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Posted in: UAE bans Disney-Pixar film over same-sex relationship characters See in context

Disney can't help themselves can they, putting this content into impressionable kids movies. If China also bans it then it will hurt their bottom (no pun intended) line.

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Posted in: 22-year-old woman arrested for putting newborn baby in coin locker See in context

That seems kinda high with health insurance.

You get it reimbursed but you do have pay up front yourself, heaven knows why they thought that was a good system but here we are.

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Posted in: Malaysia Islamic minister says Bon Odori dance not for Muslims See in context

Muslims not to participate in programs like this or any program that could affect our religion and beliefs

You must be standing on unstable ground if people dancing and having fun effects your beliefs.

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Posted in: 'Top Gun' stays aloft with $86 mil in its 2nd weekend See in context

Having movies like the new "Top Gun" is fine, but many fans also want to see a diverse range of characters, or else you are pushing the message that only straight white men matter.

Go watch a Korean movie, go watch a Japanese movie, go watch a Hong Kong movie, plenty of amazing non white movies. Fans do not want every Hollywood movie to look like a United Colors of Benetton ad with clumsy shoehorning of token characters to tick boxes and emasculation of male characters to promote unrealistic 'badass' angry feminist characters. Hence why Hollywood is dying on it's backside.

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Posted in: 'Top Gun' stays aloft with $86 mil in its 2nd weekend See in context

This is what happens when you focus on what the fans want, not what message you want to push onto fans. Take note Disney.

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Posted in: Mariah Carey sued for $20 mil over Christmas smash hit See in context

Just as long as her atrocity of a song is no longer played again would be a win for us all.

We found the Grinch.

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Posted in: Japan eyes reform of outdated labor systems based on gender roles See in context

My fellow beautiful hard working woman. Welcome to club of Karoshi. You wanted and now you got it.

Perhaps once the gender pay gap is eradicated and women carry the same burden as men then the suicide rate will become equal also, because the current 100% more male than female suicides in Japan tells an interesting story.

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Posted in: Japan eyes reform of outdated labor systems based on gender roles See in context

Japanese offices need a steady supply of OL's to provide wives for the hardworking salarymen. On marriage then can leave , have a kid and then fulfill their time attending PTA meetings, cooking bentos and joining English conversation classes or playing tennis. Why fix something that isn't broken?

Great comment, you summed up perfectly Japanese wives here. There's no way in hell they are giving up that to sit at a desk for 10hours a day.

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Posted in: Japan eyes reform of outdated labor systems based on gender roles See in context

Great, I'm sure women will be very happy doing 12 hour days and the compulsory nomikai with the boss after. Be careful what you wish for ladies.

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Posted in: Musk wants to cut 10% of Tesla jobs; tells employees to return to workplace or quit See in context

Good, this entitled generation of grown up babies really need a reality check. Some of the things posted on LinkedIn are unbelievable.

I think a two week stint in the mines like my grandad did every day would do them the world of good. Or compulsory national service like in Korea might help them adjust to real life.

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Posted in: Jury sides with Depp on lawsuit; Heard on counterclaim See in context

The beginning of the end for the 'believe all women' meetoo quite frankly sexist way of thinking. Women are equal to men and are equally violent, manipulative and capable of awful vindictive lies as shown in this case.

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Posted in: New Australian government includes record 13 women ministers See in context

Diversity hiring, what could possibly go wrong.

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Posted in: Accused groper dies after jumping out of train station office window See in context

The comments where men automatically accuse women of lying about the prevalence of groping on Japanese train system, when it is a fact that groping is a common occurrence.

There was no trial in this case so no proof of the accused guilt, so innocent until proven guilty. Unless you fall into the camp of believing all women as they are incapable of lies. In which case you should have a look at the Depp vs Heard.

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Posted in: Man arrested over abduction of minor he met online See in context

In Japan 18 is the age of consent.

Yes and In the uk it's 16. So this moral high ground judgemental stuff is ludicrous. A 17 year old has probably a string of ex lovers and an std history as long as your arm.

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Posted in: Man arrested over abduction of minor he met online See in context

How old was she? You mentioned his age, 2 years above teenage, yet you didn't bother to mention her age. Very big difference if she's 13 or 17. Silly article.

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Posted in: BBC to cut 1,000 jobs in digital transformation See in context

Let me back that up by saying my favourite shows in the late 80's and early 90's were all BBC. Blackadder, The Young Ones and Red Dwarf.

Watch any of those shows from their peak and you will see how far BBC has fallen.

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Posted in: Texas gunman warned online he was going to shoot up school See in context

If this idiot happened to be white it would be a far right, white supremacy issue. Now he's latin there's no mention of his color / heritage. Don't get me wrong, he is a monster for what he did but the hypocrisy is telling.

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Posted in: Japan starts 4th COVID vaccine shots for seniors, at-risk groups See in context

Are people really still doing this, I stopped after two.

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Posted in: Osaka loses in 1st round of French Open See in context

Overrated, she's lost it now. Still got her political activism career to fall back on.

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Posted in: 'Enormously risky': How NFTs lost their luster See in context

A fool and his money are soon parted.

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Posted in: Japan's inflation hits 7-year high See in context

Not only have real estate prices been falling in the country for years, but homes in Japan depreciate much like cars and become worthless after about thirty years.

Utter nonsense, find me a house in a good location in central Tokyo that is worthless please, I will take it off your hands for the land.

Also real estate prices have been rising year on year, you are wrong on everything you said here.

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Posted in: Japan to start 4th vaccine shots for elderly, at-risk groups from May 25 See in context

Got to use up the stockpile before it expires. Is anybody still on board this conveyor belt?

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Posted in: Osaka returns to French Open with questions over form, fitness See in context

Osaka, the world's highest-paid sportswoman with a $57 million income last year according to Forbes, 

So privileged, yet still cannot speak about mixed race Japanese issues. Just goes back to her mansion in the Hollywood hills and plays her BLM race card.

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Posted in: Japan's economy may rebound but faces headwind amid price surge See in context

Look forward to some big salary increases across the board for all.

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Posted in: Amber Heard's friend says she saw bruises inflicted by Depp See in context

Fingers crossed justice is served and this narcissist not only pays Depp the 50mil but is also charged with perjury.

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Posted in: Man arrested for spending mistakenly sent ¥46.3 mil in COVID funds See in context

Government incompetence led to this.

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Posted in: Japan OKs plan to release Fukushima nuclear plant wastewater See in context

Might be time to give up the sushi then for me.

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Posted in: How Tom Cruise survived the end of the star era See in context

@Paul i think Johnny being out of the picture is his own doing

Victim blaming at its finest here.

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Posted in: Japan accepted 74 refugees in 2021, highest on record See in context

The strongest most vibrant and creative nations were created and built by REFUGEES. if that is not enough reason to open up your gates Japan then I don't know what is.!!?

The strongest nation in the world is China, it was not built by refugees. Vibrant is a meaningless buzz word.

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Posted in: New Zealand to fully reopen to the world in August: Ardern See in context

Japan will follow suit once a suitable amount of procrastinating and tooth sucking time has passed.

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