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As a cyclist, pedestrian and father of two children who should be able to walk and cycle neighbourhood streets in safety, I'm all for this, and red light cameras too while you're at it.

If police booked all the speeding motorist and red light runners we'd have the national debt paid off in just a couple of weeks!

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"Toyota will donate approximately 2.54 million traffic safety picture books to children beginning kindergarten or nursery school"

But kids don't drive ... and we all know the most dangerous things on the road are motor vehicles not kids.

Lets spend a proportionate amount educating motorists to obey traffic signals, slow the hell down, and drive appropriately around pedestrians and cyclists. Motorists need to be reminded that roads are not the sole domain of motor vehicles and that they are to be shared with other road users no matter their chosen form of transport. Using speed weight and power to intimidate other road users should not be tolerated.

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Japanese authorities have to admit to themselves that cycling is an important mode of transport for citizens and begin providing the proper infrastructure for them lest accidents continue to increase. That is the only answer.

Cracking down on cyclists, forcing them to cycle on unsafe roads instead of the sidewalk will do nothing but increase accidents and reduce cyclist numbers. Reducing cyclist numbers will place an increased burden on public transport and our roads, not to mention the extra burden unhealthy citizens place on the healthcare system, and the negative economic impact reducing cyclists numbers has on local businesses.

Governments have been reaping the benefits of high cyclists numbers for too long without investing a cent in return. To continue to benefit they must invest in infrastructure for cyclists.

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This is why I teach my kids to ignore the "stupid" rules and to question the authority of the busy bodies who try to enforce them. Not being able to play catch in a park, insane.

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Posted in: 87-year-old cyclist dies after being hit by car in Shiga See in context

Feel sorry for the driver?!? A woman has died.

Japanese law stipulates that bicycles must be fitted with a front facing light and travel on the road. Tail lights and helmets are not required by law, nor is there a requirement for cyclists to dress in outlandishly bright clothing, so legally these points are moot.

There is however a legal requirement for drivers to exercise due caution when around cyclists and under Japan's strict liability laws the onus is on the driver to prove their innocence after an accident. Motorists must obey the speed limits regardless of traffic conditions or the time of day and use headlights at night. Drivers must not drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol or while fiddling with their mobile phones.

It is hard to understand how a woman could be killed on a straight stretch of road by a driver exercising a reasonable amount of caution.

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