Shane Reustle https://reustle.co/) who just put his own domain online a year prior.

But for those of us that do speak/read Japanese... Going to the source is much more reliable in the long-run

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Posted in: Abe requests event cancellations for 10 more days See in context

Incorrect, statistics are measured as a percentage of the population.

@Burning Bush -- Re-read what I wrote -- Eventually you will be able to calculate by population, but at this stage there are several factors that make it impossible. This is just a fundamental part of Statistics.

I'm also guessing that you don't have a mathematical background otherwise you would see immediately that the "uncertainty" principle makes it impossible at this stage to do the calculation, as we haven't achieved a proper "population" (in the mathematical sense of statistics) to use 100,000 as a divisor.

Quoting stats measurements when you have no idea what you are talking about just makes you look really really dumb.

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Posted in: Abe requests event cancellations for 10 more days See in context

I'm still curious where y'all are getting the number 9600???

The most recent posting on the Ministry of Health Website (7th article down for today) actually states 8711 test as of 6pm on the 9th... That's about 900 tests less than what people are quoting. Is this another media generated estimate? You can always check directly here (and use Google Translate if you don't read Japanese):


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Posted in: Abe requests event cancellations for 10 more days See in context

And infection rate in a given population is derived by dividing the number of confirmed infections by the total population of the target area.

@Burning Bush -- I'm sorry, but this is wrong. (and Wikipedia as your source is pretty much a known fail on every level).

I'm guessing you are new in Japan and don't read/speak the language, but the ACTUAL current status facts are available here: https://www.mhlw.go.jp/stf/houdou/houdou_list_202003.html

Most notably, the first article for TODAY (March 10th) puts us at 567 domestic infections confirmed in Japan. The 7th article indicates that as of March 9th @ 6pm, only 8771 tests had been administered.

As it stands, the math is # of infections / # of tests performed. You cannot estimate per 100,000 individuals at this stage, as you don't have a proper statistical sampling. Eventually you WILL be able to use the population in your analysis, but as it stands we don't have a mathematical frame of reference to accurately get there.

This is Statistics 101. You need to apply sample size because you only have a limited known confidence level and width. Until that time, you have to properly account for "uncertainty".

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Posted in: Gov't unveils zero-interest loan scheme for firms hit by virus See in context

Seems to me the paying back bill should be coordinated and agreed upon by the country who started this in the first place.

@rgcivilian1 -- I can't tell if you are really serious with this statement?

The virus running amuck right now in Japan is largely of Japan's own doing. If you've followed closely, there's been one stupid mishap after another here in Japan. Many Japanese nationals returning from China have brought back the virus. We've let people "refuse" testing and quarantine. As usual, Japan was ridiculously slow to take action and now it's everywhere.

Plus, from the onset through Mar 4th Japan has ONLY done 8,111 tests (meanwhile So. Korea is doing 10K tests a day presently - hence their big numbers). Here in Japan, we don't know just how bad it really is because nobody has opened the testing floodgates as of yet. (and they probably won't).

So, as we continue to do dumb things here in Japan, it's really not like you can just go claiming reparations from the source with a straight face.

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Posted in: Out of school, Japanese children are isolated by coronavirus policy See in context

Comments like this always come from people who have ever raised kids. It's easy to be an expert when you don't have to do it yourself.

@commanteer - I've got 6 kids from ages 10 to 27 and I'm now a grandparent. I can honestly say @Bugle Boy of Company B is 100% on the money with his comment. Parents these days have shifted so much of their responsibility to others - never accepting blame for their bad parenting. This is even more prominent here in Japan. (I've lived split time between here and California for the past 28 years now).

I'm guessing you haven't lived here very long or you don't interact with parents and schools. The parents in Japan absolutely dread even getting involved with school activities and the PTA is considered something of a prison sentence by so many.

There are so many kids being dumped into Juku's and Hoikuen (admittedly some out of necessity) but in the end the parents just complain and blame the schools for everything. Even these days everyone is screaming about "ijime" over the stupidest stuff.

It's seriously sad to see how little parenting really happens -- those putting in real effort are just few and far between...

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Posted in: Gov't unveils zero-interest loan scheme for firms hit by virus See in context

And what’s with the patio sets in the middle of the road? Do they belong to a restaurant? They have the official logo on them. Some kind of official Tokyo rest stop for tourists?

@BurningBush -- Seriously? How can you not know about the various districts that close off roads pretty much every weekend?

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Posted in: Out of school, Japanese children are isolated by coronavirus policy See in context

Completely blows my mind. My kids go to an English school here in Okinawa and they all are on the 1:1 program with individual Chromebooks. The school shut down for all of March, but they still have to report on Google Classroom at 8:00am as we just shifted to "Online School". All subjects and classes progressing for 450 kids and the teachers have a Dashboard to see all of their students and what they have up on screen.

This isn't new by any standard... 1:1 programs have been put into place for over a decade. I'm just amazed at the nosedive the educational programs have taken here in Japan.

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Posted in: Abe: Japan must fix domestic problems before taking in refugees See in context

Are we missing the obvious? How would the proponents of taking in refugees suggest that said refugees would even be able to reach Japan? Notwithstanding reaching mainland, we are talking about a ridiculous journey or rather large expense to provide transport (let alone the costs involved with housing, education, finding gainful employment.

As an US expat myself, I wouldn't even know where to start if I didn't have a strong grasp of the language, highly marketable skills, education and a rather fat wallet.

Japan domestically has a great number of concerns (that won't be "fixed" entirely for those making ridiculous comments about the verbiage -- But that DO need attention). It's been a horrible year for rather devastating typhoons, we still have a number of economic programs that need immediate attention to the citizens of Japan whom are still making a comeback from Fukushima.

Interestingly, countries like New Zealand have added approximately 600 refugee spots as quoted by the news -- http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/71820234/new-zealand-is-to-take-an-extra-600-syrian-refugees Even more interesting is that it comes with a price tag of $50m??? At 1350 refugees in total, we are talking about an investment of $37K per person. Take the numbers with a grain of salt, but I can think of several programs in Japan that would benefit from such an investment.

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Posted in: China calls Japan's new security laws threat to regional peace See in context

China has their own problems with pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong and obvious economic woes of their own. Their response is quite typical and will be yesterdays news in short order. If Japan's passing of a bill is a threat to China than what do you call the US 7th Fleet already there? It's not as if Japan could match that in short order, it will take a great number of years.

For those that didn't read the news, Japan slammed China in July for the South China Seas base construction... http://www.ibtimes.com/south-china-sea-war-japan-slams-beijing-constructing-military-base-fiery-cross-reef-2017077 So, of course China is going to comment.

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Posted in: Netflix starts Japan service See in context

I'm signing up regardless (definitely worth the trial period). Also been doing the VPN road for a long time, but for the price (and depending on the shows/movies available) - It may be worthy to keep both accounts active. Netflix has long filled a gap for me and my family, just as many of the Japanese Dramas made their way to US Rental shops in various Mitsuwa markets...

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Posted in: Madonna to perform in Japan for first time in 10 years See in context

Who wants to place real money on the fact that she will sell out EVERY show lined up in Asia. Frankly, I'm from the era and indeed we used to sing the "no talent", "won't last" song at that time -- Here we are decades later and looking back at her you've got to give her credit for what she has accomplished. I also agree with @Sue Jones -- It seems like the trolls come out with these outlandish opinions so that they can Hate for the sake of Hating... (sad)

Likewise I've been fortunate to catch shows (in recent years) with U2, Elton John, Bowie, David Gilmour, Duran Duran, New Order... And the day I get a chance to see Danny Elfman get back with Boingo for a "reunion" -- I'm on the first flight anywhere. But, this isn't new people, lots of old stars come back and give fans a few great memories (even in Japan!)... Case in Point: Southern All Stars, SMAP, Dreams Come True... I saw a Dreams Come True with my wife in LA, and the two remaining members still put on a good show IMHO..

So just calm down, don't hate, look at it in perspective (Madonna isn't trying to build her career, but rather to give fans a taste of their youth) -- If I have the opportunity, I would attend the show as well; just for the experience.

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Posted in: Japan passes controversial security bills into law See in context

Abe is a pawn of the Americans and one task given to him was to change the SDF into the Imperial Forces. Second it is to make these forces available for America's wars. Lastly it is to destroy the Japanese economy.

You really cannot be serious? You've called Abe a Pawn, a War-Monger, and now you believe he's bent on destroying the Japanese economy? You really need to get out and learn a little more about how world politics work -- And you'll have to tell us more about "America's Wars".

Indeed the US has had it's horrible wars, but I don't recall the US having anything to do with Japan marching into China or Korea years ago. Today, for better or worse, there is fighting in the world and that fighting has implications on the worlds economy. So, you can live in a bubble and believe that nothing external to Japan has any influence or you could actually take a look around.

We are ALL intertwined globally, and the worlds affairs are no longer that of individual nations. If you have an issue with Abe, than rise up with your fellow countrymen and women and elect officials that will vote the majority of public opinion. When policies pass that make you unhappy, work with activists to find solutions and raise awareness. Otherwise, your comments come out as オバタリアン diatribes.

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Posted in: Japan passes controversial security bills into law See in context

Of course, I'm probably not going to have the most popular opinion here (but that's common in my world). Nevertheless, let's cover a few obvious points:

For those that think Japan is putting itself at risk with this bill (e.g. Those pontificating that now Japan will be an attack target) -- You folks are looking at the world through rose-colored glasses: Japan is already at risk and it's lack of military support beyond reliance on alliances isn't enough (hence the bill). Given the state of affairs in/around Asia; Japan would be a likely early target of anyone making a strategic move in the region. Not due to the presence of your own new "military bases", and not due to the US presence... But because Japan without training, people, arms and resources would be a relatively easy takeover.

Give Peace a Chance??? Please people take a look at the rest of the world's affairs. There are just too many foreign enemies out there that are making huge strides in a very short period of time. You really need to watch the documentary NHK did regarding ISIS -- As they are terrorists plain and simple . But, also remember history for a moment... late 1200 Kublai Kahn saw Japan scrambling and pulling ahead . Now imagine someone with Modern Warfare making the same move, how would Japan respond presently?

The US Needs to be expelled from Okinawa/Mainland? While Economically, I agree the Bases really add very little value in the big picture, especially given the ridiculous and continual rise in tourism in Okinawa for example. Let's face it: This is a pipe-dream presently and not going to happen given the total investment that has been made by Japan/US to be there and the strategic position relative to the East China Sea/North Korea.

This all aside, military spending should not be Japan's first or top priority following this bill. Execution requires a very long term plan and I do believe it would be possible given the proper training and future to replace some of the US Bases eventually. But, to think that THIS bill makes Japan a target is ludicrous.

For those that believe the attack on 9/11 is proof that the US cannot defend itself (or Japan), think again. It was a horrible plot executed by terrorists and the US got caught with it's "pants down" so-to-speak. Since then, we've been forced to rethink our enemies and our greatest fears. It's an age of modern warfare.

Quite frankly, there are more UAVs and other intelligent fighting solutions that are doing the work of fighting for us -- as such we are all trying to mitigate putting our loved ones and military personnel in harms way. Again, for Japan it's going to be a matter of balancing the spending to put this bill into effect vs. other VERY REAL current economic woes/concerns. Don't rush out the door to execute, but rather start building over time and with a plan that makes sense.

As Japan is a dominant power in a very modern era, it's time for those that "remember the horrors of years past" to move on with the support, patriotism and determination for Japan that has always made it a great people. And it is also time for the young people who I'm calling the "Hippies of US Past" (a large number of those 10,000 demonstrating outside the DIET) to open their eyes to the 'what ifs': Ask yourself this, if Japan were invaded and unable to protect itself, how many casualties would it sustain vs. having a solid, trained line of defense?

You don't need to go on a full frontal attack, but it helps to have self-defense that is disciplined and meaningful. Don't fight the Bill, but do keep it in check.

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