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Posted in: EU chief hails 'pragmatic spirit' of UK talks on post-Brexit issues See in context

I guess the UK will have to rejoin Europe then ?

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Posted in: Racism row erupts as William and Kate visit Boston See in context

These days you simply can't ask anyone who's colored which Country their Family originated from, as doing so is deemed Racist, though it's fine asking any pink skin, if they come from Poland or New Zealand.

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Posted in: Japan beats Spain 2-1 to advance to last 16 at World Cup See in context

Now wouldn't it be weird if the final ends up being between Spain and Japan again ... ?

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Posted in: Japan beats Spain 2-1 to advance to last 16 at World Cup See in context

@socrateos - that one will discussed for years to come.

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Posted in: Alibaba founder Jack Ma living in Japan after China tech crackdown: Financial Times See in context

He's here to get the CCP's money back from Softbank's Masayoshi Son.

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Posted in: Former Chinese President Jiang Zemin dies at 96 See in context

During the interview on the BBC this morning, with a HK Professor about Jiang Zemin, the Professor let drop that the "Shanghai faction2 now lacks influence.... it's the first time I've heard the BBC even talk about "factions" within China, but it's something that's well known:

Indeed Xi is attempting to eradicate the other factions - hence why we saw the strict lockdown first occurring in Shanghai.

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Posted in: Tokyo students take oral English test in high school entrance exam See in context

English Oral tests being marked by non-native English speaking people. I have even observed, a correct answer being given, and being marked incorrect simply because it did not meet the predetermined answer .. which itself was wrong!!!!

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Posted in: Airbnb has a plan to fix cleaning fees See in context

Looking at the behavior of Japanese Football supporters in the current World Cup Series, perhaps AirBnB should not charge Japanese Residents cleaning fees - as they will more then likely clean the place themselves before they leave.

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Posted in: Labor turmoil sweeps Australia as inflation stirs 'spirit of anger' See in context

Question :

Union's are pretty much run by Ultra Left wingers fighting against the Corporations, and ultimately curtail employment in areas that should have employment. And when Corporations quit, former Employees have what support left - the Union leadership, who've run off elsewhere ?

Fact or Fiction ... ?

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Posted in: Japan's October job availability improves for 10th straight month See in context

Its a mixture.

Salaries are under pressure - since Companies don't want to pay - and don't care about cost of living - it's the bottom line that matters and Shareholder ROE (Return on Equity) that also governs the CEO's fat paycheck at the end of the day... small people, don't matter.

Positions are being advertised now, because Companies want to use their head-count allocations now, before these are cut from next month.

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Posted in: Asian shares mostly higher ahead of Fed chair's key speech See in context

I read a very interesting article today suggesting the reason why the FED's rate hikes this time around are inversely correlated to the US Market Indices.... It suggested, that most of the time, when the FED was in a rate hiking period, the Equity markets gained, but there were two periods, when this didn't happen - 1973-4 & 1994-5, and the current situation of Bond market volatility mirrors those periods - thus suggesting the market in 2023 will nose dive .. i.e. Big correction.

Who knows ?

Nuclear War will sort of make everything nose dive to zero, though regime change in Russia & China, could make the markets explode exponentially within seconds.

Economists, like Tabloid Horoscope writers, exist because, we all want to know what the future brings... sometimes, I wonder which one is a real Science - or are both, with equally successful results ?

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Posted in: NEC to create global innovation base near Tokyo See in context

As for NEC's existing innovation.... right... as a home consumer of Japanese Products, NEC is a major contributor there, a lot of the home Internet equipment that you may have in Japan comes from them - however it's also pretty lame, lacks security, and very inflexible. And when it comes to Security.... Ignoring TCP/UDP... ever thought of other IP "Protocols" on the stack, that simply pass through, to other NEC produced Tech ? (Just like Chinese Backdoors in Hardware that the US is so concerned over).

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Posted in: NEC to create global innovation base near Tokyo See in context

So what happens to their headquarters in Central Tokyo ? Is this a sort of slap in the face for being non-innovative ?

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Posted in: IMF head urges China to end mass lockdowns See in context

As for vaccinating the Elderly - why ? What is the reason for doing so - keeping the Hospitals unclogged with COVID Sick people ? Most of the Chinese Elderly folks I know are very distrustful of the CCP and rightly so - they're also rather more healthy than their Western counterparts..... Perhaps the real reason behind this is euthanasia by the backdoor - after all, we have too many old people, and too few younger people of working age to support them through the antiquated Pension system. Solution - get rid of the old people, or get rid of the Pension system.

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Posted in: IMF head urges China to end mass lockdowns See in context

You think Xi is going to listen / cowrie to the IMF ? He probably owns the IMF, just like he owns the WHO.

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Posted in: Canadian police investigating broad China interference See in context

A lot more Countries should be watching this closely. Canada is just one small part of the bigger picture of China's influence over the rest of the World. Collectively dealing with this type of "influence" may be a better Solution, than adhoc knee-jerk reactions.

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Posted in: Chinese police out in numbers to prevent more COVID protests See in context

Heard that there's a notice going around to Chinese State owned Companies that they should obtain provisions for their workers for 60 days.

Also, rumors of Water, Electricity, and the Internet being completely shutdown for a week - all as part of the CCPs efforts to stop these protests.

Today for example, Police were walking through subway carriages within Shanghai, demanding to see the Photo's on passengers phones, and if any depicted scenes from the protests, they'd be arrested.

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Posted in: 'Fame' and 'Flashdance' singer-actor Irene Cara dies at 63 See in context

Still remember the Music to Fame when it came out, and certainly her name. Sad she passed away so young.

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Posted in: Japan births at new low as population shrinks and ages See in context

At some point, the Pensions paid out to retiree's will dwindle away to nothing... then what ?

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Posted in: Man arrested over attempted murder of boss See in context

Whose sword ?

Perhaps Yokata was swinging it around Samurai style and accidentally slashed the Boss !

Simply, not enough information here.

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Posted in: Ad agency Hakuhodo, others raided as Olympic bid-rigging investigation widens See in context

Where exactly does Japan stand on the Bribery Ranking tables ?

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Posted in: China censors rare, nationwide protests See in context

Would not be surprised that Police will start shooting the protestors. The CCP just does not care, they have an abundance of people.

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Posted in: Kishida cabinet support rate drops to 33.1%, lowest since launch See in context

The Government appears to no longer represent the People.

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Posted in: Airbnb has a plan to fix cleaning fees See in context

I guess AirBnB could reduce their cut...

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Posted in: Some Republicans criticize Trump for meeting with white supremacist See in context

Strange how Ye (Kane West), a "Black" guy, brings with him a White Supremacist to Dinner at Trump's venue. Trump reportedly said Ye is a Troubled man...

Incidentally, wasn't he married to Kim Kardashian ... perhaps Social Media got to him ?

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Posted in: Protesters angered by lockdowns calls for China's Xi to step down See in context

Martial Law or War against Taiwan ... place your bets.

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Posted in: Shine on: Campaigners save London's historic gas lamps See in context

Why not add a Battery backed Solar panel and LED housing at the top, whilst maintaining the esthetics of the original lamp ? The LED trips in when the Gas light breaks, addresses the arguments raised.

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Posted in: Super comfy Slowpoke chair lets you melt into a Pokemon’s warm embrace See in context

Kids may like it though. However what about a Huge Totoro Cushion ? That'd possibly more popular amongst both Adults & Kids alike ?

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Posted in: Super comfy Slowpoke chair lets you melt into a Pokemon’s warm embrace See in context

So the seat insides are made in Japan, but the cover is made somewhere else ... China ?

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Posted in: Shanghai hit by COVID protests as anger spreads across China See in context

Protests have spread to 170 Cities across China - they don't seem to last that long, but could "Martial Law" be in the pipeline or war ?

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