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TokyoO comments

Posted in: With shift toward merit-based pay, Hitachi to drop old ways See in context

Ha. Good joke. We all know that literally nothing will change until the dinosaurs currently in charge are long dead.

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Posted in: Australia launches $2 bil pandemic retraining plan as virus cases rise See in context

Meanwhile it's own citizens are stranded abroad desperately trying to return home. Shame on Australia and its horrid politicians.

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Posted in: Supply chains need revamp as virus takes toll: Japan trade ministry See in context

And for crying out loud Japan Post, lift your idiotic suspension of the EMS service to the USA. You’re killing my business.

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Posted in: No. of newborns in Japan falls to lowest on record in 2019 See in context

We are escaping back to Australia to have and raise our corona baby...

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Posted in: Price of premium melons plunges See in context

Good riddance

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Posted in: Japan's small clinics driven to brink as virus-wary patients stay home See in context

My doctor has been ripping me off with unnecessary ultrasounds almost weekly. Put a stop to that quick smart...

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Posted in: ANA to require all passengers to wear face masks aboard aircraft from June See in context

What happens at meal times?

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Posted in: Fears grow over heat exhaustion caused by wearing masks in summer See in context

I’m sure people are smart enough to think for themselves...

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Posted in: M5.0 quake rattles eastern Japan See in context

No -I’ve had it with this alarm and I’ve switched it off. I’m a light sleeper and wake up to any earthquake. This horrifying noise does nothing but scare the living daylights out of me for what seems to be a slight tremble. The system needs to be refined and then I will consider switching it on again.

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