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Posted in: Suga elected prime minister by Diet; new cabinet contains just 2 women See in context

Taking into account gender during the hiring process is the definition of sexism.

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Posted in: Japan's exports extend double-digit decline See in context

You said it is down to 'global decline' however it is currently impossible to ship from Japan to the USA without using a private courier firm(which have all added fees due to covid). I have clients tearing their hair out wanting products but I cannot supply them. So it's not that straightforward.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka hints at more racial justice activism See in context

Wow. Since when does skin color have anything to do with the appropriateness of representing Japan, or any other country for that matter.

No, you are twisting what I said. SHE does not consider herself Japanese as she said recently she is black. She does not live in Japan and cannot speak Japanese. As for appropriateness I've no idea where you got that from my comment.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka hints at more racial justice activism See in context


But does she represent Japan? She doesn't live here, is half Haitian and said herself that she is black.

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Posted in: Suga wants to cut cell phone charges in Japan by around 40% See in context

I used to pay 8000yen a month on docomo, finally decided enough was enough and switched to Rakuten, it's free for 1 year and then 3000yen a month after that. Signal is a bit dodgy in places but on the whole it's good.

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Posted in: Oscars set inclusion standards for best picture category See in context


Parasite had a 100% Korean cast, it was a fantastic movie however it had zero 'diversity' in it. I've long given up looking for logic from these type of people.

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Posted in: Record-low 12,000 on nursery waiting lists; goal of zero abandoned See in context

We have been on a waiting list for 2 years now. All that time paying 70,000yen per month for a private nursury. Every 6 months have to reapply with all the same forms and certificates again having to get both our companies HR to print and Hanko the same forms again. All of this and then I read articles about the government trying to encourage more people to have kids, it's laughable.

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Posted in: Disney's all-Asian 'Mulan' makes historic small-screen debut See in context

@oldman_13 of course it's rare, isn't Hollywood in America, a 60% white country, why would they make all 'asian' movies. It's like Bollywood making an all white movie, would you applaud that?

Yes mods I'm waiting for my comment to be censored for wrongthink! :)

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Posted in: Sapporo, Osaka make LGBT couples eligible to receive support money See in context


Moved on is a stretch, the world has changed for sure but a lot of people don't think it's moved forward, rather descended into chaos.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for killing man with cassette gas torch burner See in context

@toasted heretic

Chick is a word used for women. (The female of the human species, the ones born with female genetalia and a womb and the potential to birth children).

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Posted in: Woman arrested for killing man with cassette gas torch burner See in context

So it's Misogony to hold women to the same standard as men when committed terrible crimes?. What you are saying is women are not responsible adults and cannot be accountable for their own actions, it must be the man's fault.

Absolutely insane logic.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 148 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 600 See in context

So that's roughly 1 positive out of every 50 tested for Aug 27th.

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Posted in: Japan's 'flying car' gets off the ground, with a rider aboard See in context

Great, well done. Love to see innovation like this, we would still be riding horses if half the people in these comments were responsible for progress.

'internal combustion engine, what could possibly go wrong'

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Posted in: Osaka to play in Western & Southern Open semifinals, after all See in context

@JJ Jetplane. Go ahead and break down the percentages of people per race. Black people make up 8% ish of the US population. Your comment is disingenuous to day the least.

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Posted in: Osaka to play in Western & Southern Open semifinals, after all See in context

Agree with Randy. The way to solve this problem is to educate black people to obey a police officers command.

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Posted in: Gov't says 98.6% of households received virus relief cash handouts See in context

Mine arrived and is also in savings. Would have to have a screw loose to start splurging in this situation. You get enough tax from me Abe, you are not getting this back.

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Posted in: Over 2 mil people used Japan's travel subsidy campaign in 1st month See in context

Well at least somebody is enjoying my hard earned tax money. You don't need to thank me. Tokyo resident so we pay you play.

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Posted in: Closely watched 'Tenet' earns critical praise as U.S. cinemas reopen See in context


I got as far a The Guardian and stopped reading. They are a heavily left wing rag with clear agendas, if they didn't like the movie I would guess it's great.

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Posted in: New Zealand mosque shooter to face survivors at sentencing See in context

White supremacy is holding the view that all other races are inferior to white. Being concerned about mass immigration and the cultural changes it causes is something completely different, why conflate two completely different things?.

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Posted in: YouTuber indicted for eating sashimi at supermarket before paying for it See in context


Still, it's a heck of a lot less rude than people putting a bag or object on a table to "reserve" it, and then going off to order and do who knows what before actually using the table/space they've taken, just to give one example of getting something before you pay.

100% agree. In my office cafe they put their iPhones on the tables then disappear for 10 minutes before using the table. I hope they try that when they visit abroad, free phones for somebody less scrupulous than me.

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Posted in: Bicyclist arrested for splashing woman with urine as he rode past her See in context

@TokyoJoe: What on earth are you on about? None of that makes sense. Calm down, stop exaggerating, control the hysterics, and try again

No hysterics and perfectly calm thankyou. Try again at what? How about you be more careful when writing comments about single isolated incidents instead of 'men' this and that. If you have no self awareness then check the - points under your comments to guage how you come across.

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Posted in: Bicyclist arrested for splashing woman with urine as he rode past her See in context

Men who hate women, and express that hatred through violent acts.

Strange thing to say as there was only one man involved. If it was a women throwing urine on a man you would have said she's a crazy woman, but here you are twisting it to 'men'.

Do you have a hatred of men? Half of the world's human population.

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Posted in: Japan's exports tumble as U.S. demand slumps See in context

I know for a fact that demand isn't the problem for some business, it's being unable to ship to the USA from Japan by EMS now.

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Posted in: Japan to pitch Osaka, Fukuoka as int'l financial hubs after pandemic See in context

Lower the greedy tax rates Abe.

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Posted in: Pair arrested for blasting adult video audio inside Harajuku train station toilet See in context

Was it really porn audio, or just the sounds of a chipmunk on helium hyperventilating?

Ha, very good.

It was a JP porn then. Japanese ladies are beautiful but some noise cancelling headphones are essential if you ever make it to the bedroom.

I always wondered where they collectively developed those noises from as no other Asian women do that from my limited experiences.

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Posted in: Fears pandemic will worsen birth rate, exacerbating Japan's aging crisis See in context

As for the reasons people have less children , the main one is that women want to enjoy their life and most understand that having and raising children nomatter what government does is not only a major responsibility but also most of the work for the next 20 years will come down to them. In part, that is as it should as that is why they are called mothers after having a child

If you think any women in over the age of 40 are happy and content with their life without experiencing motherhood you have been sold a lie.

Single women may be happy in their 20's working their desk job and spending money on Louis Vuitton bags but when reality hits home there is a shock and a disbelief that they cannot find a husband and get a baby before it's biologically too late. There is an empty void in their life that Starbucks coffee, weekend yoga and tinder does not fill.

Lets not even get started on what happens when they get into their 60's and 70's and have no family to care for them.

This is all confirmed by studies into how unhappy women are now. But keep pushing the girl power, Sex and the city narrative onto these women.

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Posted in: Fears pandemic will worsen birth rate, exacerbating Japan's aging crisis See in context

As someone who has had a baby in Japan and seen first hand how little the government does to help/encourage people to have children I have little sympathy. We can't get a government hoikuen after 2 years of reapplying (every time I reapply I have to get all the same papers again made up by my companies HR, would be far too difficult to keep the papers on file somewhere for them).

So in order for us to keep my wife and my career continuing we have to use a private hoikuen to a lovely cost of 70,000yen per month. If they want to encourage people to have babies they should guarantee hoikuen places for all who wish to work.

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Posted in: Pandemic derails Abe's strategy to revive regional Japan with tourism See in context

@Simian Lane

Agreed, their prices are inflated, they increase two times over Obon. I have little to no sympathy for the managers/owners of the hotels etc. Shame for the lower down people though, waiters, cleaners etc.

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Posted in: Cabinet OKs ¥1.13 tril in reserve funds to cushion impact of virus See in context

Im reporting in, after 4 months waiting, 3 phone calls chasing, more waiting I (setagaya-ku) finally received Abe's pocket money today. Hope you all get yours soon.

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Posted in: Aso warns against rapid rise in the yen See in context

Desert Tortoise thankyou for that detailed explanation. I suspected that was the reason, lack of flights. However EMS/Japan Post have provided no explanation at all even though I am a business account holder with them. As someone mentioned DHL prices are unworkable unfortunately.

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