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Posted in: S Korea cancels new artillery drill on island See in context

oh i see they are stalling until the can of whoop ass arrives on the island and the South can retaliate properly next time!

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Posted in: Hiroshi Tachi, Kimiko Yo win 'anti-aging awards' See in context

Tachi Hiroshi is Japans version of James Bond...cool suave, with brittish accent and always a gentleman. He deserves the award too!

Horse riding is awesome for strengthening the legs...a main feature of the elderly is loosing balance due to weak knees and hips so it probabaly makes him feel more stable and more grounded and thus confident. wheteher it reduces wrinkles or not is another thing

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Posted in: Anna Tsuchiya: 'No one could kill someone who looked like me' See in context

Anna is a cool chick , ive met her, shes not a typical air head idol....she would have said it with sarcasm and a cheeky grin

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Posted in: Honda, Nissan, Toyota post record China production See in context

Although China will eventually reach a good standard in car production if we look at ,say, the electronics market, Chinese consumers still prefer the brands of Japan due to the high quality and the luxury concept of the brand. For the low and average range consumer the domestic chinese brands will cater for but I still think Mercedes, Toyota et. will continue to do well in China for a long time yet.

The challenge will eventually come more from international sales of their domestic cars. As KIA have manged to eat into parts of the market in numerous countries, i expect China will seek to do the same. Then its the consumers choice!

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Posted in: Twitter tirades test limits of freedom of speech See in context

I thought that a judge always trys to deterine the "intent" behind any crime to ascertian whether it is done with malice . here, however comments have been taken purely at face value by authorities. This is a mistake with written media like email and twitter.As we all know sms mesaages and emails are always causing misunderstandings due to the lack of context, tone of voice and subtlety present in a direct voice conversation.

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Posted in: Defiant North Korea fires more artillery warning shots See in context

Yea this could be it, the fall of NK. China will have no choice but to accept whatever international force hits NK.

Im amazed that some people blamed the MoD for waiting 13mins to reply...id applaud the man for thinking the decision through a wee bit first! so this means the new guy wont make the same move?..will he return fire without a thought next time (next week)?? and a crowd of 200 protested...oh wow 200! thats nothing to take notice of..99.99% of SK folks obviously want peace!

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Posted in: What do you think of Wikipedia? See in context

I use it a lot for quick reference of e.g. statistics and facts on people and places, and its a lot easier than finding ur way thru the Web at times info but I do often get dissapointed at its shallow analysis of a lot of issues. When the interesting angles or disputing ideas are edited out we are often left with the "company line" version of whats acceptable as knowledge. (its quite pro-US policy) For this reason it cannot be taken as a serious academic work but as useful tool for gaining basic info on a wide range of topics

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Posted in: E-mail secondary as Facebook revamps messaging See in context

though i welcome in updates in the technology that makes contacting people less of a pain in the butt...i do suspect that despite the promises on privacy issues these kinda companies inevitably do what they want as much as they can get away with. I think id use their email address but not for important stuff, tho i think they already have all my personal info in their database. Google claims ownership of anything u send thru gmail and FB of anything u post....im going to regret that one day!

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Posted in: Ueno massage shop operators suspected of being N Korean operatives See in context

wow makes the whole country sound like gangsters....maybe theses girls are just pawns of organised crime in their home countries ,perhaps its not directly under govt control

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Posted in: Security subplots at APEC highlight China's growing might See in context

Interesting times...russia only understands brute force and the chinese dont even understand that...Japan will be colonised by chinese people step by step, and in the meantime the nationalists in Japan will push for nuclear armament as their last chance to hold back the other 2 giants.they might just get it too.

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Posted in: 3,000 pairs of stolen panties found in home of underwear thief See in context

i suppose if it was only 3 they can arrest him for posesion for personal use ...but 3000 , hes a dealer!

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Posted in: Grounding the JETs See in context

JET is a luxury that most non-english speaking countries would love to have. The complexity of making most effective use of it aside, just the fact that many small towns can have access to an English speaker is something that many are grateful for...lingusitically and culturally. Ive spent 20 years all thru asia being a guinea pig for everyones english language with a mixture of emotion about that. When I moved to Europe I found it exactly the same situtation! I thought Id escaped being the token foreigner..but no..it was .."oh wow lets hang out,I need to practice my english!". The fact is that people want to/need to learn english from all walks of life..from physicists to waiters so how can u supply enough trained teachers?? its impossible. so any contact of anysort is valuable.

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Posted in: 'Hobbit' films to be made in New Zealand as planned See in context

Good on the govt for backing the project so tehy can get into making the thing... I do sympathise with the unions as working for these major productions is pretty rough unless yure one of thetop names....so its good to see peole stand up for themselves more. Unfortunately the big guy wins again and employee abuse become the norm again...

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Posted in: Hooters to open first Japan restaurant in Tokyo on Oct 25 See in context

i thought they couldnt open a hooters store in Japan for so many years because there were no girls with big enough jugs to hire.....but finally, are we in luck???

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Posted in: One man’s culinary paradise is another’s cultural wasteland See in context

This article is way below journalism standards..lacking insight balance and any message of value.Its a shma eto waste the space with such amateur level stuff..thats what the comments section and blogs are for

P.S He praised Londons food! well i just had one week there and the food was the worst ive had in any major city...sauces from a bottle, bulk cheapo wines and sky high prices. all my friends agreed that London is the worst place for getting good food. Tokyo may have smaller portions but like anywhere you have to look hard to find the best ones

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Posted in: Israeli president: Iran threatens whole world See in context

Iran isnt such the enemy we are led to believe.....

Israel and Iranian military even have jointly developed military technology before Khomeini took over, and one of the biggest petroleum companies on the planet began in........Iran....its called BP!

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Posted in: 'Cove' director defiant on Yokota base ban, harassment See in context

The US govt has to suck up movies such as Farenheit 911 and even let it make profits due to the system having higher transparency....I dont recall it being prevented from being screened (or was it?).. and it went far deeper than a fishing scandal!

so more than the issue of Whale or Dolphin hunting, it about the freedom to pursue and voice your opinions and then also test how safe citizens are from their own governments

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Posted in: New film questions China's effect on world See in context

oh yea, i know 2 people, chinese citizens who went to the USA and are now in the US Army!! individual benefits of a salary, pension, green card etc. in exchange for a few years military service were more attractive than the worry that one day they might have to shoot at a PLA soldier from China!

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Posted in: New film questions China's effect on world See in context

i like ossans line of thought.

So what does it take for a country to become an Empire?? How many empires remain today?? well they arent made up of countries ,not centrally controlled by governments, they are made up of multinational corporations....e.g. the media empire of Rupert Murdoch

I dont think they are talking invasion and occupation tactics...thats more US policy (okay they will deal to their own dissident regions with more force for sure, brace yourself Tibet!) So we are talking about the growth of chinese multinationals to take out the top spots from US companies..this will be the real change in hegemony.

If they really do grow a huge military to rival the USs then theyll pull the same tricks as the USA and use force to intervene and give "guidance" in oil supplying regions..but under the guises of international cooperation and multinational forces..this is the smart way, they are smart diplomats

The reach of China can nowadays be seen heavily not only in the shelves of Fortune 500 number 1 (or 2) WalMart, but also deeper in infrastructure of the developing countries in Africa, the carribean, and small nations in the Pacific ocean and south America....why are there signs in chinese letters all over in some of these places?? because the Chinese have the buying power and are investing to secure supply lines of resources as well as doing local business as they do and always will do in every other country on earth( even in Iceland there are about 600 chinese compared to 300 germans)so theres no denying the outreach and influence chinas business wields. survival of the fittest in business, the chinese are damn fit.we need to be careful also not to create a boogeyman of the Chinese govt when inmany cases its millions of individual entrepreneurs inside and outside china (some that immigrated generations ago penniless) that are now reaping rewards from years of sweat and many tears in foreign lands.

As for Japan, well China wont need to take revenge with bombs ,if it can it will be happy to have Japan subservient economically

The greatest fear of the West though is that the central government itself may control one day control our domestic policies, block our internet, censor our movies.

Well, did anyone else manage it over the past 2000years?? what happened??? yea thats right! the people rose , the people fought, the people won.

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Posted in: Chinese navy chopper approaches Japanese destroyer near Okinawa See in context

well i dont think China has declared war on anyone so could it be just a freindly gesture...hi guys..how are ya? enjoying the lonely sea..like my new ride , its a heli ??....

is it truly a big deal if they cross a few sea boundaries occasionally...maybe they need visas first??

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Posted in: Mastering the way of the warrior: No belt required See in context

I am a martial artist of many years and was hoping for something deeper when seeing the headline... but enjoyed the article anyway. Having good honest fun in life is way superior to breaking bones and being super serious

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Posted in: Tokyo’s latest health craze goes straight for the jugular See in context

the scary thing is that OLS will see it as a way to diet..no need to eat! just plug in 3 times a week.....

human anatomy is carefully designed and the digestive process from the point of smelling food, muclse contaction of the jaw muscles to enzyme release ,movement of the stomach and intestines to its end is linked to many other body rhythms..brain waves, sleep etc.....

ok maybe once a month maybe...but yeah, just one slip up and some mislabelling mishap and the biz will collapse overnight!

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Posted in: Carradine may have died from sex act: Thai police See in context

yea man..gutted about this.....gotta be better ways to go..or perhaps not

anyway definitely was assisted and even paid for ...but the person involved did the smart thing and ran like hell!

Condolences to the Family and a sad bye to another legend in my own wee lifetime


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Posted in: Few Japanese benefit from living their 'Shanghai dream' See in context

so filled with anxiety she feels trapped ! but still working safely in Shanghai.. poor woman. Its easy to think the sky is falling on your head instead of embracing the wider world...where there is a will there is a way..she just hasnt found it yet.

when you grow up living in a box its hard when you discvover the lid comes off!

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Posted in: Marie, at AIDS awareness concert, says she has sex five times a day See in context

the only gals I know that actually do have sex twice a day are hookers!

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Posted in: Obama: Nationalization of GM to be short-term See in context

A move Long overdue..GM has been limping along for years now but its just been a matter of national pride to let it remain untouched..until now.

It will take some radical fundamental shifts to make a long lasting and highly competitive GM...it may even become unrecognisable except for the name itself...but this will be the only way forward. They will have to cooperate more in the developing countries economies,shifing more production closer to the cheap labour and crank out more green technologies, produce cheap ass cars for India, and steal designs from japan

Maybe they should train up 1000s local staff and send them all to Brazil and China to live!

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Posted in: Foreign mahjong pro becomes force on local gaming scene See in context

I hear Garthe Nelson is somewhat of a Pro Poker player also....a story on that would be interesting!

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Posted in: 'Teen repellent' in Adachi park spurs flood of inquiries See in context

ouch! just downloaded that....damn thats annoying

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Posted in: 22 foreign automakers to skip Tokyo Motor Show See in context

Im in china now and Nissan and Honda have massive facilities in this province. The markets are so huge they name the car brand after the city name like BeijingHonda...and demand is still high. Foreign companies have to come in as joint ventures with local companies so the technology transfer is happening rapidly. Hell theres even a chinese F1 car engine being developed...chinese produced cars are being marked to head for the US. its just a matter of time

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