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Posted in: Man held for attempted murder after driving car into schoolchildren in Chiba See in context

What an idiot, and how sad the overall situation in Japan; you can't do anything for fear of some maniac who decides to kill you over nothing. All too often in this country we hear, "I did it because he bumped into me and didn't apologize," or some such equally terrifying 'reason'.

So kids were pointing at you! Who's the adult here? Suck it up and ignore it.

I find your comment absurd. All too often??? The crime rate for violent crimes are much lower here than in most other countries. I just hate people who live in Japan and have nothing else than JAPAN BASHING in their minds. I never felt safer than here, and I have lived and worked in 6 more countries. It is a fact that you get killed over nothing in any European country and especially in the States. And much easier too.

The problem here is just that people got screwed by Yankees after WWII. They lost their culture, their ideology and identity. Another foul victim of American imperialism ...(^^)

But seriously, this man is sick and twisted and he will get punished,but this crime is not specific to Japan, and neither are all other crimes happening here.

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