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Posted in: Shogo Suzuki: The CEO changing Japanese society’s attitude to ex-inmates See in context

Best article on JT in a long time. All the best to this guy.

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Posted in: Dump truck driver arrested after collision kills motorcyclist See in context

4 times over. Think about that.

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Posted in: Whitney Houston, Biggie among Rock Hall of Fame inductees See in context

Biggie gets in and Thin Lizzy still not in? Gimme a break. The RRHOF has been a joke for years.

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Posted in: Chicken and couscous dish is a winning weeknight dinner See in context

Chicken breast with bone inside? Spanish chorizo? What's the point of even printing recipes with ingredients that you can't but or are hard to find in Japan??

Moderator: You can find all the ingredients or close substitutes in Japan.

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Posted in: New station on Tokyo Metro line to be called Toranomon Hills See in context

Not really necessary. The distance between Kamiyacho and Kasumigaseki stations on that line is not that great. The clout of the Mori Corp in action.

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Posted in: Japan bidding to make World Cup history, says Nishino See in context

Japan will be destroyed by Belgium. They scraped by 10-man Colombia, had a decent tie against Senegal and were an absolute joke against Poland. Belgium will be the first really tough team they will face. Hard to root for these guys after that last performance.

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Posted in: Kobe gov't official's pay docked for repeatedly taking lunch 3 minutes early See in context

"The official was absent a total of 55 hours over six months, according to the city."

I think there is more to the story. 3 mins a day only adds up to 6 hours in 6 months. I think this dude was calling in sick a lot or something and the city used the 'early lunch' as an excuse to reprimand. They obviously want him gone.

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Posted in: Introducing Tokyo University’s exclusive 'Infinite Destroyer' sandwich from Subway See in context

I live near Todai and went there yesterday after reading this article and got the one with double meat. On the bill it was itemized as a roast beef sub with an extra serving of roast beef. No special price so this can be gotten at any Subway. Just a misleading marketing campaign; and the sub wasn't that good either.

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Posted in: Review: Jimi Hendrix studio archives plucked for new album See in context

Looks like a solo album by the fifth member of Kiss.

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Posted in: Japan is safest place to be born, UNICEF report says See in context

The article directly below doesn't seem to back these findings up!

"18-year-old mother arrested for killing 2-year-old son"

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Posted in: Why Japan doesn't sign nuclear arms ban treaty See in context

Japan could produce nukes in no time if it wanted to.

"While there are currently no known plans in Japan to produce nuclear weapons, it has been argued Japan has the technology, raw materials, and the capital to produce nuclear weapons within one year if necessary, and many analysts consider it a de factonuclear state for this reason. For this reason Japan is often said to be a "screwdriver's turn" away from possessing nuclear weapons, or to possess a "bomb in the basement""

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Posted in: Merkel ally, in Tokyo, pushes for swift EU trade deal with Japan See in context

Yes! Cheap(er) cheese!!

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Posted in: 'Father of Pac-Man' Masaya Nakamura dies at 91 See in context

"Father" of Pac-Man? He didn't design it, just started the company that put it out. Toru Iwatani is the real "father".

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Posted in: Pink Floyd to put out unreleased tracks in box set See in context

27 albums? Bit excessive no? I doubt the band has any say in the matter anyway.

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