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What's amazing is that Kim herself was gracious in defect but the Korean people undermind that with anger and childishness.

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Japanese policy is and will indefinitely be driven by the US. China knows this and will play it to its advantage. There will never be any military provocation from either side as both know and fear financial consequences of such actions. China knows that they can bully Japan and are now pushing more and more. The usa will stand by the sidelines and continue to urge dialogue, thats all they can ever do as they are partially owned by china and will continue to need China to buy its increasing debt. Eventually Japan will have no choice but to give in to china as they are becoming more and more financially dependent on them as well. Right now Japan is trying to establish itself as the major power in Asia. However they have no support from any other narion except the weakened and now becoming irrelevant usa.

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Chucky....all those links are bias and have no relevance. Just opinions of a loser country. Judges have already provided an explanation for the score. sodnikova did more and was awarded gold for it. Simple and easy...and no matter how much the US and Korea hate russia will change the fact that they are simply better and thats why they won gold.

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Posted in: Ukraine parliament removes Yanukovich See in context is irrelevant and will not be able to influence Russian policy one way or another. Ukraine will always depend on russia for natural resources and any intervention by the west will and has proved to be short lived. Its actually funny that you say that US will stand by and support the Ukrainian people. What you really mean to say is that US will support any uprising that will challenge the pro Russian government. This of course comes as no surprise as it has happened before in seria where US has supplied weapons to alkaeda resistance groups. Same groups that threatens US security. US government will do anything to protect its financial interests at any danger cost to their own people. The funny and ironically strange thing is that American people will blindly follow any decision that their government makes as long as there is a label of democracy and freedom to justify their actions.

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Lostrune..yes...unintentional I'm sure just like quick does in the NHL. I am not surprised the US is losing. It's karma. Quick cheated against Russia by knocking the net off, nullifying the go ahead Russian goal. And, Kane, in the game against Canada, pretended he go hit in the face, drawing a penalty. I'm sure there were many more.The usa had no chance to win from the beggining. Finland was clearly a better team devastating the usa team with a 5-0 victory. Suddenly the Russian defeat by Finland doesn't seem so bad. At least they scored 1goal. Let's face the fact that USA was a weak team that should have never gone through to the semi finals.

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This comes as no surprise. The States hadn't truly been as dominating as the media had previously reported. They should have lost to the Russians if it wasn't for the net being knocked from its moorings. The Canadians, like the Finns simply had their way with them. to be honest the U.S. had the look of being shell shocked from their bout with the Russians onward.

Congratulations to the Finnish Hockey team.

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Technosphere...not crying or whining just stating the facts. You dont see me starting petitions to change the results do you?

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Posted in: Canada to face Sweden in men's ice hockey final See in context was a bad call because the net had been moved by quick. The goal would have definitely counted in the NHL. It wasnt this time and it wasn't noticed by the referee until after the goal was scored. They did review it and the puck went into the net. The angle of the puck actually had less chance of going in after the net was moved. In NHL this would have been concidered as well. Why dont you tell Gold to stop being a sore loser and complaining about the referees decision in figure skating. She didn't even place and still complained. But I guess its in an Americans nature to be a hypocrite.

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No one cares what the Koreans and Japanese think. The gold medal was awarded to the best skater. Sotnikova had a clearly more difficult routine and went for broke in her free program. Kim played it more safe and didn't score as many points. The american of course wined about losing but thats expected from america. No matter how many signatures you get to reverse the decision it will not happen. 1.5 million is many Koreans are there? I'm surprised more of them didn't sign that ridiculous petition.

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The reason that PS4 was released in US before Japan is simple. Sony wants to win the usa market and make sure they have enough consoles to match demand. As far as Japan is concerned sony could care less about the loyalty of their Japanese fans. They know that Japanese would buy PlayStation over Xbox even if Xbox was cheaper and better just because Japanese only buy Japanese. So sony gave jap fans the shaft. Pretty embarrassing actually being the last country to receive the PS4. Xbox turned out to be worse so its a no brainer for sony either way.

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Lostrune....hey dude..russia beat USA 3-2. USA won due to a bad call by the american ref. Finland is better than Russia and definitely much better than the USA.

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Canada won! Thats great! They are a much better than the US. Can't wait to see america face Finland and lose!

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This was posted by

...It’s debatable, but not a robbery. Sotnikova skated well enough to win gold. She had a carefully constructed program with seven triples, five of which were in a combo. Kim had six and three, respectively. Thus, Sotnikova was going in with a higher total and made more margin for error, which she took advantage of with a minor hop after one exchange.

Also to whoever said the Kim was booed....The crowd cheered Kim’s program, but it was muted, as if the crowd was sitting on its hands, waiting for the favorite to fail so the native daughter could win gold. It’s hard to be arbitrary when there’s so much emotion at play.

NBCSN’s figure skating announcers, Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski, didn’t offer much criticism when Kim’s score was announced and Sotnikova was revealed to be the winner. But after Sotnikova’s scores came out earlier in the program, Weir alluded to a potential home-ice advantage. But Weir backtracked later, saying he agreed with the podium “100%.” Lipinski said Sotnikova deserved to win because she skated with the most heart.

If kim was really so much better that she deserved gold she would have clearly won without any doubt like the Japanese did in men's.

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Smithinjapan...I agree that the home town favorite has an advantage but I believe that advantage comes from skating on home turf. Just as any home team experiences in any sport. However the judges for any olimpic event do not get appointed by the host country. They get appointed by the Olympic commission. This commission is not Russia based. For the Russians the hockey was probably the most important event. They lost due to a bad call by the official who was an American by the way. If there was to be any even in which to cook the books if you will it would be hockey. That didn't happen and the Putin was actually watching that game. Unfortunately bad calls happens in any sport, you are absolutely right about that. However it is unfair to say that the international Olympic judges for figure skating would definitely give away the gold medal to the host country. Especially since neither you or I are qualified to judge figure skating. To be honest I find Maos performance dry and lacking emotion. She reminds me of a figure skating robot. So I feel she doesn't deserve the praise she gets. But again its my opinion and I'm not a professional judge so I accept her international standing.

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Or we could just accept that Russia won. SK was second and jap was 6th.

Really that hard to accept the facts...Russia accepted being robbed of victory over US in hockey.

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Wow, I bet if this tournament took place in USA and an American won some of you wouldn't be crying about a home cooked result.

The Russian won fair and by the way its very difficult to be bias in Olympic figure skating now days. Especially after past events like salt lake.

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Superlib..the cold war is over and times are changing. You think that just because you are american and Americans accepted gay rights that gives you the right to dictate what other independent countries do. Just because america considers itself the world police doesn't mean that whatever you say will be done by everyone. Yes you can bully and destroy other countries like Iraq and libia that don't suit your interests but you can't with Russia. They are too big and powerful. They are independent from the EU and have a huge wealth of natural resources as well as military strength.

The point in making is that just because youAmericans think that something is right doesn't mean that every country has to follow suit. Take care of your own homeless starving jobless nation first. Provide them with healthcare and education. Maybe then you can see that other countries with a much greater and longer history have different mindsets and different level of acceptance to pro-homesexual propaganda.

As for the Russian hockey team...yes they lost but they lost to Finland and USA will too if they face them. Russia clearly won the game against USA.

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Mitch Kohen...there would not be any home cooked judging ..just look at the mens hockey game in which an american judge disalowed a russian goal which cost them the game and eventually the tournament...hey have had too much bias judging in the past in figure skating and now all judges are specially selected to make sure that doesn't happen.

those websites you provided are american based. Perhaps the reason that they are upset is the fact that the american got 4th place. They recently featured Gold in time magazine which is usually reserved for people who win a medal. Now that it looks her hopes are fading the us media blames the judges.

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Strangerland...hahaha you think Russia is a third world country. Wow you must be american. I've seen worse parts of Michigan than anywhere in Russia. America is becoming irrelevant and Russia is becoming a major superpower again. I know it hurts...and I know its hard to accept but its the truth...most Americans are fat,lazy and don't like to work. Russia and China are the new america. Russia has natural resources and China controls manufacturing. America has only debt and is pretty much owned by china now. So I suggest you get to studying and maybe you can eventually get a job in China or Russia.

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Posted in: Russia crashes out of men's ice hockey; Canada to face USA in semifinals See in context is a statement from a guy who plays with quick in LASOCHI, Russia – Russian defenseman Slava Voynov knows Team USA goalie Jonathan Quick well, as they're teammates with the Los Angeles Kings. Too well, maybe, because he knows all of Quick's little tricks — including those times when he'll dislodge the net intentionally during an opponents' onslaught. Saturday afternoon in Sochi, during Team USA's 3-2 shootout win against Russia in an Olympic preliminary showdown, may have been one of those times.

“I can tell you myself, because I am his teammate and I play with him. It is in his style to do something like that. Yes,” he said. “The question is why wasn’t it noticed? That’s the question to the referees."

finland is a good team that gets a chance to practice together far more than Russia. And if russia won that game with the USA, the americans would have to play Finland and would probably lose as well. And Russia would definitely win against Slovakia.

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This guy is has no humanity in him. Anyone that will kill for money deserves to die themselves. Life in prison is just a burden for all of us paying taxes. They should isolate him until his death and not allow him to see his family. All the things he took away from the young girl and her family. The fact that he's a foreigner has nothing to do with his capability to commit a crime. And if you want to stereotype that all foreigners are more capable of commiting serious crimes them in turn we can stereotype that Japanese people are more likely to molest and murder their own children. The point is nationality has nothing to do with it. If he grew up here he was probably more Japanese than Romanian anyway. His accomplice was also Japanese.

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The secrecy law is disturbing to say the least. Its a step back when it comes to a much needed internationalization of Japan. Most Japanese think that Japanese thinking is right and foreign ideology is just that gaijin...but they are slowly beginning to realize that Japan is in fact the gaijin in their approach to most things in business ideology and life. At leasr when it comes to the opinion of the rest of the world. Japan having no natural resources an aging population and economy desparetly needs the rest of the world.

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I wonder what would happen if a punk group barged into a cathedral in Ne York undoubtedly the police would be called to remove them. And if they didn't cooperate I wonder if force would be used...hypocritical america people can legally buy a gun on the street and sell to anyone they wish without so much as a background check, we attack countries without provocation and remove governments to suit our interests...yet we still feel like we can tell other countries how to behave....

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Sfjp330... You are exactly right. The Russian team has no chance to practice since they arw pretty much stacked with NHL players and rules of the Olympic tournament are different. If the 3rd goal was counted in the USA vs Russia game then the story would be different. The fact that the goal was not counted even though by NHL rules it should have been and no penalty was issued to quick for dislodging the goal(which he has done many times in the NHL) shows that its not just skill that's nessesary to win an Olympic game but precise knowledge of every loop hole in the rules. By all rights Russia should have won that game. they are clearly a more talented team. As for the finals...USA definitely will not make the final and it will probably be Sweden vs finland or Canada.

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Exactly dutchduck....I can't believe the bias of this article...lipnitskaya may have fallen but she's still in 5th place and in contention for a medal. Mao is not...she did the same boring old routine with no feeling and emotion like a robot. She fell over and over and was just not as good as the Russians and Koreans. Simple facts. I realize losing is a sore subject for Japan but one needs to remain objective and fair.

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