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Posted in: Aid groups in Japan vow to continue support for Afghanistan See in context

Bring refugees and others into Japan and open up to the world already!

I understand the cultural and mindset challenges but Japan seems to manage the benefits without the hassles of being a G7 member nation...

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Posted in: Frenchman in Tokyo ends hunger strike over his 'abducted' children See in context

Wishing Vincent Fichot a safe operation and godspeed in being reunited with his children.

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Posted in: Superman to star in upcoming gourmet manga series See in context

Actually the whole manga-aesthetic is not bad if this were a Superman junior type character and it could actually work for DC in European or maybe SE Asian markets.

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Posted in: Superman to star in upcoming gourmet manga series See in context

Leave it to Japan to make Superman look cuter, dreamy and boyish....

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 209 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 936 See in context

We did it!! JAPAN has won again. TOKYO OLYMPICS - will be the best Olympics ever and signal our victory to the world!!

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Posted in: Olympic anxiety leaves Japanese sponsors counting the cost See in context

Toyota needs to show leadership and break ranks. Right now they appear to want to have it both ways...

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Posted in: Japan temporarily sets higher tariffs on U.S. beef imports See in context

US beef that enters Japan has to meet specific regulations but yes, know your product...

Japanese beef also has antibiotics and hormones. How else do you keep disease off an animal with so much fat and kept caged up. Plus the grain is very likely GMO....

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Posted in: In landmark ruling, Japanese court says same-sex marriage ban 'unconstitutional' See in context

Great courageous move!

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Posted in: Trump on defensive as critics seize on reports he insulted U.S. veterans See in context

It's another Anonymous report that even his critic John Bolton denied. Get real people.

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Posted in: Japan opts not to join U.S., others in criticizing China for Hong Kong law See in context

Bad karma move for Japan.

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Posted in: Trunk line See in context

That majestic creature looks sad and sickly. Time to put an end to these pathetic inhumane zoos.

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Posted in: WHO stops hydroxychloroquine trials over safety concerns See in context

Of course they did, the stuff probably works(笑)

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Posted in: White House is in the hands of a sociopathic megalomaniac, says Noam Chomsky See in context

The American hate parade is never ending

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Posted in: Pelosi: 'Morbidly obese' was taste of Trump's 'own medicine' See in context

Fat shaming. She just put down 80% of Americans...

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Posted in: U.S. meat exports surge as industry struggles to meet demand See in context

Dry aged US beef is great and has just the might amount of marbling. But of the beef at chain restaurants or in frozen foods is from the US or Australia so yes we need it.

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Posted in: Mariah Carey, De Niro to feature in New York COVID-19 telethon See in context

It will be a platform used to further their political agenda first. Watch and see, the people are just getting used for their agendas...

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Posted in: Tokyo Uber Eats union demands hazard pay See in context

I would question if Uber isn't being targeted for being a foreign company. I am sure they wouldn't go after Demaekan or Yamato / Sagawa...

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Posted in: Darvish speaks of anti-Asian discrimination in U.S. amid outbreak See in context

As a haafu he should know about racism.

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Posted in: WHO pandemic declaration won't change Tokyo Olympics plan: Suga See in context

Almost thought they were playing rock, scissors, papers at first glance...

Hope they are not sandbagging with people's health on the line just to keep the hope of an Olympics alive.

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Posted in: Subdued supporters See in context

By the looks of it I wasn't sure if he won or not...

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Posted in: Is rugby in Japan on a roll after WorldCup, or will the 'rugby bubble' deflate? See in context

Sadly for the rugby team including Rich Michael this will prove to be flash in the pan - me many foreigners and just not kakko ii enough. Baseball, soccer, sumo, golf, and swimming (maybe the martial arts - judo) are the mainstays and everything else is just in the moment... including ping pong, tennis, wrestling, and basketball.... Rugby after the World Cup budget runs dry will wither....

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Posted in: Japan home to 3 of world's 10 best largest cities: U.S. magazine See in context

They never spent June or summer here. Come live here for a year -- please!

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Posted in: Trump blows his top over impeachment inquiry See in context

I'd be mad too after the fake Russian Collusion conspiracy, the Clinton funded dossier, Stormy's lawyer and all the airtime they can get by the media instead of real news items that matter to everyday people.

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Posted in: U.S.-Japan trade deal hits snag as Tokyo seeks assurances on car tariffs See in context

YuriOtani's attitude is proof that a trade deal with Japan is meaningless given consumer prejudice toward anything not made in Japan. Just tax the cars and give it to the farmers and move on to a deal with China.

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Posted in: Trump announces U.S.-China trade truce; talks to resume See in context

That simpleton is rewriting an destructive trade deal with a country that has had the most predatory trade practices short of the British Empire. That no one here is aware of that or how it has resulted in deflation for Japan is beyond me.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S.-Japan security pact has to be changed See in context

@Zichi - I see so they own this in perpetuity no matter how much it actually emasculates Japan?

Japan needs to become a country on a par with China and should be able to project its power and leadership unfettered by the US.

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Posted in: Trump jokes to Putin: 'Don't meddle in the election, please' See in context

Russian collusion was a hoax to try to undo an election. Good on him for having some fun with it.

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Posted in: Osaka granny group releases English rap video to welcome G20 summit See in context

I was always told Osakans are "hara guroi" meaning they laugh and are friendly until there's personal gain or a feeling not to be.

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Posted in: Trump expected to watch sumo on May 26 during Japan visit See in context

@Zichi - Abe showed him how to do that. CNN only showed Trump do it for whatever reason!

"So he'll bow and seat on the floor or will they provide a chair. Hope he can show more dignity than on the last visit when he feeding koii with Abe, just tip the whole feed box upside down."

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Posted in: China, Japan pledge to forge closer ties at 'historic turning point' See in context

Where is the president. His absence speaks volumes... US is a fool to allow this to happen.

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