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Posted in: China to investigate anti-Japan TV drama over crotch grenade scene See in context

wow, the Chinese version of suicide bombing. ....

damn, but please respect the females.. no need to go that far.

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Posted in: Suspect flees after attempted rape in Shinjuku Station restroom See in context

hope that sicko get caught soon, be forced to be drugged with sleeping pills and be given to those openly-admitted okama-san. so he can somehow feel what he is doing...

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Posted in: China must guard against Japan's denial of history: military See in context

“barbarous crimes”

yeah, RIGHT.... and those reclamation at West Philippines Sea is not barbarous? Talk about pot calling the kettle black...

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Posted in: Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao weigh in for megafight See in context

the time will run out soon :)

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Posted in: Scalper arrested after selling McCartney concert ticket for Y80,000 See in context

huh? is it illegal because govt can't tax the sale?

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Posted in: University student arrested for molesting 9-year-old girl See in context

...what a loli sicko

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Posted in: Woman's ex-boyfriend arrested for stalking after gluing messages to her desk See in context

what a 'sticky' situation.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing 2-year-old daughter See in context

..for some reason, i feel like wanting to punch that loser...the sicko got the wrong idea about family being your stress relief.

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Posted in: Gang leader killed boy, say 2 other suspects See in context

how can this IS inspired when they are not even muslims, and even consider them radical muslims?

...wasn't there a case like one on sasebo? good thing they didn't said it was IS inspired too

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Posted in: Male nurse arrested over stalking; bomb materials found at his home See in context


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Posted in: Gunman kills 3 young Muslims in North Carolina See in context

..this is not an issue of religion. the killer is simply sick.

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Posted in: Foreign companies feel China targets them in investigations See in context

...time to pullout from China then

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Posted in: 32-year-old woman arrested for burning son's buttocks with lighter See in context

...tch! bad mother don't know how to cook well for her own kid.

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Posted in: Jordan ready to swap inmate for pilot but no mention of Goto See in context

You cant reason with insanity, don't even try. Just capture ISIS or shoot them, nuke them even, get rid of them, they have no value for human life and trying to reason with them is futile.

there is one ISIS in Japan, probably an insignificant member though, Ko Nakata. maybe he is offered something but we can see here that his appeal doesn't even matter for the IS in Syria

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Posted in: Japan vows not to give up on hostages until very end See in context

...IS probably doesn't plan on having the deal happen. they just want Japan to stay away to war-torn Iraq-Syria.

...anyway, I hope these testosterone boosted criminals be killed soon.

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Posted in: Abe briefing document rules out Japan strike on Islamic State See in context is hard decision for Abe. if he decided to support airstrikes by sending Japanese troops, it would make Japanese people more divided, and I think China won't let the opportunity slip to win the heart of Uyghurs by slamming Japan's action. of two Japanese over life of many Japanese, sacrifice cannot be avoided. moving forward, they should "restrict" any travels to those countries (probably they did already).

...sad that media people have to show the troubled mother of one victim :(. they are getting all those ratings at the expense of others' misery.

...if rumors circulating in social media regarding the death of 2 Japanese is true, then we can see how "significant" Ko Nakata is for them as an ISIS member. most probably, he was just used as a financier, while he thinks he is given a Prince-like authority. tsk...tsk..tsk... kawaisou, ossan.

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Posted in: Japan awaits news of hostages as deadline passes See in context

Why is Japan responsible for trying to save James Foley? The US government should have done something.

destruction of a terrorist group like ISIS is a shared responsibility. US govt isn't a superman of nations. so, any nation not a victim of ISIS isn't responsible, and could care less... until one day, their citizens become a victim.

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Posted in: Japan awaits news of hostages as deadline passes See in context

I feel sorry whenever I see parents of IS hostages are interviewed by media. I think this turn of events is a lesson for everyone and sends a strong signal that IS must be destroyed.

...when it is not a problem for most people, they don't care. not until their family, relatives or friends become a victim of IS. I think it won't be long until we see other nationalities being forced to kneel and wear those orange prisoner clothing, threatened with knife, and mutilated....

...funny that IS wants those "humanitarian funds" for them, when they even do inhuman acts of killing.

and there, there's Ko Nakata appealing to save the Japanese hostages? why not do it to James Foley? because they are Japanese and others are "gaijin"? not to mention, Nakata's follower (former JGSDF) was even in contact with other IS members when the first news surfaced about Haruna being captured (and beaten)

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Posted in: Japan says it is looking at all possible ways to free hostages See in context

...yeah right, said by an IS member itself.apparently, this could be a propaganda too. remember, weeks ago that another Japanese who used to serve in JG SDF who apparently was a follower of K.Nakata was conversing with his fellow IS about Haruna, so they can talk . this is probably the result of their conversation... it was in twitter and the website that identifies foreign ISIS fighters

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Posted in: Woman arrested over attempted murder of 8-year-old son See in context

im amazed at those 21 years gap. love isn't it? :)

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Posted in: IS tells NHK it doesn't really need money; video authenticity questioned See in context

yeah, yeah... who would believe that. even their rapes are justified as holy duty.

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Posted in: Man on bike sprays two girls walking to school See in context

..hope this isn't something from his own...... or some cow's ....

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Posted in: YouTube prankster on the run after police issue arrest warrant See in context

of course he won't really be leaving on Narita, that is just a bluff.

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Posted in: Reaching for the universe See in context


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Posted in: Police investigate online prank video taken in supermarket See in context

..hope the store got CCTV

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Posted in: Facebook 'likes' reveal your true personality See in context, the new saying will be then... "Tell me what you "likes" and I'll tell you who you are"

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Posted in: China bristles at Japanese defense minister's remarks See in context

...again we will just see child's play in coming weeks.

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Posted in: 22-year-old man arrested for fatally stabbing young brother See in context

...sad that he had to die at the hands of his oniisan

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Posted in: Indian police arrest 3 for gang rape of Japanese scholar See in context

..what are they eating in India that spikes up the libido too much and makes people even commit crime?

I feel sorry for that Japanese scholar

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Posted in: China launches website on disputed islands See in context

...LOL, so they've launched their "IN-YER-DREAMS" website.

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