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Yamato Management ~ READ THIS ~ Yamato is good and quality ~ but management should recognize this position of market leadership and "stick" higher pricing to Amazon and other companies as really those companies have no where else or anyone else they can use in Tokyo! So Yam,ato management ~ listen to this advice..a) Raise your prices 15%, b) Employ more people and pay more incentives to staff and c) Good job with more automated systems coming g in like this one in Tokyo. Finally realise your position and force clients to pay 15% more ..problem solved and every shareholder wins and extra money can upgrade services more!

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Posted in: Japan considers refitting helicopter carrier for stealth fighters: gov't sources See in context

Smart move..sooner or later we need to prepare for a war with North Korea!

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Posted in: Oita hotel to close for 10 days in a row to give employees time off See in context

Its really no big deal ~ If you work in USA you get 4 weeks a year paid holiday and in Europe you get 8 finally Japanese actually get 10 days off? Gee that is lousy considering its the national minimum!

Orix is big multinational real estate company. I had a friend whom worked there and he reckoned he could never even use 5 days holiday as peer pressure in the company was so heavy despite poor pay compared to foreign firms in similar businesses. He also said overtime was insane too and a company Orix like many big Japanese firms gets employees in on the big name sell ~ straight from University graduates and then its a living hell for employees until the day they either quit or retire.

He quit and joined Morgan Stanley and was amazed that his bonuses were actually like 4 times his entire pay at ORIX due to him working overtime and been counted in as a project team member for recognition.

This "stunt" done by Orix is nothing more than a stunt done to force employees to do as told and force them work more unpaid overtime the rest of the year.

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It is interesting to read all these articles. I'm afraid alot of truth goes into the part about not accepting a woman telling you what to do in a marriage and instead standing up for your rights even you are married. The one big issue about "money" control is the first big one. Don't ever let a woman control all your money unless money means nothing to you I refused this to my Japanese wife for years whom complained non stop. However still today I'll take the control and buy whatever wine I like whether my wife likes or not and eat out for lunch wherever and at whatever cost I feel like whether she likes it or not. I refuse the joint bankbooks still and spend whatever I want. One big issue in Japan is sadly income. If married here and not much income or silly enough to accept a wife doling out JPY500 a day or even JPY10000 a day or whatever then you are screwed basically no matter whom you are married too or whatever nationality unless you plan on living a frugal existence. Noted my wife gets peeved about this, yet I do hold a well paying position here so have enough money to go around so that she can us her credit cards relatively freely too. Once again financial freedom is a key in Japan for decent survival and lifestyle.The sexless issue is a funny one. To be honest its died off after kids, yet is still every month of so. Its simply a case to ordering her in bed despite any complaints. It generally works 95% of the time. I have also entered another level too there..its more creative than before when does happen and we both enjoy it more like fun than much else. Another reality is I'm living like Japanese in one sense which is the nights out which whilst only a few nights a week are great release for boredom. I'll admit too that my Japanese colleagues have explained to me its how they stay balanced. Most admit the wife is an Onibaba (old hag) post the kids. The other thing here are the nic editing options that I do "sans missus" . I confess I regularly visit the same establishments as my Japanese colleagues in the daytime or evenings and am having other fun outside of the marriage, as I suspect my wife could possibly too. The only one rule I follow is no matter what weekends and public holidays or school events, birthdays etc etc are family time with kids and mom. I suddenly realised and summarise something essential here. If you marry a Japanese woman, no matter what she married you as she thinks she can experience much more international things than with a Japanese guy..i.e such as bossing you around, traveling alot , acting hot tempered and aggressive like she sees on western TV soap operas. Yet in reality after marriage she will conform and accept back to being a typical Japanese while in Japan. Therefore to survive and flourish and enjoy you need to be like a hybrid western guy doing what you want and also acting like a Japanese guy to a large extent too. I personally like this balance. If married to a western or non Japanese I would not be able to escape nights out with younger more fun ladies or do other such things or enjoy naughty private rendezvous with other ladies found online or wherever and yet still keep a relatively harmonious marriage and have a happy weekend with kids and wife. Note another big one here is to marry an outgoing one from a decent or appearing decent family too, not a narrow minded one from a poor and relatively uneducated background. Uneducated woman long term do make the worst partners once the marriage settles after a couple of years. If you are on a lower salary too then go home. Like in America where parks are free, beaches have good surf and cheaper housing, better outdoor free stuff for kids and less structured society means a better life for those married couples than is possible in an organised society like Japan. One last note is that marriage without kids is pointless and becomes like living with your sister or a robot. If you plan on no kids then do not get married. No matter what, without kids a marriage is unbalanced and gets boring very quick!

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