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Posted in: Japan links Australian submarine bid to regional security See in context

Soon there will come a time where China and Russia will start to dominate and dictate what goes on in Asia. Australia and Japan along with SK and US must start building strong security packs to prevent China and Russia running amok in the region. This submarine procurement should be a 'no brainer' if Aussies have any intelligence they have to buy only from Japan and Japan must not pull a fast one over and sincerely cooperate and share everything.

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan hold first post-summit talks on WWII sex slaves See in context

Germany did it and Japan can too maybe even better and don't try to change or erase History!

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Posted in: Message for Abe See in context

Why do Mr ABE indifferently offend China and Korea than desperately seek summit meetings while attending Yasukuni to pay tribute to Criminals who caused the atrocities in China and Korea? Why are Japanese so good at apologizing to their own kind but not to others which they have caused so much misery?

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Posted in: Ahead of summit, China urges Japan to make break from 'inglorious' past See in context

for many people pride won't allow admitting to mistakes and wrongdoing in the past, many still believe they lost the war to U.S. and not to Korea or China therefore apology is unnecessary... shortsighted view like this will disallow Japan to have a leadership role in Asia unlike Germans who accepted their faults, apologized profoundly and moved on. Japan is still stuck in the past arguing what they did or didn't do unwilling to move foreward.

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Posted in: Japan says summit with South Korea not confirmed See in context

Why can't we learn from our mistakes in the past and Not try to ERASE it Mr Abe?

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Posted in: Taiwan president says country should remember good things Japan did See in context

Brilliant so a third world countries should welcome colonization in the name of progress? Is this Taiwan Prez mentally fit for the office? Wouldn't you rather be independent and free than having a foreign ruler as your master?

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Posted in: Japan concerned over prospect of S Korea jail time for reporter See in context

Sankei Shibuni is infamous for bashing pres park totally out of line and Japanese govt would do the the same if foreign reporter was utterly malicious toward it's leader or dare defame the imperial family.

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Posted in: Japan hits out at UNESCO for archiving Nanjing massacre documents See in context

It is extremely regrettable Japan or should I say ABE administration & LDP time after time denies these horrors caused by Imperial Japan ever existed. After what they have done it truly is an insult to a deep wound that stop healing ever since Mr Abe took office.

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Posted in: China debuts film on its last surviving 'comfort women' at Busan festival See in context

Abe and LDP will never acknowledge the horror these women experienced ever existed that's why the World will never acknowledge Mr Abe & LDP as true leaders of Japan.

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Posted in: China detains 2 Japanese men on espionage charges See in context

For every Japanese Spy in China their probably is ten times more Chinese Spy cells in Japan... China has the largest espionage network in the world and they are talking about anti-espionage???

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Posted in: Australia favors local build for huge submarine deal See in context

South Koreans have been building licensed U209 and U214 from HDW/Germany for years and now ready to indigenously build 3000t class SSK. I don't see why Aussies can't do the same or even better, Japanese Consortium and the Govt must allow foreign build of Soryu class if they really want this deal to go thru... German SSK subs are the best in the business and the U216 sub they are offering to Aussies will be the crown jewel of their line up, Japan must be willing to share even the most top secret tech and have Aussies build it themselves in order to win this contract. By the way the non-nuclear submarine doesn't mean it's not cable of launching a nuclear attack, these subs can launch a missile armed with nuclear warhead via torpedo tube into the atmosphere so they are as powerful and deadly as the bigger nuclear submarines.

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Posted in: As Europe opens its doors, Japan considers clamping down harder on asylum seekers See in context

Escaping war is not a good enough reason for assylum? Are you kidding me, than what is? We all know about the grisly condition in Syria... and we're turning our backs on these people especially children? Mighty Japan always positioning to be the World leader cant't even help a handful of these reugees... accepting only 7 out of 5000 is a JOKE! We should all be so proud.

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Posted in: China's island-building faces scrutiny at Asia security talks See in context

China is growing too bold and ambitious for it's own good.

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Posted in: Japan eyes British help to sink German bid for Australian submarine See in context

Greatest obstacle is that Japanese Consortium and Govt won't allow the build take place outside of Japan and Germans have tons of experience with license build World Wide, plus Germans are willing to hand over the tech 100% and Japan is not... Koreans successfully built German U209 and U214 under license from over a decade ago and now planning to build a 3000 ton class completely on there own. Ultimately Aussies are aiming to the same but with Soryu Class that may not be possible, the key to deal may depend on whether J Consortium be willing to have the build occur outside Japan.

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Posted in: China envoy warns Japan not to backtrack on WW2 remorse See in context

mr abe will never admit to wrongdoing and will continue to deride the victims and those who suffered greatly. i wonder how he intend to achieve greatness and respect he desires for japan while being indifferent to the rest of the World.

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Posted in: Japan posts photos of Chinese platforms in East China Sea See in context

it all boils down to oil and gas in these waters, this is the cause and reason for all the tension and dispute... hope they won't find a single drop of anything...

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Posted in: Japanese company apologizes to U.S. POWs for WWII forced labor See in context

How about an apology to hundreds of thousands of Korean forced laborers who were the core of Imperial Japanese forced laborers. I bet Mitsubishi and others will never admit there guilt to these people...

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Posted in: Japan's military chief says South China Sea surveillance possible See in context

Self Defence Force??? Now with Abe's new legislation altering Article 9 it's now MORE LIKE... Self Attack Force of Japan.

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Posted in: Lower house OKs security bills despite opposition boycott See in context

THIS IS IT. This is the moment in History where Japanese Military recurrence takes shape again and again it will be dagger that slaughter peace and unity in the region if not the World, just you wait..

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Posted in: Korean protest See in context

NO Mr ABE NO!!! Abe is laughing stock of the World... turning a blind eye to History and hoping the World will respect his military resurgence. Nobody is going to respect or appreciate Japanese Imperialism ever again.

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Posted in: Honda to pay $25 mil to settle U.S. discrimination claims See in context

so much for the honest japanese businesses... shame on you honda.

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Posted in: Boy hit and killed by train left note saying he was bullied See in context

We must teach kids "ijimekkos" to fight back and learn to take control of their lives. Taking ones own life to escape pain is not an option. I am truly sorry for the loss

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Posted in: Denying WWII sex slavery stains Japan's honor: Kono See in context

Mr. Kono is a true Patriot and a Hero in minds of majority of Japanese who wishes lasting peace and mutual cooperation in Asia.

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Posted in: Abe's support rate lowest since taking office in 2012 See in context

I am so glad people are standing up against Mr Abe and this whole nonsense about changing Article 9. This article specifically prohibits Japan from engaging in War due to territorial dispute and forbid involvement in a conflict outside of Japan. If we change this law Japan will be dragged into wars and conflicts we have no business being in and ultimately turn territorial disputes into armed conflicts. When it comes down to defending Japan there is going to be a Huge difference between defending Japan under the pretext of Pacifist Policy or defending/attacking under Aggressive non-pacifist policy.

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Posted in: Constitutional questions grow over Abe's military plans See in context

Seems to me Abe is making it sound like US is pushing for mandates for military expansion but we all know that is absolutely untrue.

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Posted in: Denying WWII sex slavery stains Japan's honor: Kono See in context

first of all it's ludicrous to think Japan has the right to end the 'apologies'... the reason it's still an issue is because Japan simply haven't accepted it's crimes completely and apologized enough.

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Posted in: S Korean court finds swimmer Tomita guilty of stealing camera See in context

SK Police was extremely professional and courteous to Tomita... It's time to fess up and be a man, you can't deny the evidences it's too damning unless you're a Prime Minister of Japan.

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Posted in: Asia should put WWII behind it: Singapore PM See in context

Put it behind? Well that's what Countries like China and S Korea who suffered the blunt of Japan's aggression have been doing for the past 70 yrs... BUT when you have a hawkish PM reminiscing the Imperial prowess of the past and keep hashing up the past by denying History and challenging the past apologies Japanese leader have made than it becomes very difficult to leave it Behind.

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Posted in: A message for the PM See in context

Majority of japan's young adults just don't care... most of them are ignorant and indifferent to atrocities of Japan's past aggressions. More than likely kids will glamorize the idea of War and defending the Country with arms in hand.

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Posted in: Ruling coalition finalizes bills to boost Japan's military role See in context

so the arms race stop war. don't expect other countries to just sit idly and watch japan build it's military.

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