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Posted in: U.S. Marine arrested in Okinawa for trespassing See in context

It's not just this one guy, my friends tell me all the time how the young military guys have no respect for the Japanese girls or any girl around there and mistreat them etc, makes guys like me look bad, sickening.

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Posted in: U.S. military to begin patrols during curfew hours in Naha See in context

I don't mind telling people im not in military, I mean most of the Japanese mostly see American and foreign miltary often so how would they know can't blame them. But I i hate the army teenie brats gotta bring the stereotypical behavior to Japan and make it bad for the good acting foreigners.

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Posted in: Yuko Oshima cancels stage address after being turned off by Miike horror movie See in context

Yuko telling it like it is, I still like love her, even if she hated on a Mike movie, I don't blame her. She so strong minded.

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Posted in: Skype replaces Microsoft Messenger for online calls See in context

Skype to mainstream now and now that microsoft fooling with it, not good..I liked the old days when not many knew about it.

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Posted in: Two U.S. sailors indicted for alleged rape in Okinawa See in context

Sad that half of the girls I talked to still insist their lover boy Sailor won't cheat around or act like goons like those two sailors. I don't see why the women still mess with those guys. Plus those girls were skippy clothing to the nightclubs, you just asking for trouble from drunk hyper young military boys who probably saw their first half clothed Japanese girl and went bonkers. They shouldn't even be in Okinawa there are enough bases in Japan, most just wanna get deployed for a good time and play around anyway.

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Posted in: 'Gangnam Style' second most-viewed YouTube video after Justin Bieber See in context

Psy even said this song was for jokes not serious like his old hiphop songs, but leave it to some Americans..and I said some, to take this music as a great song from Asia just like they do their weaboo pop anime songs, when clearly there's better Korean music that never will get to see the light of day cause it's not goofy enough.

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Posted in: Kumi Koda's new single reaches No. 1 on Oricon chart See in context

Go kumi! Welcome back!!

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Posted in: A Japanese suicide See in context

I wouldn't dare move in now that I know about that apt. Tragic way to end life..

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Posted in: Japan's indifference to 'Gangnam Style' riles S Korea See in context

American weaboos, and half most American's like the song still cause they don't know real Korean music, it was alright at first but summer is over and 3 months of this in the media and fan videos on youtube is getting old, we moved on lol. Psy only was doing it for fun but of course America and other countries make a big deal out of a silly song as usual just like Macerena as mentioned, he has good hiphop music from the past, but people aren't gonna look for it.

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Posted in: Man on flight from Japan held in LA after smoke grenade, leg irons, body bags found in luggage See in context

Body bag? Smoke grenade? He was looking to do tons of damages. Or maybe we misunderstood his motive..could be a worker for some company. lol

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Posted in: Suicide jumpers disrupt train services at Gotanda, Shinjuku See in context

It's selfish cause he only trying to end whatever in life is suffering him and he'll go to hell to suffer more so no difference. But religion aside if you ever witness this, it is not.. and Ima say again, it is not a good thing to view.

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Posted in: Japan’s first 'cuddle cafe' lets you sleep with a stranger for Y6,000 an hour See in context

This isn't surpising since they have all those sex menu places.

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Posted in: Typhoon on course to hit Japan mainland; 78 injured in Okinawa See in context

Man...i cringe when a door taps or comes near my finger, but to have it slam that hard on your finger to lose it er terrifying...sorry for that guy.

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Posted in: Sleek new PlayStation 3 model makes U.S. debut See in context

Sony was so awesome in the 90s the pioneer with quality games such as ff7, and now its sad how consumers turned on them without realizing how far gaming came cause of them. But on the other hand, Sony meet their death when PS3 came out for $600 which made all those quality japanese exclusive games ps1 and ps2 were known for...go straight to xbox360 only, meaning star ocean never even made it to ps3 was xbox only. Pity Sony own money greed led them to a fallen path, I still liked them, my PS2 still gets played. People liked Sony back in the day because they were cheap quality gaming, $99 console deals, $149 etc no more just expensive to get people to buy the next gens ps.

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Posted in: 3 die after car goes into sea after drift racing at Kobe harbor See in context

I expected stuff like that to happen, it gave me and erky scary feeling when I used to see people doing that.

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Posted in: No fun See in context

Ima dance to my hiphop beats!

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Posted in: 9 things that make an ‘ikemen’ (hot guy) See in context

I so agree with the above, these ladies love their sparkling vampires lol.

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Posted in: Hamasaki declares the 8th of each month 'Ayu Day' See in context

Oh she still around, I stopped listening to her when i was a teen and stopped watching anime etc etc. when i woke up and realize dang..she really wasn't singing that great lol.

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Posted in: Nintendo to launch Wii U; Super Mario jumps to new level See in context

E=sports is growing and people are getting paid big money for wasting their life of passion for playing video games. Do what you want games are fun and who doesn't like having fun!

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Posted in: Man arrested for beating 3-year-old daughter after he loses at video game See in context

Stupid...poor child. sigh just a video game.

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Posted in: Horror movies recommended to scare away summer heat See in context

You kidding me? Those aren't scary..and blair witch is on that list lol. Sixth Sense is ok though. One Missed Call 1 and 3 I liked better. I can recommend some good horrors, I been watching ton of great Thai horror lately. "The Scare," and "White Curse," but I guess they aren't going into the really gorey hardcore thrill stuff.

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy held for beating parents, sister with bat while they sleep See in context

tokyokawasaki your right, when I used to tell my friends that Japan isn't all anime happy go lucky paradise and tell them the darkside of things they become so surprised like nothing ever happens in Japan, which the government tries to cover up some things.

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Posted in: Young Japanese women becoming less interested in sex, survey says See in context

It felt like it been that way long ago, I mean Japanese and otakus worry more about the latest game and anime more so over a girl. Reason Japanese girls interest with foreigners grew such as British or American cause they know they'd get cared for, nothing wrong with that yepppp.

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Posted in: Man held over death of woman in Kumamoto hotel See in context

I agree Alternate, and to think people would know by now not to end relationship behind closed doors.

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Posted in: Fukushima couple stabbed to death in home See in context

So many stabbings lately..hmhmhmm...

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Posted in: Porn star Sora Aoi draws crowds of crazed Chinese men like few others can See in context

obviously those sexy chinese ladies haven't given their goods up to most of those 11mil guys and probably women mixed in.

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Posted in: Man stabbed in back while trying to stop fight in Shibuya See in context

Stuff gets real around Sh1buya 9 bro. I don't dare interfere especially knowing the stuff and people involved, I'm to small anyway.

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Posted in: U.S. man with huge penis stopped at airport See in context

Trololololololololol out of midst tragedy this week.. best article of the weekend!! funnnyyyy

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Posted in: Mysterious singer GILLE finds fame on YouTube with English covers of J-Pop songs See in context

I never knew...but I don't listen to akb48 so..

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Posted in: Meisa Kuroki appearing in last ad campaign before taking time off to have baby See in context

Meisa is cool, and she isn't ovverrated..I wish, hell some people still don't know who she is when I mention some of her songs and movies she's been in. Took her awhile to get to where she is. Wish her well!!

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