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Posted in: Iraq receives Russian jets as it takes fight to militants See in context

Strangerland -- did you read my whole post? That was my whole point. Just like the U.S. made a huge mistake by following Russia into Afghanistan, I hope Russia makes the same mistake by getting involved in Iraq.

Amazing....this american sense of entitlement. Russia is HELPING you clean up your OWN mess and while you accepting their help you actually want to hurt your ALLIES. Same thing as america is doing to europe right now. Typical American mentality. I know for a fact that most Americans dont think the way you do. Unfortunately some do and give the rest of us americans a bad international image.

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Posted in: Ukraine signs historic EU pact, snubbing Russia See in context

I feel sorry for the rest of europe...ukraine has nothing to offer except beggars and prostitutes and debt to the EU.

JT how about reporting on all of the refugees fleeing prosecution from ukraine into russia? All of your reporting is clearly once sided.

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Posted in: Iran rejects U.S. action in Iraq; ISIL tightens Syria border grip See in context

iran has ALWAYS been the biggest sponsor and financier of terrorism

You mean usa... Not Iran.

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Posted in: Putin calls for compromise in Ukraine See in context

Putin has no political interest in Ukraine. Russian people are pressuring him to act on the descent violence towards russians in Ukraine. Putin has refused this as it would be playing into the hands of the hypocritical US government. Only the pipeline which runs through ukraine worries Putin. Russia will remain top gas supplier to europe. Even if it means watching Russian people die at the hands of the US/fascists. He is playing chess and he will win. Sorry America...its time for you to fade away.

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Posted in: Separatists shoot down Ukraine military plane, killing 49 See in context

Poor Ukraine! How long will the FREE world allow RUSSIA to continue its attack on the Ukraine?? Some idiot fools here and elsewhere want us to feel sorry for RUSSIA?? Screw you! Russia is already the LARGEST COUNTRY ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH but they are still GREEDY and wanting more and more land, power, $$ etc...can we trust RUSSIA?? Hell, not even the RUSSIANS trust their own country, just ask PUSSY RIOT.

The only person we should all feel sorry for is you...people like you are the reason the innocent die in conflict every day. Read some history, go back to school and keep your rediculous comments to yourself.

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Posted in: Separatists shoot down Ukraine military plane, killing 49 See in context

the head of Ukraine’s state energy firm said Kiev was ready to make a $1.95-billion (1.45-billion-euro) payment demanded by Moscow by Monday if Russia settled on a price of $326 per 1,000 cubic meters of gas

What this bias article fails to mention is that russia has been offerring Ukraine a 100usd discount per cubic meter lower than the rest of europe. Ukrainian side received money from Europe to pay for its debts however refuse to pay any money until the price is lowered even more. They want an even lower price for gas which in turn they will sell at a profit to other countries. Why in the world would any nation allow such blatant extorsion from any buyer. Not only do they refuse to pay for what they have already used but they refuse to negotiate and accept a discount on the european rate (which would also apply to their debt)

Russian has been asked to postpone gas cuts by the European community several times giving ukraine time to fill their reserve supplies for free. The 16th is the final deadline after which Ukraine will only receive gas it has paid for( russia has followed all proper rules and regulations while supplying ukraine with FREE gas)

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Posted in: U.S. considers air strikes as militants advance on Baghdad See in context

The US is funding and arming these same separatists in Syria....this is the same exact organization killing people in Iraq...

How can Americans look at this situation and still support their government???

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Posted in: Russia tells U.S. that Kiev must stop operation in east Ukraine See in context

Are you seriously expecting the media to be honest and unbiased? Good luck,

Nope, just being sarcastic...especially because this is blatantly bias.

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Posted in: Russia tells U.S. that Kiev must stop operation in east Ukraine See in context

toward its Soviet-era master Moscow rather than Europe.

I thought news was supposed be objective. Who ever wrote this is so one sided its sickening.

FYI russia has not been soviet for over 2 decades. You should stop fueling US propaganda and actually educate your readers.

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Posted in: Ukraine's new leader stands up to Moscow over Crimea and Europe See in context

Sfjp...what makes you believe that Russia would ever risk starting a war with NATO or any other European country. All of europe is interdependent. Russian needs Europe as much as they need Russia. Clearly seen by lack of sanctions on the part of europe.

As far as NATO is concerned... They are pretty much a division of the US government. They will follow the lead of the Americans in any conflict. Therefore the hypothetical confrontation would only happen if entirely instigated by the US.

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Posted in: Ukraine's new leader stands up to Moscow over Crimea and Europe See in context

Sfjp....do you seriously believe US wants to defend Ukraine because they care about Democracy.... The rest of Europe can see that US is trying to eliminate competitors for a rich European gas market. America is clearly the bad guy here.

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Posted in: Ukraine's new leader stands up to Moscow over Crimea and Europe See in context

Maybe Russia can compensate Ukraine for Crimes. A year's worth of free gas?

You mean the year of free gas they already gave Ukraine since they haven't been paying for it.

Maybe they should just shut off the gas and let Ukraine "buy" it from Europe at double the cost....let's see how EU likes it when they dont pay for what they use.

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Posted in: Ukraine, Russia launch crisis talks on gas, insurgency See in context

Ukraine has refused to pay the bills in protest at Russia’s decision to nearly double rates in the wake of the February ouster of Kiev’s Kremlin-backed president.

Wow! Once again JT fails to mention that Ukraine had been receiving gas at half price from russia since the very beggining(and not paying for any of it). Then russia simply raised prices to the same rate as the rest of europe.

But of course Ukraine and US want to place sanctions on russia and destroy the country diplomatically and financially not to mention kill thousands of Russians on ukeanian soil and STILL expect to be given gas at half the price and not paying for it.

If that's not biting the hand that feeds I don't know what it...

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Posted in: China uses D-Day anniversary to praise Germany, slam Japan See in context

I am not convinced that it is 'right' when a hypocrite says something they obviously do not believe in.

Why not? People believe what the US government tells them.

Besides Japan has not sincerely apologized and never will because of the deep down belief that they are still superior to their Chinese founders. Too much pride and inability to accept the reality of modern times (or follow norms estabablished in other developed countries) is the reason Japan is hated by all of its Asian neighbors.

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Posted in: Putin: Ceasefire needed for Ukraine talks See in context

The offer is likely part of a more complex deal negotiated through the OSCE. The coup government has made zero progress. The federalist movement is growing after the Odessa massacre in which at least 36 of them were killed by a right wing mob and countless civilians being mortarad on streets and in hospitals in eastern ukraine. The coup government has little to gain but much to lose, half of the country, should it reject a deal.

But what are the external interest behind the coup puppets? The U.S. may like to continue and even escalate the confrontation while core European country have interests to calm everything and everyone down. Who of those will win?

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Posted in: Japan to ban possession of child porn, but manga, anime exempt See in context

There are a lot of more holy than thy posts. Why should Japan give the Hague veto power over our laws? Will the USA give the world court veto power over its laws? Anyhow it is cartoons, next you will want to put people in prison for stick child porn. This will make real child porn illegal. Why do foreign people want to dictate laws to Japan?

To protect Japanese children from being molested by mentally unstable japanese men who often confuse reality with virtual reality or fiction.

Someone has to stand up for the inocent, even if your own government won't .

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Posted in: G7 tells Russia to end Ukraine destabilization or face more sanctions See in context

I'm curious how is Russia destabilizing Ukraine?

They pulled troops from the boarder...they are not allowed by NATO to send essential food and supplies to Russian speaking citizens in Donetsk...

Must be because Russia has NOT turned off gas supply to Ukraine even when full payment has not been made for gas that is being consumed by the government that is exterminating its own population.

It must be because Russia has so far accepted 7000 refugees in counting that are trying to escape being slaughtered by the own government. Perhaps G7 would like to see them all exterminated without any possible means of escape. And for this to all spill onto russian soil.

If this is not genoside I dont know what is...

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Posted in: 6 former 'comfort women' demand apology from Japan See in context

t her demand is compensation payment, which should be directed to South Korean government rather than Japanese

Her demand is an apology for years of forced suffering...rape...and a demand for recognition of this event for what it was...essentially a mass rape and murder of hundreds of thousands of women. She's trying to make sure that her suffering will not be forgotten similar to the suffering endured by the Jews. If you erase is from history it will make what happened to her and thousands of women like her who did not survive the rape completely meaningless and no lessons would be learned at all by the Japanese.

Even if the human being is sold into slavery it does not make it ok to abuse and treat that human being as an animal. These women had no choice and were clearly forced into brothels to be raped. A fate far worse than death of starvation.

Maybe you can ask your mother,sister or wife if they would prefer death to hand rape by thousands of enemy soldiers on a daily basis for years. I'm sure you would find their answers surprising...

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Posted in: In Poland, Obama sees a guidepost for Ukraine See in context

While Ukraine’s successful elections were an important milestone, Poroshenko faces enormous challenges stabilizing his country’s economy, ensuring a steady flow of energy supplies and tamping down violence stirred up by pro-Russian separatists who have occupied eastern cities.

Good job JT for posting yet another unfounded and bias article. 1) what justifies successful election (pro western leaders which half the country didn't vote for) 2)ensuring steady energy flow (by not paying their overdue gas bills, expecting special treatment from Russia while blaming everything on the Russian government) 3)the pro Russian separatists (you mean citizens of ukraine which do not agree or accept the new government and are being slaughtered because of it while the rest of the world can not do a thing since it is not in the interest of big boss obama)

And before the moderator removes this for being "off topic". Obama is just looking for another place to put a military base in europe to expand the ever ending reach of the US of A. All to be funded by the wealthy (intended sarcasm) people of Poland. I think we can all see who the clear winner would be in that situation.

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Posted in: Oliver Stone to write, direct Edward Snowden film See in context

Bass...how exactly can you see through their "bs". Are you psychic? Were you there when any of this happened? Do you think spying on your citizens and alies illegaly is justified by slapping a bs "national security label" on it. The US government broke the law, and betrayed the constitution they have sworn to uphold. Justify that.

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Posted in: 6 former 'comfort women' demand apology from Japan See in context

Try putting yourself into the shoes of these comfort women. I'm sure even at 88 they remember being gang raped for years and seeing their friends die in most horrific ways.

They deserve to be formally apologized to as many times as they want...for as long as they are alive. And no one should ever forget this atrocity.

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Posted in: Obama defends deal with Taliban to free U.S. soldier See in context

Yabits... I am aware of that...was just pointing out the hypocrisy of this whole administration.

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Posted in: Oliver Stone to write, direct Edward Snowden film See in context

Bertie...you absolutely right. What they dont understand is even if snowden does come back to US to face the music he will never receive a fair trial. It will never be publicized. There are security issues and will never be available to the general public. Most likely if he came back he would be quickly sentenced and the public would be fed another lie. Not to mention he would simply disappear...no one would ever mention him again.

He's doing us a public service by staying in Russia and continuing to release information to the media. Apparently there is a lot more to come and this new information will be far more embarassing to the US govt.

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Posted in: Abe pushes North Korea on abductions, but must stay in tune with U.S. See in context

Abe can't disobey his american master...need to get permission first. So sad..I wonder how long Japan will keep taking it...US should at least buy Abe dinner first.

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Posted in: Ukraine president faces tough realities at home See in context

Superlib...you really need to understand basic facts. Poroshenko is killing his own population, bombing hospitals and committing genocide on his own soil. This is obvious to every one. These are facts. The US does not care about regular people. This is fact...proven time and time again...Iraq,libia,Egypt and now Ukraine. Russia is accepting thousands of refugees from Ukraine with open arms. The russian government accepts anyone who has faced injustice from their own government. Be it a president who was illegaly run out of office or a whistleblower who had his passport revoked and had to remain in russian(one who actually exposed the illigality and immorality of the us government... Once again) Perhaps in America everyone who is not with you should be killed. Not in modern Russia. People have compassion and respect for life.

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Posted in: Obama defends deal with Taliban to free U.S. soldier See in context

Obama broke the law... Maybe Kerry can tell him to man up and face trial. Because apparently even if breaking the law actually helps your feelow countryman one is still required to pay the price for breaking the law....common Obama set an example for Snowden.

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Posted in: U.S. farm groups seek to exclude Japan from TPP trade talks See in context

America (easential american business's) tries to exclude everyone who does not serve its best interests. Its time everyone excluded America. As nothing positive comes from the country. Below standard food and horrible programing are only things besides debt that the country has to offer. American has no friends only servants.

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Posted in: Kerry tells Snowden to 'man up' and come home to stand trial See in context

I went to Russia twice and I wasn't impressed at all about their cuisine, but that's me

Thats probably because it didn't come with fries and an extra large Coke. Your bias is showing.

Edward Snowden is a national hero. The only person "man" enough to risk his life and safety for the benefit of his own people. Even ones that are too "patriotic" to see it.

In Russia he can enjoy beautiful skinny girls and a standard of living that is much higher than most of the united states.( never seen places as poor as Michigan)

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Posted in: Obama to urge Europe to keep up pressure on Russia See in context

Russian is the only country that won't bend over and take it from the Americans. Must be so frustrating to be denied total world domination.

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Posted in: Obama to meet Ukraine president-elect in Poland See in context

Obama is just trying to isolate Russia to sell gas from the states to the EU and Ukraine. He does not give a pigs tail about what is actually going on within Ukraine. On June 3rd russia will turn off the gas for unpaind bills and obama will use this as an excuse to push american gas down the throats of the EU. This will of course increase gas prices 2x and in turn the price of anything else that requires gas. ( which is everything) The EU knows this and will not place sanctions on Russia.

The china-russia gas deal set a new benchmark for gas prices in Asia. Soon russia will secure a gas deal with japan(building a pipeline to Hokkaido). This is why Putin is offering japan those islands...he wants to normalize relations. This will be extremely beneficial to japan and will put japan in a difficult position with its American masters.

Australia does not want this to happen as they wish to export their gas to japan...at a higher cost of course. Canada needs to export gas to EU as gas exports to the US have all but stopped as america is producing enough gas to meet domestic supply.

The three countries (us, Australia, Canada) are the only ones now supporting actions and sanctions against Russia because they all want and in Canada's case desperately need to export their natural resources to Europe and Japan. Of course they do not care about the cost to the average European and japanese consumer.

This is exactly why europe will still use Russian gas. Let's hope japanese governemt cares somewhat about the welfare of their country.

As for obama...he's just playing the "with us or against us game". Which insidentaly has nothing to do with Ukraine or its people.

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