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Posted in: Pink Floyd founder cancels Poland concerts after war remarks See in context

Well done Waters, anti-establishment, anti-system, keep going !!..

Waters wrote an open letter to Ukrainian first lady Olena Zelenska early this month in which he blamed “extreme nationalists” in Ukraine for having “set your country on the path to this disastrous war.” He also criticized the West for supplying Ukraine with weapons, blaming Washington in particular.

Waters has also criticized NATO, accusing it of provoking Russia.

And Waters is sooooo right, especially the provocations of the NATOcircus since the end of the cold war..

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Posted in: Social media greenwashing by fossil fuel interests 'rampant': study See in context

Well, the conservative caveman lobby of fossil fuels does not stop trafficking in bribes, lies and deception..

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Posted in: Kremlin stages votes in Ukraine; sees protests in Russia See in context

I think Russia will very soon increase its territory..

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Posted in: U.S. vice president to discuss Taiwan during trip to Japan, S Korea See in context

Dear Kamala..

I like you, but first solve the inmense social problems of your country..

Not the problems of other countries..

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Posted in: The controversy over Abe's state funeral See in context

Come out, march, protest...

There will be a state funeral for Abe San..

Like it or not..

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Posted in: Event marking Japan-China 50th diplomatic anniversary opens in Beijing See in context

Great news !!..

Japan and China have to be brothers and have excellent relations..

Only the Asians are the ones who must control the destiny of Asia..

Not the decadent pirates of the west..

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Posted in: Sino-Japan anniversary event See in context

Beautiful !!..


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Posted in: Pickpocket arrested in women’s car on Tokyo subway line See in context

The fact that a simple pickpocketing incident makes national headlines shows that Japan is one of the safest countries of the world..

Like it or not..

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Posted in: GOP's hard-line tactics on migrants refocus midterm debate See in context

The republican museum emboldened by the neo-fascism of the little Duce of Mar-a-Lago, are showing the true kind of petty human beings they really are, they can't stand their fantasies of the US becoming their dreamed white christian nationalist utopia..

Little pathetic wannabe "banana-republic" clown-dictators like Trump, DeSantis or Abott and the all entourage of GOP neo-fascist politicians are a social danger, they are taking away women's rights, now they are going after the rights of immigrants, Latinos, blacks and the LGBT community..

All these violations of human rights are going to pay dearly this November..

They must be stopped..

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Posted in: Elton John sings at White House See in context

Elton John on Friday sang at the White House at the invitation of President Joe Biden, after declining invitations from his predecessor Donald Trump.

About 2,000 guests were invited to the event, including activists, LGBTQ campaigners, nurses, teachers and others. Also in attendance were Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai and former tennis champion and activist Billie Jean King..

Hard blow to the trumpist awnings..

In the White House, great and illustrious world-famous figures who represent all the things that Trumpism hates were gathered in a great celebration..

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Posted in: Blinken urges calm on Taiwan in talks with China See in context

It is better that they have good relations..

In any case, the reunification of China with its province of Taiwan is inevitable..

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Posted in: Japan beats lackluster U.S. 2-0 in World Cup warmup See in context

Japan won, LOOOOOOL !!!..

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Posted in: All aboard See in context


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Posted in: U.S. to seek stronger labor, environmental standards in Asia See in context

Trying to keep his pet circus happy because China has them scared??..


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Posted in: Japanese police to try system for sending video during emergency calls See in context

Excellent news... As always the Japanese Police using technology over guns, not like US cops...

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Posted in: Hundreds demand cancellation of Abe's state funeral See in context

That's not going to happen, Abe San will have the state funeral he deserves..

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Posted in: Alex Jones mocks critics at trial over Sandy Hook hoax claims See in context

Why conservative fanaticism is always linked to deception, cheating, lies and immense ignorance???..

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Posted in: Truss reviews location of British embassy in Israel See in context

I don't know why conservative clowns want to prove, this "wannabe Thatcher" is going to be more ridiculous than Boris clown..

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Posted in: Mayweather expects 'easy payday, easy opponent' in Japan fight See in context

What a pathetic circus...

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Posted in: Japan food event held in Beijing See in context

Great news for Japan/China relationship!!..

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Posted in: Kishida says Japan will ease COVID border controls from Oct 11 See in context

Well done, Kishi San!!..


Japan will be like before and much better !!..

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Posted in: U.S. Embassy in Cuba to process full immigrant visas in 2023 See in context

Good !!, arrive to Florida to the disgust and xenophobia of the medieval DeSantis circus..

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Posted in: Biden rebukes Putin after Russian reservists called up for war See in context

Playing the victims when they have been the ones who have provoked Russia since the end of the cold war..

Negative votes of the Anti-Russian brigade of whiners, come to meeeeeee... lol..

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Posted in: International tourists return to Japan; spend big at top tourist spots in Tokyo See in context

Excellent !!!..

Little by little Japan is returning to normality..

And Tokyo will return to the first place in world tourism !!..

Best city of the world !!..

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Posted in: Friend of mother who starved son to death sentenced to 15 years See in context

Gallows !!..

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Posted in: Original PlayStation pouch has retro gaming fans pumped See in context

Nice !!..

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Posted in: Formula One adds Las Vegas as 2023 calendar grows to 24 races See in context

The F1 mafia goes to an overrated desert-city..

Pathetic... just pathetic..

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Posted in: Q&A: James Cameron on the return of 'Avatar' See in context

ok... No thanks..

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Posted in: Japan's average residential land price rises for 1st time in 31 years See in context

Property in a major town is fine for generating income but for capital appreciation is absolutely dire!

Invest in Japanese real estate to break even if lucky!

The same excuse of the conformist one who doesn't have money to buy a house..

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