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Posted in: Seven still missing after U.S. Osprey crash off Japan See in context

That flying crap is a danger for Japan soil and the ones who ride on it...

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Posted in: U.S. continues to fly Osprey aircraft in Japan, despite Tokyo's request not to See in context

Japan, have more dignity..

Stop that flying crap over your country..

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Posted in: Japan's jobless rate falls to 2.5% in October See in context

Excellent, GO JAPAN!!..

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Posted in: The best concert you missed out on seeing this year See in context

Good for Chinese culture...

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Posted in: Argentina won't join BRICS as scheduled, says member of Milei's transition team See in context

Care to define a "neo-fascist"?

Search in a dictionary and learn..

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Posted in: Argentina won't join BRICS as scheduled, says member of Milei's transition team See in context

Stupid move from Argentina, what a neo fascist circus..

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Posted in: 9-month-old girl being carried by mother dies after car backs into them at supermarket See in context

No more older people driving cars!!!!!!....

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Posted in: 'Napoleon' conquers French box office, if not critics See in context

Movie of the year!!!..

Not like that crap of failed superhero movies and Disney garbage..

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Posted in: Japan suspends its own Osprey flights after U.S. aircraft crash See in context

Get rid of that flying crap...

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Posted in: Henry Kissinger, American diplomat and Nobel winner, dead at 100 See in context

While many hailed Kissinger for his brilliance and broad experience, others branded him a war criminal for his support for anti-communist dictatorships, especially in Latin America. In his latter years, his travels were circumscribed by efforts by other nations to arrest or question him about past U.S. foreign policy.

As one of those responsible for CIA's "Operation Condor", which killed and disappeared thousands and thousands of innocent people in Latin America, this man has to give a big accounts to God in his own Judgment..

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Posted in: Australia proposes new laws to detain potentially dangerous migrants who can't be deported See in context

Good for you Ausies, protec the country..

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Posted in: Lawmakers can 'vote their conscience' on expelling Santos, House speaker says See in context

Incredible that pathetic botox-faced corrupt clown is not yet in prison...

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Posted in: GOP considers holding formal vote to authorize Biden impeachment as White House questions legitimacy See in context

Biggest circUS on earth...

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Posted in: Russia ramping up attacks in eastern Ukraine See in context

It is time for the Kiev regime to think about negotiating peace and forget about the new territories liberated by Russia...

Before the last soldier of the regime dies...

Russia will win this war by the end of winter and the big losers will be US/NATO circus..

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Posted in: Thieves arrested after stolen bike shows up for sale on flea market app See in context

Good, those clowns must be punished..

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Posted in: Tokyo to call governor election on July 7 with incumbent Koike in focus See in context

 the incumbent, Yuriko Koike, will seek her third term.

And of course she will win...


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Posted in: Search efforts continue after U.S. Osprey crashes into sea; one death confirmed See in context

That scrap is a danger for it to fly over Japanese territory, return all that flying garbage to where it belongs..

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Posted in: Nikki Haley wins backing from powerful Koch network as she aims to take on Trump See in context

Still believing they can beat Trump??..

So funny...

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Posted in: Putin accuses West of trying to 'dismember and plunder' Russia in ranting speech See in context

Excellent speech Mister Putin..

When Putin talks, the world listens..

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Posted in: Japan to recommend A-bomb photo archive for UNESCO heritage list See in context

Good, it's necessary...

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Posted in: Life term sought for man over killing of doctor in 11-hour standoff See in context

Why not the good old gallows??, he deserves it..

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Posted in: Russia withdraws from 2025 World Expo in Japan See in context

Japan keep doing stupid thing with its real neighbors...

Big loss..

Even if anti-Russia brigade of whiners say otherwise..

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Posted in: Japan to join multinational project to clear mines in Ukraine See in context

Leaving these Russian mines in the ground will result in deaths, limb loss and horrible injuries to Ukrainians- including children- as we have sadly seen in places like Cambodia.

Kyiv regime mines do the same..

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Posted in: Japan to join multinational project to clear mines in Ukraine See in context

Japan Inc just want to promote their tech AI, electronics and sensor that works in battlefield like Ukraine. Is not humanitarian, it's marketing.

Same as ALL the industrialized countries do..

Let's call it, "First World Inc"..

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Posted in: Space man See in context

Millionaire wannabes everywhere..

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Posted in: Google to start deleting inactive accounts in December See in context

Era of free storage is over, people need to pay for cloud service. At least with their eyeballs if credit card weren't used.

Cut the drama, just use your accounts..

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Posted in: Ringo Starr takes fans on colorful tour of his past in book 'Beats & Threads' See in context


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Posted in: Shop employee fights off three robbers with polearm in Tokyo's Ueno district See in context

Well done the employees fighting those clowns..

Get rid of them..

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Posted in: Locals use big-city thinking to bring Gunma onsen town back from brink See in context

Well done, keep going..

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Posted in: Japan, Vietnam to strengthen security and economic ties See in context

Gotta ensure a steady supply of that slave labour! Sorry, I mean specialist technical trainees.

Don't worry, they won't bring crow killers, your job is secured..


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