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tokyonice comments

Posted in: Boeing announces record Chinese order worth $38 bil See in context

I guess in three years time China will be selling a cloned version 737 for less than half the price. That's the nature of business I guess.

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Posted in: Man believed dead for 26 years shows up alive See in context

Sounds like a time for great celebration , not condemnation.

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Posted in: 9-year buildup of pressure unleashed 2011 tsunami, scientists say See in context

"Disilliusioned". Your comment made me Lol.

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Posted in: Man arrested for breaking into woman’s hotel room, spanking her with shoehorn See in context

Putting his dating-coach lessons into practice I reckon.

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Posted in: Sharp develops night-vision camera that captures color video in total darkness See in context

Fabulous piece of hi-tech !

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Posted in: Police arrest man over attempted kidnapping of 14-year-old girl in Chiba See in context

They already have the guy. They caught him via his fingerprints.

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Posted in: 13-year-old girl missing in Saitama since March 10 See in context

It's been over a week now. It's quite possible that it's something more serious...

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Posted in: Camera-equipped mouse See in context

That's a great idea. A simple solution that will save people a lot of time.

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Posted in: Bullied teenage boy jumps from school window in Yamagata See in context

The response of the school authorities is always laughable. They pretend to care, but in reality they actually don't.

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Posted in: Former U.S. sailor extradited to Japan on drug-smuggling charge See in context

My guess is that he'd much prefer to serve his sentence here rather than in the US. American prison are mostly notorious. The gangs, the rapes, the murders

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Posted in: Japan pledges $14 bil in aid to Africa over 5 years See in context

It's not aid, it's a punt, hoping to create investment opportunities. Japan hope to get huge, huge paybacks in terms of very cheap access to valuable resources and lucrative construction contracts that can last decades. However, they are playing catch-up with the Chinese, and I think they have left it rather late. There's no true aid-giving here, just greasing the palms of greedy governors. Japan have very deep pockets, but they are also a country with no natural resources of their own. Hence it is vital that they create new trading partners. They need Africa far more than Africa needs them.

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Posted in: Two Russian women arrested for not paying taxi fare, assaulting driver See in context

Hiroo to Roppongi "1,500yen" is way too excessive.... For some reason, taxi drivers here don't seem to have a clue how to get around. Firstly, they will often ask the passenger for directions to get to the destination. If that fails, they will try to fumble with the car-navigation system. The Russian women must have felt that he was trying to rip them off. Let's hear both sides of the story before judging.

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Posted in: DOCOMO launches real-time phone translation See in context

It will be a disaster, full of embarrassing inaccuracies, but I guess we have to start somewhere. Good luck to them...

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Posted in: Yahoo CEO's comeback plan homes in on technology, not media See in context

Appointing Marissa Mayer was a great move. Precisely what Yahoo needed !

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Posted in: Why Japanese girls are a better catch than Japanese men See in context

" A catch !!. I can think of nothing worse than being married to one of those talent-less Japanese female airheads that you see on tv.. She'd want to be pampered all day, and she'd spend your hard earned money on designer bags and other fashion paraphernalia. In return you'd get a wife with the mental age of a 6 year old. No thanks.

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Posted in: Japanese woman reporter shot dead in Syria's Aleppo See in context

I watched her reports from Iraw and Afghaistan. The poor woman sounded like a terrified goose when the shooting started. I remember thinking "What the heck are you doing there Honey. This is not for you". Anyway I salute her bravery.

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Posted in: Couple arrested over suspected suicide of 38-year-old daughter See in context

A fine example of doting parents. NOT !

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Posted in: Nintendo Q1 loss shrinks to Y17.23 bil See in context

How can the makers of such a popular product be making such a massive loss ?

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Posted in: New memoir on racism by New Yorker living in Japan reaches #1 on Amazon See in context

I don't think there is too much racism towards blcak people here in Japan. But there IS a lot of ignorance. They simply believe what they see on the silly tv over here, and they then behave accordingly (ie. with irrational fear).

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Posted in: 61% of single men aged 18-34 have no girlfriend; 49% of women unattached: survey See in context

As a general rule, most Japanese have an extremely low sex drive. Among of the lowest in the world. It plummets even further after marriage and children. However, I think it's just genetic. That's just how they are made. Over-working is not a reason. It's an excuse. Once your Japanese partner starts to say that, you can bet that your sex-life is pretty much over. Truth is, after an exhausting week, there can be nothing more relaxing and pleasurable than making out with your partner. It melts all the stress away. To use over-work as an excuse, is just not quite right.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stabbing passer-by on Tokyo sidewalk See in context

There are many seriously disturbed people walking the streets of Japan at any given time. Govt Policy seems to be 'Care in the Community' rather than facing the huge costs of putting them in an institution.

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Posted in: Husband, wife die after falling into pit on Ishikawa beach See in context

Thats a very big pit. Very very dangerous....

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Posted in: Norwegian gunman wants to see Japanese psychiatrist See in context

Nutjob Killer: Well doc, it's like this...(goes on for hours on end) Japanese Doc: You have nice blonde hair and your eyes are so blue. Please teach me English !

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Posted in: Norwegian gunman wants to see Japanese psychiatrist See in context

Well.... there's a fine vote of confidence for Japanese crisis management methods !

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Posted in: Heartbroken Kobe man stabs ex-girlfriend, three policemen See in context

Don't these women have male relatives who can take a hammer to these creeps. You mostly only see the relatives on TV bawling and saying how lovely their sister/daughter was.

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Posted in: Heartbroken Kobe man stabs ex-girlfriend, three policemen See in context

The cops here only ever start to take it seriously after the woman ends up horribly murdered. You read about these cases time and time again.

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Posted in: Heartbroken Kobe man stabs ex-girlfriend, three policemen See in context

Damn! If you pull a knife on a cop in Oz you are shot dead - End of story! Gotta love the 'passive' police force in Japan. "Take one for the team!"

OZ have got it right. This lunatic came to murder the young woman. He should be shot. He'll be back. You can count on it.

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Posted in: Windfalls from soaring yen not necessarily passed on to consumers See in context

Japan imports almost all of its raw materials. So the high value of the yen is great news to some over here.

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Posted in: Japanese porn stars fight AIDS with 24-hour telethon See in context

This brazen hypocrisy would be laughable if it wasn't such a serious subject.

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Posted in: Internet posting leads to group suicide in Kobe See in context

These crazy, crazy people. They really need to get out into this wide world more. They'll soon realize that there are many ways of dealing with stressful circumstances. I mean... a 19 year old girl, a University student. Should be the best days of their lives....Come on. What the heck is going on there ? If anything, they should be getting together to talk each other OUT of committing suicide..

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