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Fix the Trains to Narita!

Having Hanada serve more International flights would be nice. But with all the investment in Narita, I think the best thing is to have frequent high-speed and low cost rail service from various places in the Tokyo region to Narita. Once you are at Narita, it's rather nice (except for Immigration which sucks). It's well run with helpful and friendly staff.

The NEX is expensive, infrequent, and only goes to limited places. There is nothing more frustrating as when it slows to a near stop at various points during its route. The Skyliner is cheaper but more limited in its service area. If you live on the West side of Tokyo or Saitama, you are screwed.

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Interesting how this tragic episode has been partially diverted by some folks on this blog as an indictment of Middle Tennessee, where I was raised. It's as if you assume every Japanese would hate not living in a big city and none could possibly be happy in the country side. Similarly, there are Japanese in Japan who can't comprehend how I can be happy living in Saitama, where I do now.

I was in Winchester Tennessee (population 5000) a few years back. You can assume that the Winchester of 30 years ago defines the stereotypic small southern town that you are imagining. I met a Japanese family with kids who worked at the nearby Nissan plant. They were quite happy there, living in a big house with a yard and a low cost of living and it is quite safe. There are Japanese restaurants in the area run by Japanese that have good sushi and sashimi. When speaking to the locals, they were grateful for the Japanese being there as they bring jobs, revenue, and are good neighbors. The Japanese I spoke to there agree that they feel quite welcome.

So this situation is not about it being impossible for a Japanese mother to be happy in the American South. It's about problems between a husband and wife and personal preferences with the kids stuck in between.

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I live in Tokorozawa and my family are avid Lions fans. We attend games frequently. However, I don't like the cheering sections due to the noise as it makes it hard to enjoy the game, have a conversation about the game, or hear the announcements.

Civil fans are fine as long as they can keep the volume down.

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