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Posted in: Woman dies from brain hemorrhage days after receiving coronavirus vaccine, but link uncertain See in context

Well, at least she didn't die from COVID, which is what it would have been put down to if she hadn't had the vaccine.

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Posted in: Edo era firefighting skills See in context

Vertical social distancing

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Posted in: Kansai Electric chairman resigns over gift scandal; president to follow after 3rd party report See in context

Gifts?!.. The correct word is bribes.

This is bribery on a massive scale.

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Posted in: Japanese netizens rank top 10 iconic characters that represent Japan See in context

Godzilla has to be ranked as the king of Japanese characters in the world. A bunch of these characters, including Godzilla, will be promoted at the licensing industry tradeshows at the end of April at Big Sight:

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Posted in: Drive to push Kumamon overseas hits local snag See in context

Licensing is big business - there is even an exhibition for the licensing industry:

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Posted in: Big questions remain in U.S. destroyer's collision with container ship See in context


someone had called for full rudder as late as 15 or 20 seconds before impact

I'm betting they did - but they called it the wrong way...

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Posted in: Exhibitors fear Y1.3 tril loss from 2020 Olympic media center plan See in context

exhibitions have a massive economic impact. It is crazy to force so many exhibitions to be cancelled.

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Posted in: S Korea surprised by 2020 Games venue relocation reports See in context

Another crazy thing is they are going to close Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center for 7 months to use it as the media center. Around 170 major international exhibitions will have to be cancelled.

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