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Posted in: 3 arrested for tweaking Denny’s logo for sexual service company See in context

This is pretty funny.

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Posted in: Cote d'Ivoire scores 2 goals in 2 minutes to beat Japan 2-1 See in context

Hyping up the team before the match and then grumbling about height after losing seems a bit like sour grapes.

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Posted in: Gov't to ease strict dancing laws for clubs, other establishments See in context

Do the hustle!

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Posted in: 1,132 taken to hospital for heatstroke nationwide June 2-9 See in context

I learned my lesson about not drinking enough liquids while exercising. Not a mistake I will make again.

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Posted in: Welcome to Brazil See in context

All I want is exciting games, no flopping and a few nail biters.

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Posted in: KitKat ticket See in context

Have a break!

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Posted in: 1,637 taken to hospital for heatstroke May 25-June 1 See in context

There was a full marathon run along the Tama River on the 1st of June. Some of the runners looked like death and not having a good time. I was on a long bike ride that day and my legs were attacked by cramps. Not a good day for a whole lotta people.

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Posted in: Tom Cruise’s PR tour in Japan for new film spans 3 cities in just one day See in context

He does work the crowd here.

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Posted in: Stadium sayonara See in context

I have a lot of good and bad memories of this stadium. The World Championships in 1991: Carl Lewis setting the 100m world record, Carl Lewis and Mike Powell battling it out in the long jump, the USA 4x400 losing to the UK at the tape (I was in California and screaming at my televison!), Hiromi Taniguchi winning the marathon and Sachiko Yamashita grabbing the silver in the Women's Marathon. Yuko Arimori took fourth and I had the biggest crush on her. lol

Then I had a chance to workout there along with participating in several track events. One of the last times I worked out there was during the summer when a Hanabi event was going on at Jingu Stadium. A hot August night, fireworks in the air, people drinking beer, eating snacks and cheering you on as you did your workout. A great night which I have never repeated.

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Posted in: 2 men indicted for setting off firecrackers in Nagoya Starbucks See in context


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Posted in: Curfew in Thailand: Should you still go? See in context

As long as tourists stay away from areas where the military are stationed, everything should be fine. Along with the curfew, and the things that go with that (7-11 closing early etc) another kick is that in many areas the regularly scheduled television broadcast has been replaced with patriotic songs along with the occasional news update. They have decided not to cut the internet during this time so at least people can get some news and entertainment.

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Posted in: Welcome See in context

I've checked some camera prices in those Duty Free Stores and they always look more expensive than the retail shops.

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Posted in: Japanese fans say new American Godzilla is too fat See in context

Some of the comments in the article made me laugh!

A spare tire is expected in middle age.

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Posted in: Tension at Everest base camp over sherpa strike threat See in context

I can imagine those wealthy climbers complaining about this. I suspect that they have enough cash to eat this one and comeback next year.

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Posted in: Lonely? Rent a cat See in context

Sounds like a nice service.

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Posted in: Cup rice ad is classic crazy Japan See in context

Me thinks I will buy this today. The power of marketing...

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Posted in: 2016 presidential race off to an early start See in context

I wonder how much cash will be spent on the 2016 election.

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Posted in: Tsukiji pose See in context

Cool pic!

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Posted in: A taste of whale See in context

@Daniel Neagari

How could you be so wrong? All reports have pointed to an overabundance of whale meat in frozen storage. Not sure if you are trolling or actually believe what you posted.

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Posted in: Only 1 in 7 Japanese scientists are women: study See in context

I remember meeting this Japanese woman studying for her Masters in Chemistry. I asked her what her goal was or what type of research she was interested in... Her reply was that she wanted to get married and studying chemistry was a way to find a smart fella.

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Posted in: A taste of whale See in context

If whale meat were popular it would have its own section in the supermarket.

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Posted in: RIKEN splashed cash on luxury furniture to use up budget: magazine See in context

Use it or lose it with the next allocation of funds.

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Posted in: Obama says right to vote under threat in U.S. See in context

Can someone please point somewhere in which voter ID fraud has occurred and impacted an election. Something in the last 30-40 years please. Seriously, a couple of years back I spent some time googling and could not find anything credible. I say credible as I do not consider someone's blog as credible. All the analysis I read showed no evidence at all.

Think about it. Why all the GOP interest in making people jump through hoops? It's because elections are close and the best way for them to win is to curtail the voting of people who typically vote Democratic. That's the real story. All the people jumping up and down should step back and look at the facts.

You really want to get rid of this non-existence voter ID fraud problem? Require everyone to have a national ID card. No card, no voting, no bank account, no job, no utilities, no school, no guns, no nothing. A simple and easy solution to an invisible problem.

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Posted in: Obama says right to vote under threat in U.S. See in context

Here is your laugh of the day:

Voting fraud had been a huge problem in America for two centuries

The incidents of voter ID fraud are minuscule. The GOP, and it has been documented, uses the cry of voter fraud to limit the voting rights of some citizens.

Something for people to read

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Posted in: What is everyone thinking? See in context

A table with some tea, coffee or water would be nice.

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Posted in: Comic book character Archie to be killed off See in context

Riverdale will never be the same! I always thought Reggie would be the first to fall.

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Posted in: Tokyo Bay outing See in context

Looks like a windy day.

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Posted in: Singapore service See in context

Not sure of the salary structure today but sometime in the mid 1980's I read an interview with their CEO (I think) and part of the reason for their excellent service was the following: Hire nice looking young women who wanted this high in demand job and push the wages down. As the wages were squeezed, the ratio of stewardesses (as they were known then) to passengers was kept higher than the competition.

Never flown with them myself, but I hope to.

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Posted in: Spring in Japan: beautiful blossoms and hay fever misery See in context

I have been getting pummeled by hay fever for the past 3 weeks or so. Not fun, not fun at all.

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Posted in: Picnic in the park See in context

Shame about the rain and the crazy wind.

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