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Posted in: Osaka police sergeant arrested for putting smartphone between woman's legs on train See in context

I was on an escalator in Akihabara Station the other day and there was a sign warning ladies to be on the lookout for people taking upskirt photos.

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Posted in: SDF pilot arrested for taking photos up girl's skirt at train station See in context

I remember years ago when camera phones were introduced with the ability to turn of the shutter sound. My Japanese girlfriend at that time told me that she didn't like that feature because too many guys would use it to take perv pics.

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Posted in: Dozens of Pikachus make landfall in Yokohama See in context

For some reason I have an urge to cycling to Yokohama for this event...

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Posted in: Aya Ueto TV commercial queen for first six months of 2014 See in context

I once asked a Japanese person why so many adverts showcase celebrities... Her answer was straight forward: If companies did not use top list celebrities, people would wonder if that company was financially OK.

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Posted in: Second Ebola patient headed to U.S.; N.Y. tests possible victim See in context

Ticking time bomb. Someone will get through and then watch the panic spread like wildfire.

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Posted in: Life in a fish tank See in context

I like that tank. Also the Don Quiote on Yamate-Dori has a nice tank too.

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Posted in: Crowded beach See in context

I have visited Shonen beach once during the summer and then swore I would never go again. It is far too crowded to do anything other than sit and feel like you are on the morning commute train in Tokyo.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor defends venue relocation plans See in context

Expenses can be 30, 40, 50 times more than the original plan

Everyone who worked on the plan should never be allowed to work in accounting again. I have never heard of any project diverging that far from the original estimate.

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Posted in: Heatwave kills 15; more than 8,000 hospitalised See in context

Let me say something... Some of the days are are extremely hot in Tokyo and I see people jogging at noon. If you feel you must go running, do it in the morning. Sunrise is at about 4:30am and between then and 10am there is plenty of time to run or wait until the evening.

A few weeks back there was a marathon held along the Tama River. Hot as frack and the participants that I saw looked miserable. I kept thinking to myself, are these people really enjoying themselves?

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Posted in: Lightning strike See in context

We had a nice light show here in Ota-ku last night. Of course I thought I could get to and from the supermarket before the rains started... Serves me right for thinking.

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Posted in: Sobbing politician resigns; faces charges for misuse of funds See in context

I thought he was going to stick it out.

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Posted in: Hotel in Seoul refuses to hold party by Japanese embassy for SDF See in context

Wait a second... Didn't a hotel in Yokohama, I think, cancel a teachers meeting because of a flag related issue? All I am saying is that businesses cancel things for a variety of reasons.

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Posted in: Beauties and the beast See in context

Enjoyable movie.

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Posted in: Weaver, 'Alien' cast reprising roles in new game See in context

For those of you who weren't there, Alien was considered amazing by many at the time. It scared the pants off of many, many theater goers. It was that good and ticked a lot of boxes.

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Posted in: Ex-JSDF commander: Mass murders by disturbed soldier could never happen in Japan See in context

Here we go... What do you think... 2 or 3 years before an incident happens?

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Posted in: Germany inflict historic 7-1 defeat on Brazil See in context

Beaten at home like a government mule.

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Posted in: Niigata official arrested for embezzling Y10 mil intended for school lunches See in context

I suspect that if audits were conducted nationwide that there would be a list of shady things going on.

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Posted in: I want you See in context

I think a large part of the country would go into cardiac arrest if any major AKB48 member joined the SDF. Someone should ask her why she hasn't signed up.

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Posted in: Pregnant woman killed by train in Shiga See in context

I once saw a pregnant woman pass out on a subway in The States, it does happen. She was only out for a few seconds and when she opened her eyes she had something of a bewildered look on her face.

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Posted in: Chinese man arrested over death of wife in Tokyo's Ikebukuro See in context

Shooting?! I thought it would be a stabbing or strangulation.

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Posted in: Grapes fetch record Y550,000 a bunch See in context

I doubt that a huge percentage of consumers would be able to tell the difference from one strain of high grade of grapes to another. Maybe if there was a Television Champion episode about grapes we could see some experts telling us the difference in skin thickness, juiciness, sweetness etc.

I remember reading about a meat shop in Sendai pulling the good ole' bait and switch tactic. The customers never knew the difference.

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Posted in: Roach-induced asthma cases on the rise See in context

Summer time in Japan... the crawlies come out to play.

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Posted in: IOC warns Tokyo over potential 2020 venue changes See in context

Coates, meanwhile, refused to be drawn on reports that Mori wanted overseas athletes to set up training camps near Fukushima, site of a triple nuclear meltdown following the devastating tsunami in March, 2011.


Just have the Japanese Team set-up training camps there and the other countries set up elsewhere. Problem solved.

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Posted in: Ishihara, old guard launch Next Generation Party See in context

Next Generation Party? Comedy, thy name is Japanese politics.

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Posted in: Cruising in Osaka See in context

I hope it is a good movie but the title seems odd. I would have called it 'Time and Time Again' or something like that.

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Posted in: Kagawa blasts Japan's 'pathetic' World Cup exit See in context

They had been set a target of reaching the quarter-finals by the country's FA boss Kuniya Daini.

A lofty target considering that they were ranked 46 globally.

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Posted in: Youth attacks 70-year-old man with ice pick in Yokohama park See in context

An ice pick??!! Nut job, straight up nut job.

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Posted in: Soccer fans knock back coffee, energy drinks after snore draw See in context

Talk, talk, talk, said the 44-year-old, nursing a scotch. All talk and no end result. My grandmother would have more chance of scoring.

Comment of the day!

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Posted in: Godzilla: Still relevant and raging after 60 years in Japan See in context

Godzilla rocks!

I like the pic of the little kid running away. I can picture the caption, "I'm outta here!"

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Posted in: Nagoya woman beaten and robbed in own home; Line 'friend' chief suspect See in context

Sorry, but this woman was an idiot. Allowing a LINE chat friend to visit you at 4:20am is looking for trouble. She is very lucky that they just punched her instead of a sexual assault.

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