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Posted in: Police detain 15-year-old boy over Agnes Chan death threats See in context

I agree with the boy. Craritable activities are nothing but another distribution channel for marketing entertaiment products. There are other channels to express your opinions, don't thread anybody please.

And have you done anything charitable recently mentapoleo?

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Posted in: Yamada was questioned by police in Tokyo 2 days before Osaka child murders See in context

clamenza - they were outside at an ungodly hour for children! If anything, the parents needed to keep a better eye out for their kids! Why put this disgusting spin on it?

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Posted in: It’s not necessary to leave one side open. There are some people who have an arm or a hand that is incapable of functioning and have difficultly keeping a specific side open. See in context

Because heaven forbid people get some movement into an already sedentary lifestyle!

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Posted in: Folding fan emblem proposed for 2020 Olympics soars in popularity See in context

igloobuyer: What have you got against women? Reign that machismo in a few notches.

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Posted in: Trump reports for jury duty See in context

Lizz, Alien Criminals much like those who "discovered" America?

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Posted in: Mysterious cat mutilations continue in Tokyo See in context

wildwest - I think the blame is on irresponsible pet owners, not the cats. They are after all, doing the only thing they know how.

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Posted in: Aquariums using dolphins caught in drive hunts to be expelled from JAZA See in context

tina: way to avoid the point I was making. do you always skirt in a different direction when made to face the music? Here is the point I was making once more:

The association decided not to use the Taiji dolphins by vote.

Could it be, that perhaps catching animals "the traditional way" may be doing more harm than good? Could it be that perhaps finding better ways to catch these creatures may do some good for the environment? Or should we just stick to our fingers in our ears and berate every thought that deviates from "tradition" like little brats? If everyone was like that, we would still be in Jomon Era mud huts scavenging for food.

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Posted in: Invention most Japanese are proud of is instant ramen See in context

Raymond: Taiwanese, not Chinese

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Posted in: Aquariums using dolphins caught in drive hunts to be expelled from JAZA See in context

@tina: The association decided not to use the Taiji dolphins by vote and you still won't accept it. Do you ever accept any new line of thinking tina? Or is it all about living in the glorious past for you?

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Posted in: More security cameras to be installed on shinkansen trains See in context

@HollisBrown: They are a rail company, not a mental institute.

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Posted in: Gackt lashes out at Cool Japan: 'Almost no results of Japanese culture exported overseas' See in context

Like I stated, no one works harder than these girls (AND they go to school!!) and tries harder. They deserve our support and respect.

I don't know about that... there are laborers, educators, nurses, farmers, rescue workers, emergency response groups etc. who are so under appreciated for do hard jobs. What you are saying puts so much discredit to these professions I do not even know where to start.

In regard to the groups themselves - what is the point of always trying when you still sound terrible live? You can "ganbarimasu" all you like, but if the end result isn't good - it isn't good. (Have you seen the late night programs where they have karaoke battles? They take up challenging songs and sing off key and totally chicken out of the high belts and so they rearrange the songs to take out the challenging parts.)

At least in the past idols, could dance AND carry a tune. These days, vocally, they cannot compete with those that have built their careers on voices alone. Dance wise, they can't compete with dedicated dancers. Lookswise, well its a mixed bag. They just end up being okay at all three.

Don't get me wrong, they have used their fame to do some good, but let's not pretend here alright?

I will admit their PR team is genius, though.

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy dies after being hit by van; driver arrested See in context

I think every country posts the identity of a non-citizen when they make the news, how/why is this a problem?

You are just looking for reasons to rag on Japan.

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Posted in: Even Christian evangelicals are warming to gay marriage See in context

Bible also says Christians can't wear clothes with mixed fibers, can't have tattoos, can't get divorced, can't eat shellfish, can't wear gold...I mean the list goes on forever. People are just cherry picking about what they want to get riled up about.

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Posted in: The changing face of Shin-Okubo and decline of Korea Town See in context


Kenkan is mentioned in the article above.

If you read about the declining businesses in Shin-Okubo, you may hear the rise of “kenkan” (a hatred of things Korean) as one the reasons. However, when this same information was reported to Korean Internet users, they offered some other theories for the decline.

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Posted in: The changing face of Shin-Okubo and decline of Korea Town See in context

Jalapeno: noodles? the little pancakes which you can wrap different vegetables in? Most of the banchan isn't spicy, sweet marinated meats, yukke, fish cakes....I mean the list goes on....

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Posted in: The changing face of Shin-Okubo and decline of Korea Town See in context

Jalapeno: you obviously have not had much Korean food if your takeaway is "everything is red, and tastes the same" What a narrow minded view to have.

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Posted in: Giant tortoise walks Tokyo's streets - slowly See in context

@toshiko: again, please at least read up on these animals.

Please don't make assumptions about me, I have cared for many things in the past - including turtles and tortoises.

The main point I am making, which you keep ignoring is that the tortoise in this article is a spurred tortoise. Their natural habitat is dry and arid environments and the certainly can't swim. In addition, feeding them plant matter grown in these wet environment causes health issues for them as they are not evolved to live in wet areas.

The native habitat of the spurred tortoise is the Sahara desert. The poor thing will DROWN in a pond/lake for turtles!

It is like if I took a Kiwi bird and a pigeon and threw them both off a ledge. On simply isn't made to fly - just like how one isn't made to live in water.

It is at times like this I wish people would trust science instead of their own anecdotal evidence.

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Posted in: Giant tortoise walks Tokyo's streets - slowly See in context

toshiko - yes, turtles live in ponds and lakes. However, this is a TORTOISE - you would drown the poor thing if you tried to put it in a pond/lake as they are strictly land animals. Please understand that TURTLE and TORTOISE is not the same animal.

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Posted in: Gotham gang See in context

I was merely asking why you are getting so upset about it - does it add to the show? No, of course not - Does it mean it may spark some interest in the show over here in Japan because there is a familiar face? Maybe.

They have to generate interest and promote the show to make it viable to show in Japan.

As that is a good thing, I do not understand why you are so upset about it.

And stating that "Why do Japan always have to add a talento that has totally got nothing to do with the show??? what purpose??? just to rise up sexual tensions?" suggests that you are talking about every show that comes into Japan, which is why I mentioned the case of Hollywood and their red carpets. Has it occurred to you that this too is "all part of the show?"

Additionally, you do realize that no one can legally watch this show here until AXN releases it right?

Lastly, just FYI, it may have been for marketing purposes, but she did mention how wonderful the cast was and for everyone to watch it when it comes out on AXN.

So again, why so serious?

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Posted in: Gotham gang See in context

Are you sure about that? What about all the obsession with what the actresses are wearing/how high their slits are/how low their cleavage is cut? They take home a pretty little paycheck from the designers to sex up the carpet as well - regardless of whether they want to watch the movie. Again, not different.

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Posted in: Gotham gang See in context

Why do Hollywood stars with no connection to the movie being shown attend movie premiers? How is that any different? Seriously people get their panties in a bunch over the most insignificant things.

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Posted in: Aquino compares China to Nazi Germany See in context

maybe he read about the cultural revolution instead.

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Posted in: Nishikori hardened by American dream See in context

Yubaru, believe you me, I know exactly how it feels to be " be lumped together with something you are not"

But taking your assumptions about me aside, Both are Asian, but one is an American citizen.

Nonetheless, Chang and Nishikori are both awesome,

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Posted in: Nishikori hardened by American dream See in context

But you still have to state whether you are Asian/Hispanic/Caucasian etc on a lot of U.S paperwork, even as a citizen. I don't see how this is something that is such an issue as you are making it out to be.

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Posted in: If Muslims in Japan live peaceful lives without forgetting the virtues of Islam, understanding of Muslims will spread. See in context

patronizing attitudes are never good for winning crowds. If people aren't interested, if certain things don't concern them, it usually means that they won't study it.

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Posted in: Nishikori hardened by American dream See in context

Actually he is, Michael Chang is American, and was born in the United States.

But he is still Asian, unless my eyes deceive me?

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Posted in: By George See in context

Wc626 - I really don't get what the problem is? Disney is popular here and I am sure the head office isn't complaining; if it did, we all know that action would be swift as they are pretty picky as to how they are marketed.

Disney doesn't have to blare out WE ARE USA WE ARE USA does it? Part of its universal appeal is that it localizes its content for the countries it has a presence in.

Would a kid growing up anywhere, be it Thailand, Japan, Korea etc who were taken to locally dubbed versions of Disney versions have any reason to think otherwise? Do parents have to sit them down and tell them how Disney is a foreign company? If they were curious, they can google that when they are older.

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Posted in: By George See in context

Wc626: It is being released as "Tomorrowland" and you can always watch it in English - whats the big deal?

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Posted in: By George See in context

Ajam1: Perhaps if you weren't so nasty and quick to judge, you would know that Mirai Shida is there because she voices the Character of Casey (Played by Britt Robertson) for the Japanese version of the film.

Obviously, you didn't look hard enough.

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Posted in: Guinness World Record-breaking strawberry found in Fukuoka See in context

How do you know its G.M? There are plenty of ugly things that are delicious?

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