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Posted in: Japan, China hold first security talks in 4 years See in context

Everytime there is an article about China, self proclaimed foreign experts on China who can't even read Chinese and whose knowledge base consist of Western media like to write mini essays proclaiming China's true, malevolent intentions.


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Posted in: Japanese clothes but few Japanese models at Tokyo Fashion Week See in context

Get on the subway and exactly how many of those cute looking lolita girls with blue eyed contacts do you see? Not many from my experience because it is just a minority that want to look like a white girl.

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Posted in: Fukushima residents torn over nuclear waste storage plan See in context

Oh my god. He lost his wife, daughter, father and his home people.

Do you really expect him to make rational decisions under such distress?

Really people, stop pretending his life can get back to normal in a pinch.

The fact that he is risking his life to keep searching for the bodies of his loved ones every day...

The most we can do on this comment page is offer sympathy.

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