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Yes, same here. When someone who isn't following me sends me a link, I just report them for spam. Never would I ever take a look.

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I was thinking that it would be great to buy some land up there as a summer house, but they don't accept foreigners. Too bad. Maybe after I get that permanent residency. :(

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I'm with those others of you that don't do these but still have no money.

I've been trying to save up money to travel and to support myself in case of a job loss/if I decide to quit to pursue a new job, and one thing that I've been able to save big on is food.

I already cooked a lot at home to save money, but the types of food has really changed. I spend a quarter of what I used to, and I don't even eat rice! I've learned to buy on clearance, but even more than that, to incorporate really cheap things that I used to never eat (ramen, daikon, etc) in still generally healthy meals. Those "cook on 2,000 yen a week" books are really helpful!

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What would happen if there was a fire? Wow..

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