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So this NSC group (panel of 100 experts) have probably been paid big boy salaries for decades while doing nothing at all other than sweep any issue under the carpet. What a bunch of crooks. Nice this guy speaks out now but groups like this (and him) should be held accountable and face some kind of court trial. Unfortunately that will never happen in Japan.

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Of course they didn't fess up themselves. They got sprung and now they are back peddling. Why would they fess up.....their stock tanked yesterday and nobody will buy their product again for at least 6 months (until they all forget). Every food processing or farm within 200km (or more) of that plant is at risk depending on luck (wind direction, rain falls, debris burning, whetever else). If they get sprung they pay the price. They have probably been selling that product in that state since March.

I doubt that even those doing the testing are reporting everything to the media. It depends on how it leaks out. These guys were unlucky.

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The 200Bq/kg is so open to debate. Chiyoda-Ku local govt announced on their website 2 weeks ago they found 11Bq/KG in milk a childcare institution was feeding their kids. They said the safety limit for kids is 10Bq/KG so does this 200Bq/kg only apply to adults?

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I've read recently that food can't be tested for radiation by this method.

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