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Dump Trump

Shouting in English with signs in English in a country where English is not the national language and not even a virtual second language is just dumb. People here don't care about your US elections results, just stop navel-gazing, we americans, bla bla...

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This news is not about me or about you or your kids

Japan is governed by laws; laws are made to be followed by citizens and foreigners. Don't question them or violate them. Citizenship law in Japan just like in Thailand or in India (the Sikh family) is based on blood. Not on soil but on blood.

Is one of his parents Japanese? No? So, he is not Japanese. If you are British and have kids in Thailand, kids are not Thai. Same rules apply here. It is unfair? Grab a mirror!

Jus sanguinis (Latin: right of blood) is a principle of nationality law by which citizenship is not determined by place of birth but by having one or both parents who are citizens of the state.

Does he have a visa? No? So he cannot stay here. Law again.

Saying he should get a visa because he lived here and deserve one is a complete nonsense. It is like me saying I deserve the next Super Lotto big check because I played the same numbers for a decade. Being illegal for decades does not make you legal or a citizen.

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Basic physics: a person cannot go back somewhere he has never visited. Ditto for home country. His is here.

He is Thai; he has Thai citizenship and passport thanks to his parents who are both Thai citizens so Thailand is his home country.

You cannot be from a Jus Sanguinis country and cry foul because the place you live in is also Jus Sanguinis. He does not belong here; making an exception is like calling for more cases like him to happen. In the visa scam/illegal immigration world, news travel fast, it took just few hours for everyone in Africa and Middle East to know that Germany has opened its doors.

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Call me heartless but am tired of cheaters who use my taxes to game the system by going through all courts until they reach the Supreme Court.

I used legal ways to live in Japan, degrees, work visa and I don't like people who jump the queue. This guy and his mother should have been deported long time ago.

When he will be back to HIS home country he may have a shock when he founds out how Thailand treat the farang (the foreigners, the gaijins...), how it deport Laotian, Myanmar families and children born in Thailand, children who lived there for decades. He may also have a shock when he will find out that Thailand Nationality Law is Jus Sanguinis, based on blood...just like the Japanese one. Shocking isn’t it?

This entire story just like the Sikh family weeks ago is just the same old “kids and language” scam. Live illegally in a country, reproduce and pretend the kids will never be able to live in their home country. Oh please, give me a break. There are millions of kids who move to another country every year because of daddy or mommy job and they don’t speak the language of the new home.

Deport him now and stop him from using my taxes for free lawyers and causing case backlog.

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Japan is losing population and needs immigrants to stop the disastrous drop.

Give me a break. The place is largely overcrowded, people need to look at maps sometimes; this place (including all islands) is smaller than California and is the home of the equivalent of almost half of US population. This is just insane. If the population is dropping, the place will be easier to live.

On the other hand, Japan does not need to look at a crystal ball when it comes to refugees and how it goes with them. Just open a newspaper, read about other countries experiences, ask to Japanese embassies in Europe some reports about the situation in Sweden, in Germany, in France, in Belgium, ask them how it is to live in fear, how is it to have soldiers with weapons patrolling on the streets like it would happen in some dictatorship places.

Ask them how European asylum policy fuels support for far-right nationalists, ask them about how Eastern European countries have already chosen far right politicians. Ask them about how much far right is gaining ground everywhere. Just ask their opinion to European citizens not to politicians and then decide what is better for Japan.

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Saudi Arabia warns against "nefarious activities" by Iran

I remember that 15 of 19 hijackers on September 11 attacks were Saudi, 15 on 19. Almost all of them. All Sunni. None was Iranian. Saudi Arabia is the black hole of Middle East.

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If Korea did it, then Japan should be able to…

Japan is not Korea. We are talking about Buddhist temple marks not about street names here.

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The USA will undoubtedly respond to this ultimate provocation by putting more pressure on...Iran. This receipt is the big classic from North Korea:

Winter and cold are here. Harvest has been bad, Kim's army is hungry. Let's make a nuke test. Everyone is angry. They organize meetings, they negotiate, Kim promises to stop nuke tests if he gets food, rice, oil. He gets everything.

They did the same with Japan, softening of sanctions if North Korea makes an investigation about Megumi, pretend to search for her, get food, luxury goods, and more stuff and keep pretending they are looking for her.

Very classic blackmail from Kim’s family.

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Not true. Such a promise was never included in any treaties. If it was, please show me where and I will stand corrected

Der Spiegel, a very serious German weekly news magazine made an interesting investigation about those Russians claims that West betrayed them. Quoting Der Spiegel:

After speaking with many of those involved and examining previously classified British and German documents in detail, SPIEGEL has concluded that there was no doubt that the West did everything it could to give the Soviets the impression that NATO membership was out of the question for countries like Poland, Hungary or Czechoslovakia.

Now speaking about Japanese claims on those Russian islands there is absolutely no doubt that Russia will never give back a war chest. They exactly know what will happen with those islands and the US military in Japan (closer is better). Japan can make all promises it wants, Russians know that important stuff in Japan are decided by the White House and the Pentagon not at the Kantei (Japan Prime Minister's Official Residence). We all know that America is addicted to spying that it would do anything to get closer to Russia than it is now.

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However, there are 10,000 people living on those islands today and I also think that the only opinions that really matter are theirs

Russia does not care about their opinion; it only cares about its safety. Russia perfectly knows that Japan will listen to its master’s voice and lease a good part of the islands to the US military that will be more than happy to watch Russia from one those islands when the weather is fine. Japan would lease land to Amurika and install those big antennas to monitor Russia. Russia does not trust Westerners nor Japan.

Back in 1989 when Russian did not respond to the Berlin Wall fall it is because Europeans, USA and NATO promised to the USSR that Eastern Europe countries will never join NATO, the promise was broken. They joined NATO.

There is no way to get those islands back even with all those money Japan has in its banks.

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Russia will never give back those islands. Russians never give back territories they own, Abe should take a look at Crimea. Those islands are the price Japan has to pay for its aggressive past. They will remain Russian, there is nothing to discuss here.

Anyway, what would Japanese do on those islands? I already imagine Seven Eleven and pachinko everywhere, some adult related businesses with Russian ladies, roads leading nowhere, Lawson, and Family Mart too, still some underworld businesses and some convenience stores, also some NOVA schools. They will turn the place ugly like hell.

“But without a summit meeting this Northern Territories problem cannot be resolved,” Abe said.

There is no Northern Territories problem just like there is no Senkaku problem if we want to use the Japanese rhetoric.

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I only have one question to ask:

What good can we expect from people who could NOT live with each other?

Seriously they turn against each other because the neighbor in Shia or Christian or even worst atheist. What good can we expect from such people?

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What a bunch of degenerate.

It is all fun and games until they start fighting each other in Osaka Dotonbori and robbing convenience stores, stealing beers and sandwiches and hitting workers who tried to stop from robbing the store. So no, they are not funny, just a bunch of degenerate.


Robbing store:

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Fake refugees:

More than half of Japan’s asylum seekers in 2014 hailed from Nepal, Sri Lanka and Turkey.


From countries not at war. Turks/Kurds claim asylum but keep voting (we saw them on news fighting in front of the Turkish Embassy) and keep going to Turkey for vacation. Europe is just full of them and no country in Europe will give asylum status to Turks/Kurds. Since Europe require Turkish passport holders to have a visa to travel there, they are trying Japan and South Korea.

They have been claiming asylum by thousand and working in those Kebab for years. A lot of them went to Supreme Court of Japan after losing many time at court and even after they still try the Letter to Ministry of Justice (last chance). This scam about Kurds/Turks have been going on for years, they have turkish passport, they are turkish citizens.

Just remove Turkey from the list of Visa Waiver Program. There no Turkish tourists here, only people with false claims and wanting to have a kebab shop.

There is no war in Nepal, no more war in Sri Lanka.

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It seems some kind of semantic shift occurred few years ago. We always thought refugees where political opponents who were tortured, imprisoned journalists, political activists fighting dictatorships. It seems that today refugees are people who simply want to leave a poor place to go a new place that is rich, where there are jobs and safety. They think they are entitled to go to any rich nation because well their place is poor and that justify their right to go to your country.

Well, I have a problem with that. I came to Japan while following the rules, back home I worked hard to get degrees, saved money, looked for a job, found a Japanese company that wanted to recruit me, they sponsored my visa, I filled out forms, gave copies of my degrees, went through the process, got a 1 year work visa, then 3 years, then 3 years…I followed the rules, I like rules. I hate it when I am queuing and someone is cutting in line and go directly to the cashier. I don’t like those things.

This guy is not a refugee; most of them are not refugees. He is an economic migrant disguised as an asylum seeker. He and his compatriots made Bangladesh what it is, he and his compatriots just made the place crappy and they think they are entitled to move to another place to also make it crappy.

Why should we accept this one and not all the other ones? What makes this one special? While you are accepting few of them here, 3 million were born back home and 5 million became adults and are getting ready to reach your shores.

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I say ok if everyone is fingerprinted. Yes, that means the Japanese that travel, as well.

OK. Let's fingerprint Japanese citizens. What will happen if they refuse to be fingerprinted when coming back to Japan? What people from JT suggest? Does Japanese immigration put them in a plane and send them back where they came from? Deny them entry to their own country? Jail them? I guess they will have to build a lot of new prison if you suggest jailing them.

The truth here. The inconvenient truth is that a lot of people here and everywhere seem to be OK with fingerpinting some "citizens", some "races", some "origins", but not caucasian westerners. Isn't it? You guys and girls are OK with fingerprinting some people (we all know which ones I am talking about) but not yourself..."others" but not yourselves.

Fingerprinting is already used in Europe when requesting a Schengen visa from some countries. Japan is just ahead of a reality that will be the same everywhere. Deal with it or stop travelling.

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I have no problem with being fingerprinted. Seeing what is going on in Europe, fingerprinting will be soon become the norm in many countries on arrival.


I think its unnecessary, but since they are they need to fingerprint Japanese too

This is impossible. What would happen if Japanese refuse to be fingerprinted? Japanese citizens cannot be denied entry into their own country...but you can!

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Bad parents should be sterilized.

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Inexcusable discrimination. Period.

Bouh...Shocking reminder for white people with tattoo:

-Being colored is NOT a choice

-Being tatooed is a choice

I do not have any tattoo and I have visited thousand of onsen even in Otaru. Never, never got rejected. In 2015, discrimination in onsen is not based on color or race but on tattoo because even japanese with tattoo cannot enter in onsen. You chose to have tattoo, don't try to impose your cultural beliefs on others.

Typical colonial mentality.

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Real diversity there in that crowd aye?

What did you expect exactly? Are you surprised they all look very japanese? In Japan? Did you expect some white guys (former english teachers), few blacks, few pakistanis, indians and nepalis? Maybe some iranians, brazilians, some arabs or kurds? Last time I went out (this morning) I did not see any diversity here. Not in the train nor on the TV. Tokyo and Japan are not UK or US.

Politicians are mostly old, a lot of young japanese don't vote and certainly don't want to make politics. They just look like the people who elected them. Everytime there is a new japanese cabinet we get the same comments on JT...

On a side note I am however disappointed to see only 3 women. From someone who wants to promote gender equality and women's empowerment....speech and reality.

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@Joshua Degreiff

It's sad foreigners can't buy a land in Japan, or Japan is expect applying an investor visa.

Japanese government could see an investment a foreign is paying property tax and willing to pay taxes and even starting a family.

Stragerland Yes foreigners can own a home in Japan, but in order to buy real estate you will need to have a permanent residence visa.

OK, I got it. You are whining because buying a house in Japan does not give you Legal Permanent Residency. I do not know where you are from but even in the USA buying a multi-million property does not qualify you for an EB-5 immigrant visa (investor visa). I do not know any western country that gives you a permanent residency just because you buy a house or land or even a parking lot. Even worst some countries like Australia for example ban foreigners or non-residents (in OZ case) from buying properties. Japan just like the USA allows non-residents to buy properties but I do not understand why you should get a visa for that purchase.

By the way, it seems OK for the Aussies to buy almost all of Niseko properties but forbid Japanese/Chinese investors from buying anything in OZ.

I am still surprised to see some foreigners buying properties in Japan for investment. It is quite funny for anyone who tries to know and understand the place. Here is the terrible truth: Prices in Japan will ALWAYS go down not up. Tokyo/Osaka is not London, Paris or Berlin. Things about properties and prices do not work like in Europe. Very regular earthquakes, climate (humidity) and many other factors lead to a quick properties depreciation.

Simply put: If you are buying now hoping to sell higher later, you just chose the wrong place.

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The one thing I'm kind of mad at is the way tokyobakayaro wrote poor Japanese people who do not have a magic stick

I guess you did not get the sarcasm...

What I meant is quite clear: Japanese situation regarding low wages, poor housing quality, long commutes to work, little vacations, and small number of nurseries, long working hours and many many other factors lead to a poor quality of life. My Japanese brother-in-law and sister-in-law have no kids because…well, they simply could not afford to have any.

If you want a metaphor, for me Japan is like quicksand. I will always find quite strange that some foreigners here think that throwing more people to quicksand will help those who are already drowning…

You can bring millions or billions of refugees to Japan if you want but all I know is that they will all end up with the same problems that a lot of foreigners and natives already here have. They will probably have the same fate. Drowning in the quicksand of low wages, poor housing quality, long commutes to work, little vacations…

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Japan will certainly benefit from an influx of refugees. The refugees will certainly solve many problems like sinking population and poorly exciting life. Do you know why? Because they are magicians! Yes, refugees are magicians! They all have a magic stick which will turn Japanese crappy housing bigger than the one Japanese people usually have. This is so great for the future foreign kids.

The magic stick also gives access to longer vacations than the one Japanese people have, much longer, so they can enjoy life! The magic stick is also great to avoid those terrible long commutes to work, so the magical refugees can spend much more time with kids not like those poor Japanese people who do not have a magic stick. It also gives them the magic Swedish maternity leave for both parents! Yes both! Just like in Sweden. The magical refugees in Japan can take care of the new baby and keep their jobs. And after maternity leave ends, they can have an easy access to childcare/nursery. No waiting list thanks to the magic stick!

Also with the magic stick no more low wages! Never! Bigger car, bigger house, longer vacations, big paycheck, easy life lead to more kids for the refugees. Poor Japanese people, I feel sorry for them! they do not have the magic stick that all refugees have.

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Funny, few days ago there was a news (sounded more like infomercial) on JT on we were commenting on how bad was Hulu Japan when comparing it to Hulu Plus in US.

After ending my subscription I wondered if we would get better service in the future, new shows (no, Magnum P.I. or Murder, She wrote are not new) now I know it will get even worst. Nippon TV will kill Hulu Japan, massive foodies TV shows (oishii!!!). They will let it die and blame it on the bad concept.

Nippon TV wants to keep brainwashing people with same programs that they have been broadcasting for decades. How long before they close the service?

Netflix you are being warned! No one will let you come here! Stay away or you will lose big and end up selling Netflix Japan to Fuji TV.

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The USA are in no position to warn any country about intervention. After the 2003 invasion of Iraq, they created a worldwide new policy that can be used by any country. Russia think Ukraine is a new threat? Then Russia has every right to invade Ukraine. Invasion of Iraq Policy, remember? Russian citizens are badly treated in Ukraine? Russia should invade Ukraine. Invasion of Iraq Policy.

You created that policy, now you have to leave with it.

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They should have appointed Howard Stringer who did a great job at Sony...He is a good example of great achievement when foreigners are appointed as bosses...

/sarcasm off

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ordered him to write a statement promising

breaking low can you go?

I am now expecting something like "I was drunk, cannot remember what happened...".

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I guess it's for people who hate AKB48.

99.9% of JT posters.

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Is it supposed to be funny when you have Season 1, Season 3 but no Season 2 for some shows? It is like watching half of a movie, there are too much missing series to make me come back to Hulu Japan. Where is Carnivale? Californication? Nip Tuck? and many others, they said they signed with HBO and other studios but too many things are missing, some shows are just too old and seen too many times (Murder, She Wrote...etc)

My guess is that there is some pressure or sabotage coming from Skyperfect TV and J-Com. I went back to torrenting.

The Walking Dead Season 4 is back BTW...

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The U.S. State Department said Nuland had apologized for her remarks and pointed the finger at Moscow as being responsible for the bugging.

How does it feel being bugged? Bad? You do not like that? NSA, PRISM, Snowden, remember?

The pot calling the kettle black.

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