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TokyoOldMan comments

Posted in: Japan weighs incentivizing childbirth by fully covering expenses See in context

Having kids and dedicating Time to look after them is just too much hassle for today’s youth. Finding work and keeping it, is probably more at the forefront of people’s minds these days.

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Posted in: Long lines aren’t a problem with Thanko Back Pack Chair See in context

Put a hole in the seat, and a plastic bag below, then you have a porta-loo, just right for disaster preparedness.

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Posted in: Wing tips of 2 JAL planes come into contact at Haneda airport See in context

flights are now arriving in pairs, so perhaps overcrowding may be to Blane here.

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Posted in: British Prime Minister Sunak sets July 4 election date as his Conservatives face a likely defeat See in context

Normally I’d vote for the Conservatives,

However, recent Policies have turned me against them.

It seems that they’re just making things up as they go along and without a thought upon the consequences to anyone but themselves.

James Cleverly should himself be deported to somewhere - Palestinie perhaps,, likewise Rishi Sunsk should go back to his plush US penthouse life.

All the recent prior Conservatuve PMs should have their annual ex-PM allowance revoked , such Public taxes instead could be used for better things! Perhaps a lettuce farm being run by migrants ?

So, No more Conservative voting for me.

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Posted in: Swarmed with tourists, town blocks off popular Mount Fuji viewing spot See in context

Yeah I agree with “@Daniel Negari”, the problem is a knee jerk reaction to something that is a problem, but hasn’t been properly thought out - except on a cost basis… what’s the least we can spend to be seen to address the problem.

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Posted in: Do you believe China will try to retake Taiwan by force one day? See in context

Xi has stated that he will take back Taiwan. It’s not a matter of “if” but, “When”.

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Posted in: Iran's president, foreign minister and others found dead at helicopter crash site See in context

Israel hasn’t yet denied any involvement in this event.

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Posted in: Law change lets Japanese police crack down on rule-breaking cyclists See in context

The police themselves cycle on the pavements here in Japan, and in some cases it’s a lot safer to do that than ride on the road.

I’d like to see the same criminal laws being applied to pedestrians who read their phone displays whilst walking…

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Posted in: Toyama woman in her 70s loses ¥50 mil in gold investment scam See in context

is LINE in any way accountable, or can it help identify the fraudster ?

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Posted in: Japan gov't again ordered to pay damages over Cameroon detainee death See in context

Lots of downvotes for people saying this was wrong and the amount of money derisory. The Japanese right wing nationalists must be having a field day here. The downvotes say it all.

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Posted in: Japan's top rugby competition bucks trends, continues to grow as the game faces headwinds elsewhere See in context

Whilst Success on the international playing field is great for Japan, I fear it’s also revitalizing the darker side of Nationalism here in Japan.

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Posted in: Japan gov't again ordered to pay damages over Cameroon detainee death See in context

1.65 Million Yen ??? A Foreigners Life appears to be cheap in Japan

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Posted in: Fewer domestic travelers seen in Golden Week See in context

Too expensive, too many people, and too much hasle.

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Posted in: Fujitsu introduces ‘explainable AI’ for use in genomic medicine and cancer treatment planning See in context

Given Fujitsus track record in the UK, I’m somewhat wondering how anything they do can be relied upon.

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Posted in: Eurovision Song Contest final kicks off after protests, backstage chaos and a contestant's expulsion See in context

There’s a rumor going around, that the female camera operator who persistently annoyed Klein , was an Israeli.

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Posted in: Do you think it will be possible for governments to effectively regulate the emerging technological risks from artificial intelligence (AI)? See in context

To put it bluntly , those now who are riding the “tide” will benefit far more than those, who studied.

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Posted in: Hamas says Gaza ceasefire efforts are back at square one See in context

I find myself in an awkward position on how to comment upon this situation... particularly, since ISRAEL enacted revised laws that suggested any disagreement with the Government of their Country was an "anti-semantic" act...

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Posted in: 1 in 5 people aged 65 or older in Japan predicted to have dementia by 2060 See in context

Before you all comment, and joke about this, bear one thing in mind... "dementia" starts where & when ?

Did you forget to buy something that you meant to when you set out on your daily shopping exercise, or did you "forget" a simple task someone asked of you ? In either case, are you heading into the dark World of "dementia" ?

Who has not forgotten something ? Even, when told to not forget on the same day... ?

Do not let this article let you give up and submit to what it tells you is a potentially an inevitable case....

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Posted in: Owner of unauthorized MSDF drone video says he knew risks, shared it for fun See in context

I just did it for fun

Honesty, I do not blame this person one bit, not one bit. Harmless fun, yes, in his mind... and in mine.... but, with a more serous "hey take note" attached, should I have been the one carrying it out. Drone attacks need to be taken more seriously, being in the Navy isn't a 9-5 job Mon-Fri... even when "parked" at a safe location.

Security management staff/companies in this situation, should either be fired, or retrained.... as they have lost sight of current Security management trends.

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Posted in: Japan enacts revised law for swift removal of defamatory online posts See in context

Wonder how this will impact “the internet archive” ?

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Posted in: Bread recalled in Japan after 'rat remains' found in some loaves See in context


try that instead

check the date and site code:

It explains that the target products are those with expiration dates from May 7 to 11, 2024, with a manufacturing site-specific code of +P1 and a control code of three alphanumeric digits beginning with A.

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Posted in: Bread recalled in Japan after 'rat remains' found in some loaves See in context

@AsiamN7 - what’s the correct URL ?

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Posted in: Police clear pro-Palestinian protest camp and arrest 33 at DC campus as mayor's hearing is canceled See in context

Didn’t Israel enact a new law a few years ago which said that any criticism of the state of Israel should be considered as antisemitism ?

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Posted in: New Tokyo restaurant charges higher prices to foreign tourists than Japanese locals See in context

5K for lunch ? Seems a bit way too expensive.

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Posted in: China's Xi Jinping visits Serbia on anniversary of 1999 NATO bombing See in context

I guess we will never, know the real truth behind this event. There’s wiki page about it :


It’s been updated recently a couple of times too…

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Posted in: Nintendo to make announcement on Switch successor this fiscal year See in context

Switch-2-U ?

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Posted in: Kishida to stress rules-based global order, support for emerging nations at OECD meeting See in context

The Japanese version of "Rules based adherence" is unfortunately "absolute" without any chance of divergence regardless upon exceptional circumstances. This is why Japan is not a Good example of setting rules that have to be followed, since Japan is inherently inflexible and does not adapt well to changing situations.

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Posted in: Tokyo Tsukiji fish market site to be redeveloped with 50,000-seat stadium, hotel, shopping center See in context

I would rather see the whole place being turned into affordable Government Housing for people to rent at reasonable prices That would be far better for the local Economy in the long run.

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Posted in: Tokyo Tsukiji fish market site to be redeveloped with 50,000-seat stadium, hotel, shopping center See in context

Tax payers money going into a venue many can't afford and why ?

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Posted in: UK prosecutors charge 2 men with spying for China, including a parliamentary researcher See in context

The CCP basically gets the dirt on individuals it deems as being of potential use, and then milks them for whatever they can get.

Beware of all Chinese bearing Gifts...

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