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tokyo_doug comments

Posted in: Ghosn's escape prompts talk of more curbs in Japan's strict justice system See in context

@HJSLLS Japan largely supports a dominant prosecution, because Japan is not truly after justice.

Well said! The excuse of the court in Japan is that they are always following the "rules" however if you examine the decisions, they rarely explain which rules they are following.

I can see a boycott of the Olympics coming over this.

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Posted in: Former Japanese defense minister Onodera to take post again: NHK See in context

The question in my mind after reading the article is how these new "cabinet ministers" will help the country.

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Posted in: Pro- and anti-whaling nations clash at IWC meeting See in context

No one seems to mention in this meeting how whales help stop climate change....... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M18HxXve3CM

For me this is more than an reason to stop killing whales. Any discussions should include this point.

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Posted in: Dentsu's 'power harassment hell' See in context

Power harassment happens so much in my circles of friends and business dealings, that I've started to describe Japan as a "bullying society".

Just last month I convinced my partner to quit her job because I too was worried about her mental strength. She provided "free overtime" as a regular staff member because she would have more stress she said if she did not do the work. Talking to the Labour office did not help at all. Their answer was to quit rather than offer to look into the companies practices. In my discussions with my partner, I found the company is not following the labour rules - but I don't have confidence in reporting them to the labour office. Anyone know how to get the tax office and labour standards office to investigate a company to comply with the standard labour rules? Any experiences

PS I agree with other posters that the major problem is the government seems to also be bullying society here in not addressing this issue. A Yukimi Takahashi law needs to be discussed immediately on how to handle power harassment and clearly definite what power harassment is. I understand there is no definition in law in Japan. in so, could someone let me know.

More attention by the government and society is needed.

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Posted in: Fujitsu eyes PC merger with China's Lenovo See in context

I bought 2x Fujitsu laptops over 10 years because I prefer the design of the keyboard and real key tabs. Can't they just outsource the production?

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Posted in: Tricked into porn: Japanese actresses step out of the shadows See in context

This issue is another example of how vague Japanese contracts are -- the ones I have seen are not specific and judgements go based on nuances it seems. Even judgements in court decisions seem vague without explaining any reasoning for their decision. It seems the girl could have walked away from the contract, but there is no protection from intimidation.....the vultures know how to manipulate their victims, just as bullies harassing employees and students in schools. The base of the problem is the punishment for harassment is not there and this needs to be corrected to protect its young citizens. Time to wisen up Japan......

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Posted in: Japan likely to scrap Monju fast-breeder nuclear reactor See in context

Wonderful news and will make a great subject for an investigative documentary, but I guess that goes against the new medial policy....?

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Posted in: Unable to keep pace with change, salarymen over 50 'destroying their companies' See in context

Spa! is focused in the right direction but there is more to the story -- and would make a great TV documentary.

An interesting study by Norasakkunkit (USA) and Uchida (Kyoto University) (2011) shows how many Japanese youth have lost confidence in the idea that a "successful and happy life" is to find a job in a large seniority based company be patient and follow the rules as their parents, school continually advise. When we see youth with savvy IT skills and increasingly knowledgeable about the global economy then I can certainly see as well there is a very high risk of incompatibility with the current workplace society. A friend who works as a recruiter says many youth just quit and look for a new company. (data I found says about 30% of new recruits quit after 3 years in a company)

I agree with other posters that complaining about an issue or will not bring happiness or progress -- but taking action will -- we need more young people to create a good political opposition to create a new society. I know a number of youth (and myself) that are doing this and getting graduate degrees in international universities and getting involved in politics so they can make changes to society......encouraging youth to get involved in politics will help change society to a new Japan that differs from the vision of the LDP.

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