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Posted in: Average condo price in Tokyo area sets new high in fiscal 2021 See in context

Guys, for those of you who have lived here for a while it is simply incredible that you talk about buying property as an investment. We all know how it works and we all know it is not an investment. And rightly so shall I add. A house is to live in, a commodity. Not something rich people speculate on.

It is very simple math, buying and selling a property will cost you respectively 10% and 4% roughly. The insurances, the maintenance and the various ownership taxes. The house itself depreciates to half price in 10 years, and to 0 in 25 years. The only thing that hopefully keeps its value is the land it sits on. All of these are things you do not pay for if you rent. Yes you have a tax brake for 10 years but that equals out the interest rate of the mortgage you wouldn’t need if you rented. Bottom line is, unless you stay there for 25 years plus, you will lose money.

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Posted in: AirAsia CEO calls Skymark takeover report rubbish See in context

Saying one would not fly low cost is pure ignorance I' m afraid. You are ignoring the fact that it is the future of aviation as it is the present in most developed countries, so get used to it.

Japan' s aviation is about 20 years behind Europe' s and 50 years behind the US, they haven' t found a way to properly run a Low Cost Company yet, and it will take quite a lot of time still, but it will come I can promise you.

Legacy carriers in Europe and US operate short-medium haul (i.e. flights less than 6 hrs) either using Low Cost subsidiaries or within the same airline but on a low cost model anyway.

So, again, get used to Low Cost because in this crazy absurd economical system we live in, it is the only model possible for the future, and will be the future in Japan too..just tailored for the Japanese people and culture.

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