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Posted in: Black hair represents the original beauty and strength of Japanese women. Although it gives the impression of being striking and strong, it also projects an image of classic and elegant femininity. See in context

I think Ms. Dan is just trying to support her local National Beauty and Barber Manufacturers’ Association. As many of the other posters have already written, how many natural brunettes do you see anywhere in Japan?

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Posted in: Husbands aghast at wives' infatuation with rightwing causes See in context

People like the wife in this article are just plain scary. And I see a lot of similar people in Japan these days. It's clear that they have learned since the war in my opinion. Where is this country heading? The racism in this country is rather widespread and they truly have a problem with it, but are in complete denial.

Furthermore, if there really was an outbreak of war, I think their attitudes would change really quickly.

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Posted in: Japanese lawmakers call for revision of wartime sex slavery apology See in context

China and Korea are countries that, even if they lie, don’t feel pain in their hearts. But we Japanese do feel pain if we lie

Just astounding how he can make blanket statements about the population of whole countries. The man clearly has no shame.

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Posted in: Triple axel backfires for Asada See in context

Kinda reminds me of Stalin's Russia or N. Korea where people deemed flawed are erased from all the pictures, like they never existed.

I'd agree with that Jeff, it's very true about this country.

However, I also like what Mao tried to do. She got up and tried as opposed to Arakawa who was literally handed her gold medal and just did the Ina Bauer over and over which was hardly Olympic level. Mao had guts.

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Posted in: What's your favorite coffee shop chain in Japan? See in context

I quite like Doutor these days. But when I first came to Japan I hated it due to intense amount of smoke billowing out of it . I hated that smoke and then I was smoker! The Doutor in Shibuya I used to go to was like entering a raging tire factory fire, it was so bad. You could literally spot the shop from several blocks away due to the pall of smoke perpetually hanging over it. I actually quite smoking for a few months.

These days most of their stores seem to have smoking rooms so you can at least breathe in them. Plus their drinks and food aren't grossly overpriced unlike Starbucks.

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