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So drink wine. The cost of a very drinkable Chardonnay here is much less than in the States at about 800 yen. I even saw yesterday it is one of the two white wines on the Hard Rock Ueno menu.

DB, an Australian Semillion/Chardonnay.

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My wife and I visited the stork facility in Toyooka several years ago.

The entire community has rallied around protection of this severely endangered bird with remarkable success. This is a great conservation story in Japan, and could be modeled upon for the rest of the world.

Too bad that this female was "accidentally" killed -- these birds are MUCH bigger than herons. And since it would have had to be a shotgun, the range would have been no more than 50 meters, so easy to have been identified. Love to know whether this hunter was arrested or at least publicly shamed.

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I have alwaysloved the crows; one even took bread from my hand on our balcony. They are smart and inquisitive and a living part of Tokyo. I saw with my own eyes that they also clean up behind dogs, and that's another benefit if not one you'd really like to think about.

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I'm not much of a gambler, but I do enjoy the occasional rush you get at a nice casino. Plus the subsidized food is usually cheap, plentiful, and delicious.

I hardly think that a casino center over in Odaiba is going to suck the blood out of anyone, much less the working class of Japan.

Why not give people the choice to go or not go, and another thing for tourists to enjoy (and spend their money on)?

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Since it's Japan, maybe one of those folding fans?

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Consider these FedEx results:

Fiscal 2016 / Fiscal 2015

Revenue $6.72 billion / $6.70 billion -- Operating income $757 million / $322 million -- Operating margin 11.3% / 4.8% -- Adjusted operating income $757 million/ $598 million

If Amazon can cut out that middleman and could pass the savings (FedEx's profit) to its buyers, then where is the downside for Amazon?

Of course there will be a learning curve for Amazon to have its own cargo plane network, but think of the effect of having a plane being loaded by robots at a fulfillment center, then unloaded in Japan 12 hours later, with a day for customs clearance and delivery a day or two after that?

As it is hundreds of US malls are going out of business, the very same way that they caused local stores to be shuttered. The buying populace wanted THAT change and now this is the latest reality.

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Anywhere there are small outfits that service cars will close. Instead there will be large, probably underground massive complexes where the many auto-cars will go to be temporarily parked, as well as cleaned, serviced, and gassed up -- sorry, recharged.

Will be much better use of public space currently taken up by parking lots, street parking, and parking garages when the auto-vehicles are on-call through your mobile app. Forget searching for a parking spot. Instead, just go to the street, wait a few seconds, and the next available empty car pulls up to you.

I am willing to bet they will be a lot nicer than any vehicle most single owners can afford. Think Benzes and BMWs for the masses.

And being all-electric, zero pollution.

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Don't know about serendipitous but I would say it's because if there are two children you don't refer to the younger one as the second oldest.

Thanks for clarifying that. I could not fathom what that meant.

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