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Very Interesting - We are actually going through the time consuming terror of finding a perfect platform to run everything through. Question - can the Qortex communicate on multiple levels in a company, showing multiple projects, or developments, but allowing only the needed individuals on each group access to their information? What is the best suggestion for an interested company to test the platform to its fullest? Also - if we need to add a function or take away, is this service available ?- are you flexible to develop requests and can you give an example of the time it may take to adapt the perfect solution for the end user. TEnergy! Thanks

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Let's start a list of true companies in Tokyo that staff members have experienced Powerhara. Let the country know it's a free world. Just write the company name in some kind of code so that it doesn't really actually accuse anyone or anything. No need to say the exact location - just use the Compass. Office locations can also be seen as a form of directly accusing the guilty and will not stay up. M. T. 40 today so happy birthday mate.

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****Well it is perfectly clear to me that those corporates which are on the higher KW grid and facing this massive cost need to go one step higher and beat the system altogether. Quite simple if you know how.

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Typhoons are always big talk in Tokyo. They never come. Like the boy who cried wolf . Tokyo residents can not believe it anymore.

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Thanks Paul. Please check your email. Looking forward to your reply.

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Please tell me how I can get a virtual office and also is it possible to have a virtual office in all of the countries - and How much does it cost? Thank you.

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How do I contact the Tokyo Compass Offices directly? Is there a direct number or e-mail address? Thanks

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