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Tokyo999 comments

Posted in: China rereleases Japanese war crimes 'confessions' - again See in context

Why is the word 'confessions' in quotation marks in the headline? It seems to imply that these accounts of atrocities are fabricated. It's become the pattern now that articles (and subsequent comments) about Japanese war crimes come attached with the supposed counter argument, 'Well, the Chinese did terrible things too', which they did, of course, but how does an atrocity on one side negate an atrocity by the other side? On another aspect, it's worth checking out the accounts of vivisection by Japanese doctors training in China during the war. These 'doctors' committed more acts of cruelty and inhumanity than Unit 731 - if it's possible to be more cruel. This is what happens when one group of people regard another as less than human.

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Posted in: Raising awareness about refugees See in context

Perhaps the first question should be: How many refugees does Japan accept per annum?

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