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Posted in: 10 wounded in drive-by shooting in Florida See in context

And so these pathetic gun-loving fascist clowns of the GOP want to further relax the gun laws in Florida so that more people have guns, without a license, background checkings or training???..

Seriously, is this the USA that boasts so much of being modern, civilized and first world??, because it looks more like a Central African banana republic full of crazy people with AK47s..

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Posted in: Brazil's Bolsonaro applies for 6-month U.S. visitor visa See in context

Pathetic coward clown..

Bolsoclown is afraid to face his defeat in Brazil and hides in the petticoats of the US..

Typical attitude of pathetic conservatives..

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Posted in: Florida GOP leaders want to get rid of gun permits See in context

Saying gun owners don't need a government permission slip to protect their God-given rights

Can't these clowns be more pathetic??..


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Posted in: Florida GOP leaders want to get rid of gun permits See in context

What can you expect from backward and thirdworldish Florida???..

The first month of the year has not ended and there are already 49 mass shootings and 6 massacres in the US.

Land of the slave, home of the scared..

These GOP clowns are making it easier and easier for China to become the first world power..

Florida....where African-American studies are not allowed in a school classroom...

But bringing a Glock is fine...

Welcome to MAGA-world...

And wait until De Santis becomes president, it will be worse, a country sunk in backwardness, social injustice, medievalism and trogrodyte white supremacism..

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Posted in: Boris Johnson says Putin threatened him with missile strike See in context

Good joke, that clown isn't even worth throwing a stone at, looool!!..

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Posted in: Over 500 women in Japan used overseas sperm bank as demand grows See in context

These ladies want kids but doesn't want husband or in laws that need to be taken care of.

Their lives, their decisions...

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Posted in: Net population influx into Tokyo accelerates for 1st time in 3 years See in context

Tokyo increases and continues to strengthen, one of the best cities in the world to live..

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Posted in: 5 Ukrainian civilians killed as warring sides mull next move See in context

Russia is unstoppable, Bakhmut will fall very soon..

Well, we'll see what will happen when the tanks arrive, it will be the number one objective for Russia to destroy, tanks and patriot batteries will burn..

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Posted in: Toyota world's top-selling automaker for third year running See in context

Excellent, very good Japan !!!...

The funniest part of all this is that China rose to third place as an exporter of cars, it took third place from the US (LOL)..

Overseas shipments of cars made in China have tripled since 2020..

In Two Years, China More Than Doubles the US on Car Exports.. (extra LOL)..

Without a doubt, China will soon be the first producer and exporter of cars in the world..


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Posted in: New E8 bullet train See in context

Excellent, GO JAPAN!!..

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Posted in: 'Cowboy Bebop' anime creator disappointed with Netflix version from first scene he saw See in context

What can expect??, it's pathetic netflix, ruining every anime it touches..

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Posted in: Japanese police file charges against illegal anime girl huggy pillow cover seller See in context


Needing one of those pillows??.


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Posted in: China resumes issuing ordinary visas for Japanese citizens See in context

Good for China, good for Japan..

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Posted in: Company uses whale meat vending machines to promote sales in Japan See in context

Whale meat vending machines..

So Japanese..

Their Country..

Their Culture..

Their customs..

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Posted in: Police say 3 dead, 4 hurt in latest California shooting See in context

California again.

It happens in ALL THE COUNTRY, stop politicizing problems..

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Posted in: Police say 3 dead, 4 hurt in latest California shooting See in context

For the third straight year, the U.S. in 2022 recorded over 600 mass shootings in which at least four people were killed or injured, according to the Gun Violence Archive.

Completely lost country..


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Posted in: Police say 3 dead, 4 hurt in latest California shooting See in context

Lost country..

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Posted in: Ukraine: 'Fast-track' talks underway for missiles, planes See in context

Keep adding more fuel to the fire..

Pathetic clowns..

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Posted in: Japan to join U.S. efforts to curb high-end chip exports to China See in context

Such a childish attitude from those envious clowns, they can do what they want, China is now producing their own chips and they are making great progress..

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Posted in: National treasure-class mirror, sword found in 4th-century tomb in Japan See in context

This was a time of lots of Korean and Chinese migration, so the objects probably have roots to those countries.

For example, the Inariyama Sword from this era and also found in such a tomb bears Chinese inscriptions and its metal was found to come from Jiangnan.


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Posted in: Trump opens 2024 run; says he's 'more committed' than ever See in context

Well, the big boss of the MAGA gang is back in the ring..

With the stupid things that Joe is doing with Ukraine conflict, he is making Trump's job easier..

The ONLY good thing about Trump is that if he had been re-elected, I assure you that no war would have happened in Ukraine, as a good friend and partner of Putin, the war would have been avoided..

In the end it would have been the best for the US..

Trump is done. DeSantis 2024.

Believe me, if the victory of the GOP is inevitable, it is preferable that it be Trump..

DeSantis is a worse fascist, for the sample now he is suppressing the books in schools in Florida..

De Santis is a danger to the country, for the minorities, for the freedom and for the democracy..

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Posted in: Foreign entries into Japan surge 12-fold in 2022 See in context

Excellent news, and this is the begginning, the numbers will rise thin 2023!!!!..

GO JAPAN!!!!...

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Posted in: Japan to decide on abortion pill after panel's agreement See in context

The woman is the one who decides about her own body..

odd to see Japan going forward and the USA in reverse.

Nowadays it is so normal to see how the US continues to go backwards..

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Posted in: Protests against Quran burning held across the Middle East See in context

Sorry but, burn them all..

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Posted in: Pence: 'Mistakes were made' in classified records handling See in context

Pathetic excuses for a pathetic political class..

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Posted in: Palestinian gunman kills 7 near Jerusalem synagogue See in context

I hope Israel responds harshly against these terrorists.

And how respond to the terrorism that the Israeli state commits against the Palestinian people??..

Israel has every right to protect itself from these kind of extremists and terrorists.

Same right goes for Palestinians..

That land was occupied by Jordan when Israel freed it. There never was such a thing as Palestinian people.

Pathetic, Palestinian people exist, whether you like it or not..

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Posted in: EU official says Russia shifting war focus to NATO and the West See in context

EU official says Russia shifting war focus to NATO and the West

But what could they expect??, if pathetic west and NATO circus are sending tons of weapons and now tanks to Ukraine regime...

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Posted in: Shrine visit See in context

The sanctuaries are a haven of peace, nature and calm in the great Tokyo..

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Posted in: Number of voice actresses in Japan hits record high, but is that a good thing? See in context

Voice actor is a great profession that requires a lot of preparation and talent, I hope that the guild of voice actors, manga and anime prosper and there are better working conditions for everyone..

I think the best voice actor now in Japan is Vocaloid Hatsune Miku !

Sorry, usually the vocaloid, like Miku, is not human, but Japan has very good voice talents..

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Posted in: Russia unleashes missiles, drones at Ukraine after Kyiv secures tanks; 11 dead See in context

It is very sad to lose civilians in a war.

This is the consequence of the mistakes of politicians and military actions.

I would like no more civilians to die, but this is the beginning of the escalation of the war..

Do not provoke Russia anymore, seek negotiation, for the good of the Ukrainian people..

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