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Posted in: More than 370,000 people left in limbo by Japan virus entry ban See in context

Do you want to be in Japan?

You have to wait, like it or not...

Instead of so much complaining and whining, adapt yourself and get ready for when the country opens its borders..

The virus is not forever and the Japanese government has its sovereign right to administer its country as its convenience..

Being able to be in Japan is not for everyone, it is a PRIVILEGE that the Japanese government gives you so that you can enter the country when Japan decides, because that is THEIR COUNTRY, it is not ours..

Learn that, be patient, this will over in a few months and the country will return to normality..

But if you don't agree, you have another 190 countries to choose from.

It is not racism, it is not xenophobia, stop being childish, it is only the sovereign right of a country to take care of its borders..

Their country..

Their borders

Their rules..

Their laws..

Don't change Japan, I love You the way you are!!..

JAPANESE can do WHAT ever they want WHEN ever they want with their OWN countries borders, when it concerns entry into or departure from JAPAN!

That's right, learn that people, it's called SOVEREIGNTY!!

Maybe the US needs to send another commodore Perry to force them open!…

Funny joke, but nobody will force Japan to open its borders... Not even a western country in decadence that cannot even control its own borders..

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy assaulted after asking man to stop smoking on train See in context

The kid is brave and did the right I hope he recovers soon..

And for that scumbag, send it to jail..

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Posted in: Japan eyes evacuating nationals in Ukraine See in context

Hey Japan, why do you have to imitate all the clownery US does to pretend that it is a country that "defends democracy"..

Russia does not intend to invade Ukraine, they are just lies from the US to try to sustain a hegemony that is lost..

Again, if the US is going to put its "democratic missiles" in Ukraine to intimidate Russia, Lord Putin can do the same in Cuba and Venezuela..

Putin and Biden are the same. Same dictatorship. The only difference is that in Russia they call it communism and in the USA the democrats.

Lord Putin is a man who really knows what power is, communist or not.. Biden and other US politicians belong to a decadent circus that has no redemption, democrat or republican are the same bazaar of melancholic decadence..

It is very smart to evacuate as soon as possible as invasion might start anytime soon, also I would consider the Taiwan situation as if Russia invades Ukraine then China will seek their chance to get to Taiwan.

War is closer than you think!

Another one bites the bait.. Lol..

Ukraine must not have much oil, otherwise the US would be harping on about how they need some “freedom” 24/7.

Correct, the typical US "modus operandi"..

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Posted in: 70-year-old man arrested after brawl with over 10 bikers See in context

We all know the type. Usually a white Toyota crown or a ProBox. I am glad the bikers did the right thing, and brought this tail-gater down a peg or three.

Solving everything with violence, you like it, right?..

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Posted in: 70-year-old man arrested after brawl with over 10 bikers See in context

The usual bunch of coward bikers history..

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Posted in: Beijing warns of heavy air pollution during Winter Olympics See in context

How much people here would like the games to be canceled but it won't be like that..

Enjoy Chinese games !!..

Yeah. The games will be a success. NOT!

Genocide games. Best avoided completely.

I love to sweeten my coffee with tears in the morning..

Good Morning !!!..

Loool !!..

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Posted in: Business lobby calls for lifting entry ban on nonresident foreigners See in context

Japan will know when the best time will be, if you really want to come to Japan, take your time, the country will open at the right time.

Do not forget..

Their country..

Their rules..

Sorry No Bonus.. Lol..

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Posted in: U.S. puts 8,500 troops on heightened alert amid Russia tension See in context

Well, Lord Putin does not intend to invade Ukraine, but the clownish "USJustice League" in its fear of continuing to lose hegemony in Europe, continues to make drama at their own convenience..

Do US want real problems??.. Put its "democratic" missiles in Ukraine and you will see how Russia will put missiles in Cuba and Venezuela, there US will know what fear is, I would love to see that.. Lol..

And the last 4 years the world was at peace and the US finally and for once wasn’t involved in any military conflict for the time.

Politicizing problems just to praise your favorite politician is ridiculous..

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Posted in: Chicago girl, 8, dies after being struck by stray bullet See in context

Sick, sick, sick, happytrigger coutry..

And they wonder why the nation is finished.

So finished..

It wouldn’t be if the leaders were harder on crime, the DA would prosecute these people, defund the police where there are fewer, deny early release and strictly enforce the guns laws on the books and as long as they don’t do these things then you are absolutely right.

The good old excuse for the silly gun lovers..

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Posted in: Thousands march in Washington against COVID vaccine mandates See in context

Well, all the anti-vaccine, anti-science, anti-mask big losers are going to get together to bray in public that their ignorance and silly rebellion is greater than all the science, common sense and health security of a country..

And they are proud to be that way, irresponsible, stupid and ignorant..

My skin is where I draw the line.

You're funny.. Lol..

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Posted in: U.S. draws down Ukraine embassy presence as war fears mount See in context

Inventing and fueling a war that doesn't exist.

What a sick country..

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Posted in: New U.S. envoy Rahm Emanuel arrives in Japan See in context

New clown is coming to town!!..

And no matter the political party, belongs to the same circus..

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Posted in: 'Heating or eating': Britons struggle with rising costs See in context

Life is like a restaurant, you don't leave until you pay the bill..

Same fate goes for the "Land of the slave and the home of the scared"..

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Posted in: 3 arrested after 82-year-old man stabbed to death in Tokyo hotel See in context

Scenario: Woman organized to meet old man in love hotel for prostitution. Accomplices tell her to stab and rob him. She meets friends after killing and robbing him. They all go to Pachinko together to spend their haul.

Go Gadget Go !!..

Murder after Murder, there is always someone stating that Japan is a safe country no matter what.

Because it's really very safe, compare it with other "developed" countries and you'll see..

Now, that you don't like Japan is a different thing...

More facts and less feelings..

Ikebukuro never changes...

Still better than your home neighborhood Lol..

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Posted in: Olympic 'curse' strikes again as Beijing costs mount See in context

No problem for Big Mother China..

Games will be successful and bring the country closer to the top of the world..

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Posted in: U.S. unveils changes to attract foreign science, tech students See in context

No thanks, I would never go to live in that country, even if the government gave me a house, job, car, scholarship, money, wife, cat and dog.. NEVER !!... Lol..

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Posted in: Half of 7-Elevens in Japan to start selling 100-yen Daiso products this month See in context

Great move, I love it !!..

This country is just getting better and better!

For those of us who know how to love and appreciate this beautiful and great country, that's right...

Japan is for the brave, not for whiners..

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Posted in: Incumbent Nago mayor defeats anti-U.S. base transfer rival See in context

Relocate that base in US where it belongs..

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Posted in: Which decade do you think was the most creative musically? See in context

80s sucks !!..

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Posted in: Don Wilson, co-founder of The Ventures, dies at 88 See in context

Rest In Peace..

We are the generation that will see our favorite classic rock artists die..

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Posted in: 'Heating or eating': Britons struggle with rising costs See in context

How are we doing with Brexit?..

"Oohhh we are doing very well, we are going bankrupt, we are heading towards famine and extreme poverty but we are happy separated from Europe.. We are sooooo ourselves!!!.. ".

UK now It is not even the shadow of the ancient powerful invading empire that grew rich with the resources of its colonies..

Life is like a restaurant, you don't leave until you pay the bill..

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Posted in: McDonald's potato imports disruption spurs fries war in Japan See in context

Forget fake McBurgers, MOSBurger is the best!!..

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Posted in: New U.S. envoy Rahm Emanuel arrives in Japan See in context

New clown is coming to town!!..

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Posted in: Which decade do you think was the most creative musically? See in context

All music experts say it..

70s was the best time in music creativity..

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Posted in: Voting under way in Nago mayoral race with U.S. base relocation in focus See in context

Relocate that base in US where it belongs..

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Posted in: Get two burgers for only ¥500 at Burger King Japan for a limited time See in context

Forget all those fake burgers, MOSBurger is the best !!..

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Posted in: China mulls in-person event to mark normalization of ties with Japan See in context

Normalize your relations and be closer, be friends, do not let US interventionism and greed, cause the instability and war that the the weakened and power hungry US needs to continue to strengthen itself..

Ummm civil war-- you mean the Chinese Revolution?! SMH. Why don't you just say what it was? it wasn't some little civil war nobody heard about.

It was a big civil war, revolutionary or not, like it or not..

Anyone who welcomes any celebration to mark the anniversary of "normalization of ties" between Japan and China is a fool.

No, fool are the people that are full of prejudices and do not know things as they are and whine asking for more separation and hatred between countries..

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Posted in: Netflix stock plunges as subscriber growth worries deepen See in context

TV garbage, Netflix is pathetic.. All cable is pathetic..

Netflix had its day, just like Blockbuster. Game over is on the horizon.

Amen !!..

I love Netflix. Without it I would be in hell; just awful Japanese TV to watch. Hulu is rubbish in Japan, not sure about other countries though.

Your Netflix is garbage.. Open a book..

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Posted in: NBC commentary teams to cover Beijing Olympics from U.S. See in context

Fear of Covid or fear of China??..

That is the mentality of the US media, fear and phobia??..

What a losers..

Well, nobody needs them..

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Posted in: Iran, Russia and China begin joint naval drill See in context

More than ever, we need the strongest possible 'World's Policeman' in the guise of the monolithic U.N. to stand up to these horrendous bullies, to ensure every single person can enjoy a free and safe existence on earth, as his or her right.

You are against countries different from the US interventionist ideology having alliances, but you want your "world police" to dominate the whole world, pathetic..

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