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Posted in: Utada’s blog receives 1 million views in 24 hours See in context

She took a matured test on her fan base. She somehow has grown beyond her boundary of contents and melody to hit her fans' hearts and souls. Michael Jackson used to take a short break for a meditation in India before he released his new album totally beating at a different sound. Hoping Utada finds her inner tune in happiness of family, love, and friends. She can add another cultural sphere into her genre - Japanese-American style. Good Luck!

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Posted in: Toshiba announces Wipe Technology for self-encrypting disk drives See in context

It is a first stage for Toshiba to regain the global market shares of hard-drive disks at a security expectation. Mobile devices may work with more remote command software to keep sensitive date safe and reliable. Japan's IT industries and computer technologies have maintained its fresh competitiveness in the 21st century.

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Posted in: Softbank, Zynga to develop, distribute social games See in context

It may initiate a new wave of online game development communities in Japan to reduce an unemployment rate from other shrinking industries. Japanese engineers and software developers will join India, China, Russia, and USA in social game industries. Try your best, Japan!

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Posted in: X Japan makes U.S. debut at Lollapalooza See in context

It is a good start for Japan's Rock metal waves shaking American hearts and minds beyond cars, anime, manga, and electronics. Summer's heat may pass fans out under the sun. Chicago is a good place for a new tour. Good luck to X Japan.

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Posted in: Minako Komukai puts on bondage show See in context

Minako Komukai is among many female performers in Japan to preserve one of unique entertainment culture in Japan. Viewpoints of bondage vary from people to people. Some criticize, while others appreciate. 1000 men were delighted by watching the show. Foreign visitors have different viewpoints on Japan's porn and exotic dances like a job Minako Kumukai does. In US, Europe, China, and other countries, people seem to ignore such billion dollars profits on public media, but it has grown and expanded into different forms. Even films and online sources can demonstrate such special interests to worldwide audiences, but being like 100 men above is a rare chance for foreign visitors to experience. Europe has developed exotic arts in different forms, China and India also have similar arts, but Japan has implicitly extended into different forms. Some people like reducing stress and other mental syndrome through extreme physical activities or special performance.

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Posted in: Shinobu Terajima talks about cinema, sex scenes and why she hates doing commercials See in context

Shinobu Terajima has reflected her voice on JT, but I don't know whether she has debated professionally in Japanese media forums like TV companies and big newspapers in Japan. Metropolis Magazine is an English-speaking magazine for foreign residents in Tokyo and Japan. Her points are good, but She has not understood her own culture - Japanese culture. Foreign directors have chosen Chinese actresses playing Japanese roles in some big-budget movies like "Memoir of Geisha". The matter here is an audience of these international films is not Japanese so that film directors can chose famous or familiar Chinese actresses or actors to bring in movie-goers for the box-office revenues. Who cares actresses or actors Japanese or not?? For a reason why international film directors have not chosen Japanese actresses and actors in international films is another question. You need to go back and live in Japan. Talento agencies, in Japan, have their own methods and ideologies of developing their businesses. Japanese managers usually focus on Japanese audiences rather than Asian or worldwide audiences. Chinese media companies have grown globally for decades, not a few years since Hong Kong used to be a hub of movie industries in Asia before India's film industries has grown by its population. Now China's market has integrated with Hong Kong, Taiwan, Hollywood and other countries to make its name bigger. Who will debate Japan's film industry?

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Posted in: Ebizo-Mao wedding gets average 18.7% viewer rating See in context

For the TV rating, a result varies from time to time because Japanese consumers'moods and economic condition. Japan was in the peak of the economic miracle in 1987, and a good shape in 2007 before the 2008 financial crisis occurred in Wall Street. 18.7% and 26% were good results for their wedding ceremony on NTV program.

Japan and other Asian countries have its culture and traditions centered around family values. A mother-and-daughter relationship is appreciated and maintained before and after marriage. On 9:13 pm, Japanese viewers paid more attention to the ceremony as persuasive explanation to the previous statement. A Lavish ceremony is not popular in the current situation.

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Posted in: Katy Perry to perform in Japan on Aug 16 See in context

She looks like a wild summer to heat Japanese fans. American Music is performed in Japanese Colors to gain both for Japan and US in ASIA zone. Japan has lured more Chinese tourists these days with J-Pop culture and traditional values. Chinese government has kept Japan's Bonds for both nations' benefits. Young fans may have another chance to enjoy American sweetness and melody.

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Posted in: Honami Suzuki returns to NHK Taiga drama after 11 years See in context

Welcome back Honami-san. You used to earn Tokyo's hearts with the great movie - Tokyo Love Story. It had a sweet song. Japan has began to promote Japanese women's new contributions to Japan's future. It has been an honor for you to be a wife, a mother, and now come back with NHK. Cheers!!!

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Posted in: Anzen Chitai gets another groupie for the road: Noriko Aota See in context

Wow!!! a bunch of crazy fans is crowding here!!! Just kidding. Anyone needs a coke? Summer is around. If you like learning Japanese-English words, you may ask a "sensei", if you like dancing free, you may ask HK mode? Japanese people usually use English differently than English people do. I guess so. If you are 18, she is old enough to be your M. otherwise, your sister!!!

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