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Don't fool yourself, these guys are the Muslim Brotherhood's good old friends, the very same guys who burn down Coptic Christian churches and kill innocent people who oppose them without blinking an eye.

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when a successful billionare gives advise to an ailing company, you should probably listen

Sure, hedge fund bosses are well-known for their ethical altruism.

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Posted in: Stalled 'Akira' live-action movie comes back to life See in context

So it's NOT going to take place in New York? Thank god!

No, It may take place in Neo-L.A. after Mexican drug cartels dropped a nuke on the city.

The movie will be renamed: KEVIN, with Ryan Gosling playing Kevin (originally called Akira in Japan). Joseph Gordon-Levitt will play Kaneda, sorry I meant Steve not Kaneda....



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Posted in: Japan and the United States have a security alliance and that this is a decisive difference from the U.S.-China relationship. I can't see the U.S. moving the base for the Seventh Fleet from Japan to S See in context

Well, well Shinzo, I guess chinese are not really eager to lose their sovereignty, being occupied by a foreign army and having to sign a SOFA agreement protecting US soldiers/rapist/murderer's living on chinese soil.

I guess chinese are somewhat more "free" than japanese will ever be.

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start their world tour concerts, called "2013 Girls' Generation's World Tour Girls and Peace"

Looks like it should be called "2013, Plastic Surgery Tour"

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Japanese are known for getting bored easily, foreign talento you see everyday on TV even on ice cream then get dumped you never hear about them anymore, who remember Bob Sapp? Beckham, local talento too, boy/girlfriend, websites.... Mixi shined for years, now it is dying, same fate awaits FB.

Actually we hear a lot about Line and Twitter...for now.

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Africa is like Danaides’ barrel. You keep filling it but because of completly corrupt leaders, every single dollar you put in ends up in their pockets.

Few months ago a french judge has approved the seizure of luxury cars belonging to the son of Equatorial Guinea, one of poorest country on earth. This is just a very small example of what is happening with those dear african leaders. If you make a visit to Paris luxury shopping spots you meet many african leaders family members. We know how this money will be spent and you wonder why african leaders go to France and Europe hospitals everytime they are ill or just for a checkup. Most of them do not even give money to have a normal hospital in their countries.

What a waste.

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This is certainly the most ridiculous pose ever made by a foreign actor trying to promote those hollywood crappy movies, who is he fighting with katana cross sign? Vampires? Again?

All those superheroes movies with men wearing colored tights and those vampire movies are just keeping me far from theaters.

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Wait...people from JapanToday who are so quick about promoting immigration and welcoming those "political" refugees everywhere looking suprised by what is going on in Sweden, a country that wildly opened its doors...

I am quite sure a lot of politicians around the world are closely watching what is going on in Europe...just thinking what will certainly happen to their own countries after opening doors...

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It is all about control and restrictions by way of a number.

I am not a number, I am a free man!

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Please, can you quote my full sentence? I said:

The country behind Guantanamo (read USA) had no moral right to lecture Russia on human rights.

Anyway, thank you for showing me again how sensitive are USA when they are being reminded all their dirty business (weapons to other dictators in the world) and how hypocrite they are when they lecture other countries on human rights while keeping eyes closed on Guantanamo.

Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?.

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Since when did Russia have morrals?

Since when did USA have morals? Seriously, the country behind Guantanamo had no moral right to lecture Russia on human rights. What a bunch of hypocrites.

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Shame there is no English language Japanese version

Why would they make an english language japanese version? They do not have millions of japanese who read english. Japanese edition writers and columnists are japanese and write in japanese, the 128 millions of japanese speak mainly japanese, why would they pay all that money to translate everything in english to please few readers?

They also have a Huffington Post France. It's in French only. Want to read the japanese one? just learn the language! You know the language spoken by the people you live with...remember?

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You mean if I walk up to someone's door who I don't know, I will get arrested and be on the news?

Yes and being a foreigner does not help. In a country with few foreigners and few crimes, yes it makes national news. Maybe coming from a country where people shoot each other on a daily basis made you disconneted from what is "normal", and about what is a "crime"...

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I was quite worried for weeks now not earing anything about U.S. serviceman getting arrested for trespassing, stealing, burning, hit and run. At least we know they are still here, ready to rape, steal.... By the way, why are still here ?

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Are we talking about the same guys here?

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Posted in: China concerned as Japan, Taiwan sign fishing agreement for disputed isles See in context

Remind me, isn't it the same Chinese government who repeatedly ask other countries not to interfere in their "internal affair"?

Are we talking about the guys here?

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Posted in: Woman puts skeletonised brother in trash after realizing he's dead See in context

“did not want to be criticized and thought it would be gotten rid of in the trash”

They should check if this woman is a human being or a robot being tested by Honda in real situation. I hope they find a Honda logo on her back because I cannot believe you can be so heartless, without any feelings for the one you grew up with.

Sometimes reading news like this one make me think I live with robots or aliens like those from "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", you cannot not show any feelings because "others" might find out you are a human being.

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Islam and Buddhism are not sects, they are religions

Religions are sects which succeeded.

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Posted in: Two Russian women arrested for not paying taxi fare, assaulting driver See in context

Dasvidania girls! Once you have served your prison sentences, on your way to Narita airport with the immigration guys driving you for deportation, think about this: was it worth It?

For 1500 yen, you lost your visas, you got jailed, and now you are being deported. Think again.Good riddance.

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Taiwan adopted French technology concerning this field.

Sure. Many earthquakes happen every year in France, tsunami and volcano eruption. That country is so used to such problems happening to its population and to the buildings, french learned how to adapt the technology of its trains and buildings to deal with mother nature.

Japanese can surely learn something from them about trains and earthquakes...even if they started building bullet trains almost 20 years before the french.

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Iran and warnings it could get most of the way to a nuclear bomb within months—a shorter timeline...

They have been warning us about that for years, decades now. Within months, within months. I always heard about "Iran" "nuclear bomb" and within months" We can probably find old archives on internet about warnings in the '90s.

Same warnings about Iraq being able to deploy weapons of mass destruction within 45 minutes. Typical US-AIPAC propaganda.

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Posted in: Tattoo artist gets 19 years for fatally assaulting Nepalese man in Osaka See in context

you can bet your sweet patooties that they would dish out the DEATH PENALTY!!!

Oh please...stop it, if you really know Japan's penal system, if you really know how things usually work in this country, if you really check crime section in newspapers, you would know that prosecutors and judges very rarely require death penalty for only 1 dead.

JapanToday is full of stories of foreigners killing japanese and not being hanged, peruvian who killed one japanese little girl, the US soldier who killed and robbed the taxi driver or the woman killed by a soldier in Yokosuka.

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Over 1,000 dead pigs found floating in Shanghai river

Maybe 1 chinese farmer tried to figure out if Archimedes' principle can also be proved on pigs...

residents expressed fears over possible drinking water contamination

Seriously? They needed to have 1000 dead pigs floating in river to have "fear" about drinking water contamination? It is China guys! You should even fear bottled water.

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Over the course of the past year, he has come into his own and is leading Sony with vision and authority

Good joke Hirai san. Come on....please! Stringer did NOTHING. This company has been in trouble for years, he earned million and million, got stock options and was one of those two CEO with Carlos Ghosn who earned the most in Japan. Stringer just took the money, he did not have any vision, Sony was not profitable for decades now.

He is just one of those CEO who take companies on the verge of bankruptcy, take the money and leave with a golden handshake. Sony is done. It is so 80's now. Goodbye Sony, I really used to enjoy your creativity, however I will not miss you. Good riddance.

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N Korea leader wants Obama to call

Can we expect Rodman/Kim Jong Un doing a lip dub version of "Call Me Maybe" for Obama ?

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Police said he ran when officers approached him

Note for Romanian robbers: you are more visble here than you are in Paris or London. You cannot just vanish in a crowd of people who may look like you. I hope he gets death since Japan decided to be tougher on minors.

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Posted in: We hope the U.S. government will send a clear message that any future trade policy with Japan must ensure a level playing field and not come at the expense of American workers. See in context

Dear Joe Hinrichs, Ford Japan has a website, has showrooms, prices are not huge comparing to european cars and choice is possible. Do you know what the problem is? japanese people do not want your cars or american cars. They do not like them in general, they do not want to buy them, they have choice and they made their choice.

What else do you want? Force people to buy US cars? Your statement is quite strange, people can buy your cars but they don't, so maybe...the problem is that your cars are not good. It is not like their was no Ford Japan or no Ford showroom, I even saw some of your ads in japanese magazines and websites. Please tell us what you want.

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1 - A country produces own rice and does not need foreign rice.

2 - Free trade. Cheaper rice and vegetables.

3 - Local farmers sell less. Bankrupt businesses. Fewer local rice.

4 - Foreign rice overtakes local rice. No more local rice producers.

5 - Exporters of foreign rice control prices and quality. You depend on them. They make the price, you pay.

You think it is the future? Actually, It already happened in the past. This short example comes from a report from The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations about Haiti. Americans killed local rice producers and they want to do that in Japan. When a country eat mainly rice but has not more local producers, it becomes dependent on imports. This is just bad.

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Many Chinese also state that living in Japan is very convenient, and society as a whole is very safe.

That is funny because many japanese I know do not feel safe because they feel there are of more and more chinese especially in Ikebukuro. Reading japanese newspaper at crime section you see almost everyday the 3 kanjis for "chinese people".

I guess the safety chinese feel in Japan is a one-way only feeling.

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