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I have been astounded that no one has topped themselves yet over this - to take responsibility as it were. Lacking backbone this lot; not a harikiri amongst them.

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Yes, how can anyone still be eating fish?Watch out for Kamaboko in the New Year - Gawd knows where that will have come from. The shock and surprise that rice from the area is contaminated is proof of the level of head burying going on here. In my supermarket today I was checking the origin of some of the vegetables and turning my nose up at some when I realized that there was actually so little I could 'safely' buy. One big pile of cucumbers in bags had on the list of origins, Chiba, Saitama and Fukushima. i asked the guy which was which and he said they were all mixed up, so I asked him to separate the produce faithfully so we have some knowledge of where the stuff comes from as I want cucumbers but not from Fukushima. He apologized for the confusion and promised to relabel the produce. He missed the point entirely - thought that I'd buy them if he changed the label. I couldn't believe it.

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Whether or not it is radioactive might it not be better to cut the trees down or spray them before they let out the pollen with a kind of resin or hairspray to keep it from going airborne?

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Posted in: Thousands of flood-hit Thais to be allowed to work in Japan See in context

No flyjin Japanese are there? Isn't it interesting how it is admirable and understandable that the Japanese are returning home because there is too much water yet those who left Japan after a huge earthquake and potential aftershocks together with a triple meltthrough going on were considered traitors. Hope the Thais have a good word for these feeble runaways

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